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So this university police officer is the same one who took Chanel Dre’s statement in the Martha Bedford on side. That’s brilliant. Yeah. This is gonna make her quite a nice, uh, exclusive for Spectator. Yeah. Thanks Emma. I’ll look you up next time in London. Alright, cheers,

Mattie. Good evening, Lois Lane. Have I got a scoop for you? But you’re gonna have to hire me first.


you kidding me? Your first day back at Titan. Gotta celebrate. Also happens to be my last day at sj p r. What? I thought things were going right there. Yeah, they were. But you know, Stephanie brought me on to help with the pulling the price campaign. Now she’s been elected governor. So mean the firm has other clients, doesn’t she want.

Stick around and she’ll be fine without me.

You look incredible. Thank you. I would tell you that you also look fantastic, but I suspect you already know it well. I’m always open for compliments for you. Oh, very lovely. You ready to go? Uh, I’m not actually. You’re not. Well, dinner reservations are in like 15 minutes. You certainly look like you’re ready for a night out.

Am I missing something? Uh, actually I thought we could stay in. Oh.

This was a great idea, Sarah. I think we all needed a girls night out. Yes, and I’m glad we finally got to do it. Yes. Funny. What was the eggnog drink that you were telling me about the, when you went to Puerto Rico for that Christmas. What had the coconut rum? Yeah. They called it a coqui toe, right? Yes. I bet that Roman can whip us up a couple of those.

Mm-hmm. . So should I get two with booze and one virgin? Sounds great. Alright, Bonnie, I know what you guys are doing and it’s not gonna work.

Come here. You, we beastie, you and your cockroach friends have had the run in this place for too long. This is my home and I’m gonna send you straight to hell.

Well, you know what? Live and let live my little friend. I mean, who am I to judge? That’s everything I’ve done. No better than you are. Oh, good. Maybe this is Sunday with a massive shoe to put me outta my misery.

Justin, unexpected surprise.

What brings you to Salem’s? Wrong side of the tracks. I just spoke to Bonnie, and you’re in big trouble

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Doing . We’re not doing anything other than trying to have a good time. Yeah. What are you trying to accuse us of? Trying to cheer me up. Get me to forget about that kidnapping clown. We’re not trying. We’re not trying to, yes. Yes it is. Yes we are. But that’s, it’s why we took you up. Thank you. Thank. Justin told us how upset you are about what that bozo did to you, and he, he thought that you could use a distraction and, and just a night of fun.

I’m not exactly sure if I can actually have fun considering what happened to Susan Banks and what could have happened to me, you know? Well, I hope they catch that circus. They lock him up and they throw away the key. Same. But if they can’t find him, I can only pray that he’s a million miles away from here.

By now

I’m in trouble. What kind of trouble? Come on, Andrew. How long did you think you could keep the truth from me? Well, I mean, I was hoping to, at least I know what’s going. Bonnie told me.

Gals are right. I do need this night out. It’s time. I put this whole nightmare behind me and the best way to do that is to put a strong drink in front of me. Yeah, yeah. There you go. I’m gonna go get in the first round.

So have you talked to, I, yeah, I, I talked to him and I asked him about his job at Rednecks, and then I told him that I thought he might be the clown that kidnapped Bonnie and Susan. Hmm. And what did you say? He denied it and you took him at his word.

You wish I. After he, he swore that he didn’t do anything illegal. I asked if he’d mind if I looked up rednecks to see if it really existed, and I found a website and even a listing for the job that Xander vacated. So that I was legit. No, I’m so relieved. Damn. Me too. I just. I’m so sorry I ever doubted him.

Bonnie told you what she told me about the debt collector who came to the house that, yeah, I mean, I, it turns out I have racked up quite a few creditors, Justin, and I was hoping my new job would remedy you, but it didn’t work out. Maggie said that, uh, your boss asked you to do something that you were uncomfortable.

Yeah, for the first time ever, my function’s got the better of me. Well, good for you. I’m proud of you for having the moral fiber to take a stand and do the right thing. Thanks. Well, unfortunately, doing the right thing doesn’t really pay the bills. True. That type of behavior doesn’t always get rewarded, but.

