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 You were looking for me. Hmm? Me. Shut the door.

Um, what’s this about? Well, it’s about your sister Lee, the company Jet and the city of Jakarta in that order, I know what your sister’s been up to, Lee, and so do you, don’t you?

Thank you for coming. I’m sorry to tell you from work. That’s no problem. Stop for a lunch break. Anyway. My message may get some urgent. It is. It is. I have something to ask you about your brother.

Wait, so Ava caused a crash that killed your grandmother and she’s dead too. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I, uh, she tried to get away, drove off the road with my grandmother in the backseat. Was it an accident? Uh, I, I don’t, I don’t know. You know, my dad, my dad seems to think that she crashed the car on purpose.

Oh my God. That’s,

VJ Damara, don’t let me ever hear you take the Lord’s name of van ever again. Did you hear me?

This is who you hired as your lawyer, Nicole, please. Oh, no, no, no. I recognize the name. My soon-to-be ex-husband is police Commissioner Ray Fernandez. So I’ve heard quite a bit about you. All good? I assume. Oh, well, I’m sorry that I can’t return the same sentiment you see my. Client here hasn’t exactly told me much about you yet.

From what I’ve gathered, you’re the reason why his girlfriend aborted their baby

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Excuse me, but that is not true. What the hell, Eric Jada is the one who took your baby from you, not me, but yet when it’s out, blame Eve, right? Father? And other thing that surprises me is seeing you turn around and hire the serpent herself as your lawyer. Low life. You know, I find it curious, you casting aspersions when you yourself are in bed with Mr.


My apologies sister. I didn’t know you were coming, seeing you after everything was, that was quite a shock that Aunt, sister, Mary, moreover, banks to you. Yes, of course. Damn. Are you gonna invite me in and tell me what Jesus’ name happened to my four sister or not?

Yeah. My, my dad, you know, he, he went after Ava for, for lying about her marriage to Jake defrauding the company for his shares. And I, I, I, I don’t know. She, she, she must have just lost it, so she was going down anyway. Might as well take someone with her. And punish your dad in the process. Right? Oh, Johnny, I feel so terrible for you and for Tripp to lose his mom in this way.

I, I can’t even imagine. And you, you lost your sweet grandmother. Oh, Johnny, I am so sorry.

Um, I, I’m not sure what, Getting out of found my sister, Stephanie.

Okay, we’ll do it that way.

You see, a couple of weeks ago I was gonna take Chloe on this romantic getaway. We’re gonna fly to Miami. So when I called to book the company, jet, you know the jet that’s reserved for execs of this company. The jet that literally has my name plastered on the side of it. Right. That one, it was unavailable out for servicing, supposedly.

Oh, how unfortunate. I know. So anyway, I was talking to one of our managers today and he happened to mention how that specific. Shouldn’t be due for servicing for at least another couple of months. So naturally, I did some digging. Turns out the Jet’s logs were hacked. Now your sister, she’s very good with computers, right?

I mean, that’s why we hired her. Anyway, the Jets logs reflected that that plane was out for servicing, when in fact it had been commandeered for a clandestine trip to Jakarta by your sister, and everyone here at Damara was none the wise.

To everyone except you, Lee,

Kathy, he seems so serious. Sorry, I was just a little, um, distracted about something earlier. Looking at something in the mail, but you know what? Forget it. Don’t worry about that. I am just excited about something and I hope you will be too excited about what, Wendy? Will you be my maid of honor?

Well, what are you saying? Um, well, we haven’t even really known each other that. I mean, don’t you have like a whole list of eager girlfriends just fighting for the top spot? Um, yeah. Um, you probably might not believe this, but I don’t really have many girlfriends. Right. Well, and so I’m not sure why you pivot to Lee.

Might I remind you, Lee, that I was. The day you realized your sister hadn’t shown up for work, you seem to be a little confused as to what happened, even maybe, dare I say, perturbed , if I recall correctly. Is this ringing any sort of bell up there in that head of yours? You chalked it up to her working remotely, either for her benefit or for mine, and then you left to check up on her, right?

Um, yes, I do remember that. Hmm. What must you have found when you checked up on Hurley? Because when I dug up the plane’s logs, Unaltered logs. Turns out at that very moment, the plane was already wing. Its way over to Indonesia, and here’s the kicker, every expense for that flight. Look at me. The fuel in flight, meals in flight entertainment was all signed off for by one Mr.

Lee Shin,

which tells me you knew your sister left town and you must have. Why she left, what the purpose was of her little jot on the company’s dime. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. Here’s the truth.

I’m waiting. Okay. I did know about my sister’s Little John to Jakarta, but after the fact, and I do know why she. I also know who went with her.

Hello Ali. Johnny was just telling me the terrible news about his grandmother. Yeah, I, I know about it. Trip told me. Johnny, I’m so sorry. I wanted to tell you in person. It’s just there’s been so much going on. Thanks. Wait, how long have you known? I talked to Trip on than. So you’ve known since Thanksgiving and you didn’t say anything to me.

Chanel, you’ve been going through so much. You and your mom got arrested. I didn’t wanna pile on. Look, I’m sorry. I should have told you. I will never keep you out the loop again. Okay. Oh, sh Chanel, there’s nothing to could have done. Don’t blame Ally. All right. I know you’re right. Both of. It’s just like, it’s all been so overwhelming, like Allie said, and it just, it just seems like it never ends.

What do you mean just what’s going on now with Abe? Wait, what’s going on with him? It’s nothing like what Johnny and his dad are going through, but he’s bad.

I think someone needs a refresher in his manners. I thought you, my family guys, hey they Steph hammered into you Honor and all that. I’m a businessman, aunt, sister, Mary Mara, but all the same You are, right. Where are my manners? You’re very, very welcome here, I suppose I’m just still surprised to see. He’s surprised.

Isn’t that just facial? Well, lemme tell you what surprises me, hearing about the untimely loss of my poor sister in the kidnapping Gone wrong. No less from anyone except my own nephew. So tell me exactly where were you in a time of need chasing girls for money or both for your information? EJ is the reason you are walking free no matter what.

Clarice Darrow here has led you to believe I was with EJ when he called the DA to drop the charges. You’re welcome. It seems like you two have a, a lot still to work through, so I’m just gonna get out of here. No, no, no, don’t go. Nicole is leaving. You know, I have a business to conduct anyway, but, um, here’s my business card.

Settle my feet anytime that, uh, you’re available. My home address is on the back.

Let me stop you. I’m sure Mr. Ron is waiting. You know, how many times do I have to tell you I am not seeing e. I had no place to go. He offered me and Holly a place to land. And so you accepted without any hesitation,

you know, I don’t wanna get ahead of myself, but this could be a real opportunity for us. An opportunity for what? Exactly. To have a real relationship and. , I helped turn it into something very special. I, you probably don’t know this. I mean, why would you know this? But I, I had a sister named Ariana. Ha. Yeah.

Tragically she’s gone now. But I named my daughter after her. I wanted to honor her, but nothing can replace that bond that sisters can. It’s really special and soon you and I are gonna be sisters-in-law, but I’m hoping that in time we can make it feel like we’re real sisters and not just related by marriage.

That would be, that would be amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Amazing. I, I’ve had such a great feeling about you. I mean, the minute I met you, I just felt like I could trust you and, and that really means a lot to me. Okay. Please, please, Wendy, just say Yes, please. Gabby, there’s, there’s something you need to hear.

The truth about Wendy’s trip is that, um,

come on Lee, don’t stop now. Well, it was your nephew Johnny, who actually commandeered the jet when, why? Yes. Yes. It, um, it, it seems that Johnny and my sister, the two of them have well, um, Hit it off, shall we say. Hmm.

I see. And so I assume to impress her, he whispered her away on a little romantic getaway. Hmm. On dam mayor’s dime. Yes. Yes. And um, I’m right. Uh, as you said, I did sign off on the expenses. But after the fact, what else was I supposed to do? I’m not sure I’m catching the meaning here. Well, um, to put it bluntly, he’s the boss’s son,

but just because the city council is cowardly and trying to avoid a scandal doesn’t mean that Abe has to kneel, fallen his sword. Yeah. I mean, mayor carver’s a fighter, a damn good one, right? I mean, he’s. Through how many crises before he’s gonna get through this one. I hope you’re right. Both of you and I mean, sure.

The city council may be trying to avert a scandal, but there is only one true villain here. Sloan Peterson. What’s wrong with you? AJ’s mother died and yet he still found the time to call the DA and drop the charges. He did. For you, and yet you stand here in front of me making underhanded comments like some silly wounded school.

Boy, anyone know the worsts part? Is it you and this woman you just met? Confront me here and accuse me of killing your baby. Now, we talked about this and even you agreed that it was Jada’s choice about her own.

After everything that we’ve been through, I am devastated to see you behaving. Like what? Say it, Nicole. What?

You’re not the special man. I thought you were.

Believe me, I know EJ has history and a pretty ugly one compared to you these past few days. He’s a saint.