In this case, I think it could be. I, sir, what do you say? We sue this rednecks for wrongful termination. Sue Rednecks? Mm-hmm. . I am confident that we can make them pay through the nose. I’ll just need the name of your boss who fired.

You want to work at the Spectator as what? As a newsman. What else? I’ve been spilling tea since I left the womb. I mean, look at these stories I already brought you. Yeah. Crap. This doesn’t really look like news to me. Not news. Are you kidding me? Titan, Alex Kiki Mixes business and pleasure with SJ P’S Stephanie Johnson Juicy.

Now Salem’s spicy senior citizen, Julie Williams, questioned by police in connection with geriatric crime sprees. Spoiler alert, she stole a stole juicier. Keep going. Wendy Shin and Johnny Damer. Jet set to Jakarta is love in the air for these two young power. Juiciest. This is, this is not news. This is, this is bloody gossip.

What’s the difference? Look, the spectator is a very respected newspaper. We can’t publish this rubbish. That’s why I intend to write under a nam de plume. In case people get offended and want to come at me with pitchforks and torches. Okay. I know I’m gonna regret asking this, but what is the name? It’s right there on the bottom.

Lady Whistleblower Lady. Whistleblower Lady. Whistleblower lady. Wait, are we just gonna keep saying it over and over again? Don’t you wanna prove to your father that he made the right choice in hiring you? How better than to take his antiquated paper and turn it into a modern success. Come on, gw. I promise I will work my ass off for you.

If you gimme a chance,

I’ll run it by him. Yes, thank you. But you best get used to this headline. Now, wannabe gossip columnist denied, goes from dishing to dishwasher. Do you know if a dishwashing cake, Leo really isn’t your prospects that grim for you? Well, I did get one offer from Johnny Kikis. How’s that happened? Go on, man.

You’ve lost the gossip lady whistleblower. And don’t you leave out any details. So you’re officially done working in SJ p r Well, no, not officially. But you wanna leave? No, I, I, I’ve really loved working in pr. It wasn’t something that I sought out, but it turned out to be really rewarding. It seemed like you and Stephanie got along pretty well.

Yeah, a little too. Mm. Meaning you got a little thing for her, do you?

Oh my God. You do? I did. Well, did she, you know, reciprocate? Uh, it doesn’t matter. It’s too soon after Abby. I, I, I don’t, I don’t want to be involved with anyone. Okay, fine. But did you tell Stephanie that? Yeah, I did. And now she’s moved on. With your brother.

I hope you don’t mind staying in. You kidding me? This is great. But what about your parents? Oof. Suddenly I feel like I’m 16 years old again. Oh, they’re, they’re still in Seattle with trips, so, oh, we have the place go to ourselves. Well, I like that. Should I order some delivery? Oh, why would we do that if I spent all day cooking?

You did not cook me dinner. Mm-hmm. . No you didn’t. Mm-hmm. . Oh my God. Is there anything that you can’t do? Stick with me. Alex. Kiki, you’ll learn. I’m a woman of many talents.

To the end of my reign as c e O of Titan. Sunny’s back. Huh? King is dead long. Live the king.

So how do you feel about it? I’m fine with it. There are some perks to having less responsibility, such as? Such as more time to spend with a certain beautiful woman. Hmm. So you really don’t mind stepping down. I’d rather be here with you. You don’t believe me. I just get the sense that you’re a man who likes being on top.

Okay. That came out wrong. No, it’s okay. You’re right. I do like to be on top. But I’m flexible,

so you’re totally fine with Alex dating. Stephanie, why wouldn’t I be? Steph is great and seems like he, he won her over as sound getting pretty cozy the other day. How was that for me? Fine. Chad. Hey, you don’t have to lie to me. Okay. Yeah. Fun. It sucked. Yeah, of course it did. Because you were jealous. I don’t get it.

Why would you turn down Sunny’s job offer? It never would’ve worked out. It would’ve been a total disaster, actually. And Sunny realized that too after we both had a minute to think about it. How would it have been a disaster? Well, for starters, Sunny’s married to Will Amino at blanket. Between Will and Sonny’s Grumpy Uncle Vic, they would’ve given him nonstop grief over hiring me, and then that old Grmp probably would’ve fired us both.