You know what? You right about ej? I’ll just keep my opinions to myself. We’ll see. And as for me, I am not a saint. I don’t deny that, but neither are you. And as Jay’s decision about the abortion, that is her choice. We do agree on that. But that little private chat that you had with her, how hard it is to be a mother and raising a child on her own.

God, would you listen to yourself, all these insults and accusations like I’m some fallen woman, because I took EJ up on a place to say when I had nowhere to go. Oh yeah. And of course it’s my fault that Jada got an abortion, even though it was her own choice. You are blaming me for things that I haven’t done and I am sick of it.

Yeah. Well, I’m so sorry that I am impossible to deal with because you know what? Your opinion doesn’t matter anymore.

You make it sound like we’re breaking up. Yeah. Well, we’d have to be together to break up. Lucky for you. We never made that mistake. No, I wasn’t chasing women or money in my mother’s hour of need, and I assure you I did everything I could to bring her home safely. But when you are dealing with a lunatic, that crazy woman grabbed my mother.

And backed outta her very own deal. All I hearing is excuses. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Next thing you’re gonna my


I’m not trying to justify my failings, I’m just trying to give you the whole picture. And ask for forgiveness even when I truly don’t deserve it.

I don’t know much about this Sloan Peterson person, but I know that my Uncle Chad is not a fan. Oh, trust me. No one is a fan. All you need to know about her is that she’s trying to ruin Chanel on her mother. And yet again, my mother gets dragged through the mud for something I did. Don’t blame yourself.

Chanel. Okay? You’re gonna get through this. You all will, hopefully very soon. I know you’re going through a lot too, Johnny, and I want you to know we are here for you. You know that, right? Yeah. Thank you. Uh, you know I had better get going. I did come here looking for Wendy. I should probably try and catch her at.

What did you need to see her about? You didn’t say? Oh, uh, nothing important. Just, uh, wanna see how things are going at the mirror?

I’m sorry if you wasted your time digging into this missing jet mystery. Um, I, I felt like I had to play dumb. I was just trying to protect my sister and her crush. Not to mention your c. , I assume it all makes sense now. All the pieces seem to fit together. Hmm. And, uh, hey, look at the Bright side. Jets back.

Uh, you can use it to whisk Chloe away to Miami. Uh, right now. , if you’d like , we will be going to Miami. But just on a different timeline, huh? Yeah, we’re thinking New Year’s. Oh. Um, the day I’m marrying Gabby, Exactly. And obviously she’s told you Gabby has that she invited both me and Chloe, right? Obviously, but we’re not gonna be there.

We decided it’s not for us. We sent in our IV P yesterday, let you hear it from me. Right? And let’s be honestly, do you really want your bride’s ex-husband. And his new lady in attendance. Do you, uh, think I’d feel threatened because I, I assure you I wouldn’t be, uh, you’ve been very clear that you have no lingering feelings for Gabby, and, uh, she’s been clear as well that she holds nothing but resentment for you now that, um, you’ve returned and treated her with so much, uh, rudeness and insulting behavior.

But, but hey. I get it. So have a wonderful time in Miami.

Hey, wait, what’s wrong? Whatever it is, you can tell me. We can fix it.

So we both agree we have to keep their. Your dad’s and my brothers. Hey Gabby and s Stephan Can’t help you feel okay with that? No, not really. Me neither. I just, I know that being a maid of honor means putting everything else aside to make sure the bride stays perfect. I guess I’m worried about being up for the job.

Because as it is now, I’m on thin ice damara, and after playing hooky, I have a ton of work to catch up on. I guess what I’m saying is I wouldn’t wanna let you down. Are you kidding me? That’s you . You couldn’t possibly let me down ever. Unless you refuse to be my maid of honor, so please, please, please say you guys, Wendy, please.

Yeah, I’d love to think you. Think you, you.

Well, perhaps in your grief you have forgotten, so I will remind you. God is in charge of forgiveness, not me.

I wasn’t asking you for his forgiveness. I was asking for you. Well, right now I’m more concerned about the immortal soul of my sister. So when is the funeral? Oh, I’ve, nothing’s been arranged yet. Nothing. She’s been arranged, been busy. Have we? I’d hate for you to interrupt your important schedule for something so trivial as the passion of your own mother.

It’s in its true graces that I am here. My sisters’ beloved son has managed to both fail her in love and now in this shame on you, air Mr. Mirror. Shame. Shame, shame.

So this is how we’re doing this that are in spiteful probably for the best. Otherwise, we’d make the same mistake. Fine. Cutting.