Mm. I see. Besides after Craig and everything that happened with Abigail, I’m really trying to avoid personal complications in my life right now. Personal complications, what do you mean? Well, like I said, son’s married. Hmm. And married just so happens to be your type. So answer the question. My little brushing friend.

What? No, I’m blushing. Oh yes, you certainly are. Which leads me to believe that you are smitten with curiosity, aren’t you? Yes, you are.

You need my boss’s name? Mm-hmm. . I think we could beg. The case for wrongful termination. She ordered you to do something illegal. You refused, and as she fired you, no, of course it probably would never go to court. Most likely settle. I appreciate the off Justin Burke. I’d rather forget the whole thing happened.

Why? What if I could get you a sizable settlement? Make all your creditors just go away. That way you can put this whole nasty business of redneck behind you and get on with your life. There’s nothing I want more, ever since that horrible, scary time. Everywhere I’d go, I see glass peeking out from another bed hiding around the corner, watching me from across the street.

Oh, I can’t imagine how, how nerve-wracking that is. I keep thinking. What if he comes back from me, ma’am. What if he’s not done? You know? Well, from what I understand, you were an Ava’s target. She, she had that clown take Susan to teach EJ a lesson. Yeah. I you, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So you really don’t think he’s coming after me. I mean, according to the police, you are safe.

You. Thank you. All right. You know what, hairs to being safe. You got it.

Thanks. You’re welcome. Dinner’s coming along nicely. Ah, remind me what’s on the menu again. Smells incredible. Uh, short rib fa, short rib fa again, . I, um, I learned to cook it from a neighbor in Seattle. It’s her mom’s recipe from Vietnam. And, uh, in return I taught her how to make dad’s. Sounds like a pretty damn good trade.

Mobi, how do you know a Vietnamese toast? You stick with me, Stephanie Johnson, and you will learn that I’m a man of many talents. Mm.

Cut me off already hardly. I just wanted to set them down so that I don’t spill. When I do this,

Are you sure you’re ready for this? What do you think?

It’s Paulina. She’s calling from jail. Take you. Go ahead. I’m gonna make this so quick. Oh, take your time.

Hey Paulina.

So my best friend and my big brother both want the same. Talk about a conflict of interest. Actually, it’s not, cuz only one of us wants to be with her. So you don’t have to pick a sign. Hello? It does simplify things, but I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told Alex, right? Life is short and love doesn’t always wait until you’re ready.

Okay? So if you like. And she likes you. I think you owe it to you both to give it a shot. I mean, Stephanie’s a grown woman. She can decide who she wants to be with.

I can’t. Not yet. Are you sure? I’m sure. Okay. And I’m hoping that. But now that I’ll, I’ll be around her less, that the feelings will just go away around her. Less meaning staying busy. Find a new job. Well, maybe I can help with that Job. Hunting has become sort of a, uh, specialty of mine. What do you mean? Why, why are you looking for a new job?

Well, I’m not for, it’s not for me. I meant for other people. Oh. But what other people? If I’m blushing, it’s because it’s hot in here. Yeah, right. Sunny and I are just friends. We’re becoming friends even after everything you’ve done to him. Okay, sure. Sunny and I have had our differences, but we’ve put all that behind us.

We’re in the Doover phase. Hmm. Sounds like my relationship with Zander. O, Xander, Xander, who’s also married. Guess that’s your type two. I loved Zander before he was married. Okay. And now he and I have reached a sort of understanding, Ooh, I have a feeling this is juicier than it sounds. Come on, give Lady Whistleblower the gossip complete with photos and texts if possible.

No texts and no photos. This stays completely off the record.

I know I’m probably gonna regret telling you this, but, um, seems that Dr. Goodie two shoes doesn’t know her husband as well as I do. what? Sarah Horton? Yes. Turns out Sandra can tell me things that he cannot tell his adoring life. Tell me, tell me, tell me what did the Scotty Hot do this time?

No, get away from me.

You can’t hurt.

He’s not, that’s not the.

I promise you won’t have to do any heavy lifting for this lawsuit. I’ll just need the name of your ex-boss and the specifics of what she asked you to do, but I just don’t think this is gonna work. Why not? Because it’s complicated and it’s my word against hers, and besides I chose to leave. They didn’t find me.

They didn’t give you any choice. Now, are you sure you don’t want me to at least try? Listen, I really appreciate you wanting to help, boo. Yeah, I’m sure I, well, I’m sorry if I’m pushing too hard. It’s just as I was telling Bonnie the other day, you and I are family and I’d also like to think that we’ve become friends.

We. Which is why I trust you to have my back zander, so I’d like to have yours


something I have to tell you.

Leo Stark. Are you serious? What’s, what’s the big deal? We’ve been hanging out a little bit. All right. And he feels terrible about all the crappy things he’s done, and I really think he’s starting to turn over a new leaf. He’s actually, you know, he’s pretty funny. He’s decent. Oh, what? What? What? Nothing. I just, I just find it incredibly strange that you’re, you’re, you’re so forgiving and what you’re, you’re actually enjoying Leo’s company to a point, you know, we’re not like best friends or anything.

How, how does will feel about, about, uh, you hanging out with Leo? Did you tell him? Yes, I told him. Well, I didn’t exactly tell him. Um, Leo answered the phone while was in the other room. How’d that go? Oh, not great. Yeah, not great. Uh, granted, will and I aren’t exactly in the best place right now, what’s going on?

He called me and he told me he’s not coming home for Christmas because he has this big deadline to make and work always comes. Why don’t you find will another job closer to home? Believe me, if I thought I would’ve fixed anything, I would just promised me that You’ll be careful around Leo. I don’t trust him.

Especially after what he did to you and Lou.

Steph, what’s up? I know you thought you and I were done, but you can’t get rid of me that easily. Yeah, actually listen, um, I was thinking Paulina is resigning what she thinks that Stepping Down will protect Abe’s job as Mayor of Salem. I’ll explain it all when you get here, but we need to draft a statement.

I’m at my parents’ place. I’ll be right there.

I’m sorry. I’m not as sorry as I am. We can do this. Dinner and everything else sometime soon. Very soon. Can’t wait.

Blow the daff, would you? What is Xander up to that he can’t tell his wife?

Nevermind. What? No, I shouldn’t have brought it up. Seriously. I sealed my lips and everything. Yeah. Well, you know, I think that it’s probably in everyone’s best interest if I just keep this to myself. And the point is, just like you and Sonny, Zandra and I are now. Building a friendship. Mm. But unlike me and Sunny, you still love him.

Wanna marry him and have his babies? And who’s blushing now? Why not? Oh, you totally are. What? No. Look, I, I still have feelings for Zander. Yes. But I’m not deluding myself with him. I promise you. Just be careful. I don’t wanna see you get hurt again, girlfriend. Right back at your girlfriend. I better time to get to an AA meeting.

Hey, AA Mattie. Oh, no, no, no. It’s just free coffee and donuts. Ah, hey, you’ll talk to Jack about Lady Whistleblower. Yes, I’ll talk to him, but, um, I dunno if you’ll be too excited about the prospect unless you do a brilliant pitch for her. Talk about how clever and witty she is and how she would be a huge asset to any publication.

Please, I’ll do my best. You are the greatest.

Roman, I’m so sorry. You know, maybe next time just a bad review on Yelp. Okay. No, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I, I I thought you were. Yeah. I thought I was a clown. I heard you say that after the blow in my head. Roman, uh, could, could we help you clean up this? No, no, no, no. I think Bonnie needs more attention than my floor does.

Oh, yeah. We’re on it. Thank you. It’s okay. Okay. No. No. Okay. Okay. Okay. I’m not fine. I’m not fine. I’m, I’m not fine. I’m,

all I wanted was to give Sarah A. Good life to prove that I’m worthy of her love. And Arthur, I’ve just made such a mess of all of what, everything I don’t understand. You just offered to represent me so I, this conversation is covered under Attorney Klein privilege. Technically no, but it is covered under Kiki’s cousin privilege.

What’s going on?


I just wanted to let you know that from what you said before about us being friends, you have no idea how much that means to me. Justin and I feel the same. So tell me what this mess is and how I can help.

I, he’s just losing this job and you’re facing down these creditors that I really am trying to be a good husband to Sarah to, to be the kind of man that she deserves. But I feel like there’s something you’re not telling me.

I guess I’m just not used to being vulnerable, especially around other guys. That’s what you’re worried about. People thinking you’ve gone soft. I do have a reputation to a bond. You have a heart. It’s nothing to hide, but your secret is safe with me. Thank. Well, I better head out in case Bonnie needs a ride home.

We’ll see you later.

You know what? This whole rednecks business, I’m still looking into it. No, I, it’s really not necessary, Justin. I know, but I. And I know you may feel uncomfortable being vulnerable and letting someone help you out, but I am pitching in whether you liked or not. It’s just, and I’m gonna keep bothering you until you send me your employment contract, so you better send it to me right away.

See you later, Andrew.

Chad Damara reporting for duty. Thank you for showing up on such short notice. I wouldn’t play away from anything important. It’s okay. It was just hanging out with sunny.

Looks like you had other plans too.

Cheers to you too. Yes, you got another slice and a beer for your old man. Oh, come on. Always nice.

You have to help me. Plan was wrong. Justin was just here. You must to dig into my employment contract at Redneck What? Why he thinks I should sue them for wrongful termination. . Oh, you think this is funny? No, no, of course not. Sorry. Yeah. Um, what, what, what, what can I do? What can I do to help? Well, you, you created a fake website for Redx, didn’t you?

I was hoping that, that I could create an employment contract match. Could you, would you? Well, I suppose it won’t be too difficult. I’ll just find an online template and fill in the. Oh, thank you so much. You are a lifesaver. My pleasure. So you’ll just email it over to me when it’s ready? No, it’s best not to leave an electronic trail with this sort of thing.

Um, I will meet you in the park. Um, I can get there as soon as I can park. It’s a bit cold tonight, isn’t it? Okay, so wear a jacket lander. Do you want Justin off this case or not? Oh, I’ll bring us both to my chocolate. Sounds lovely.

So when you looked at Roman, you saw the sound was coming after me. Bonnie, it’s clear that you’re suffering from ptsd. T S D hallucinations aren’t uncommon. You need to go speak to someone, please. What I need is another. All right. Well it, is it safe to approach ? Please do. I’m sorry. Maybe the jewels aren’t helping.

No, I can do this. Okay. I don’t need, you all fu in over me. I just need to stay focus. Good.

You okay? Did I make the drinks too strong?

I’m apparently not strong enough. Are you alright?

I just need to.

Sarah went for a run. Be back soon. Next.

Dark and cold for a run.

Oh, come on Gwen. Where are you? I’m counting on. Help me out of another mess.

Don’t worry love. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you are dirty deeds. There are little secret.

So, when’s the baby due? What? I assume that’s why you’re eating for two. Ha ha. No, Chad was here, but he got called away on a work emergency, so he’s not gonna be finishing this delicious looking meal. Doesn’t seem like it. So help yourself. Oh, I couldn’t possib. But if you insist,

so what’s this work emergency? He got called away for? He couldn’t have been too happy about it. Actually. I think he was.

Okay. What’s the tone of our press release? Do you want to go? Contrite, defiant. I was thinking down to earth, honest. And hopeful. I like that. Puts her in the position of, uh, the underdog sets her up for a comeback. Yeah.

Oh, I almost forgot. What’s that? I, I made dinner for Alex, but we didn’t get a chance to eat it. Smells good. What do you miss out on? Uh, short rib fa. You hungry? Am I hungry? I mean, I was just about to eat with Sunny before you called. Yeah. Oh, great. I’ll make it a working dinner. It sounds good to me.

So how are things going with Stephanie? It’s going pretty well, even though our date tonight got interrupted by a work emergency. Oh, so I’m your backup plant. No offense, untaken. Hi guys. Hey Maggie. Did uh, girls Night out get cut short? Uh, yeah. Yeah. We had, uh, some issues. Oh, it’s too bad. Where’s Bonnie?

Stop seeing clowns everywhere you go.

I’m not let this situation destroy my life,

since I will not let this situation destroy my life,


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