This is really happening, isn’t it?

In case you can find another way through. I can’t. Maybe our mistake was trying to recapture what we once had,

forgetting all the things that made us wrong for each other. That day in the office when we fell, we had a. We kissed. Yeah. And then your phone rang in, was in the

Wendy. Hey, what are you doing here? It’s. We don’t have to keep our friendship a secret anymore. Remember, it’s our cover now. In fact, it’s probably better for people to see us together. Let ’em think what they think first we’re a secret. Then we’re drumming up wild gossip. What a whirlwind friendship chip.

Anyway, um, I went looking for you earlier just to check. Make sure you’re okay. I spoke to my dad and he was asking if I had any second thoughts about, you know, about keeping our secret about Stephan. I told him we’re both on board, but I wanted to make sure with you I was. Then Gabby called,

oh, you scared the hell outta me. , sorry. Uh, you were somewhere else totally absorbed in whatever you were looking at. Yeah. The perfect target, , that, that, that arrived today, Steph and Chloe aren’t coming to the wedding. Yeah, I know I spoke with Stefan a while ago. What I didn’t know is that you had invited him in the first place.

Yeah. Sorry, I didn’t tell you. I was just, I, I mean, I assume that you’d want a handful of high ranking execs from Damira there. So that was, um, the only reason for the invitation. What do you mean? Um, I, I don’t know. Maybe a part of you wants to show s Stephan that you’re really moving on. I just want Stephan and everyone else to know how happy I am and I am marry the most wonderful man.

I am the luckiest woman. I’m the lucky one. Hey, actually, I forgot to tell you. I saw your sister today. I asked her to be my maid of honor. Oh, um, you saw Jane when, yeah. She didn’t skip out on work. She, she came during her lunch. Well, what did she say? Well, she said yes, but after some persuading, and actually she seemed weirdly uneasy about it.

Gabby was laying it on pretty. About how we could be like real sisters, how close we could be in. She’s seemed genuinely excited about it. I thought she was gonna break out one of those heart BFF necklace sets. Whole time I was trying to smile. Dead inside. Look, I’m sure Gabby didn’t even notice. If you can go face to face with Dr.

Rolf, you can handle anybody. I don’t know. I kept trying to leave. I must’ve been sweating and squirming. It got so bad. I almost blurted out what we did.


Let’s talk about what you did.

You down there? Hmm?

Just what are you? You are right. I you should have got to work immediately. Planning something to honor mother. Uh,

While we’re working at the particulars, I want you to stay here. Oh. No argument. I’m going to speak to Harold about setting up a room for you. Stay right here.

Stop staring with your old man

there, a room at the crossroad somewhere.

The call about Jada. It was either the worst timing possible. And the best if we’d actually gotten started.

It would’ve made it harder when things blew up, which was inevitable. Yeah, inevitable.

I guess

Well, I can’t imagine why Gene Wen would be uneasy about being a maid of honor. Well, I think she’s, she’s concerned about the responsibility that come to it, but I told her that she couldn’t disappoint me. So is she resolved All good. I don’t know. Still feels like there’s something that she wasn’t telling me.

Well, you know what I think? I think that you two just don’t know each other all that well yet. You think there’s something she’s not telling you, but I think she’s probably just thinking about what to have for dinner, and that’s very jing wet. I think you should just put this out of your head. I bet the two of you are gonna end up being really good friends.

Yeah, that’s what I told her. Well, you know what they say about great minds,

uh, uncle Stephan. Now we, we were just talking about, uh, we, we, we, your little romantic getaway to Ja.

Yeah, I figured it was you who hacked into the logs for the jet. Why you chose Jakarta as your getaway destination. Hmm. Lano. But I hope you kids had fun because it’s gonna be the last trip you take for a long time on the company’s dime. Of course. And just a fair warning.

Nothing gets by me.

Is it just me or is this getting harder by the minute?

Thanks, voicemail. Hey. Hi, it’s me. Um, I, I’m sorry that I ran out on you and mama before. I just was, I was too emotional. Um, but, uh, gimme a call back when you can. I, I wanna know what’s going on with you and those dim widths at the city council. Okay. Talk soon. You okay? I don’t know how we’re gonna do. But we need to find a way to keep Sloan Peterson from ruining all our lives.

Hello, Eric? Hi. I’m here because I, we have a matter of my bill to discuss. Yeah, no, I am, I assume. I guess it’s just, I didn’t expect to see you here this fast. You and Nicole seemed really in the thick of it. Yeah, well, we actually realized we had nothing else to say.

Should I go? No.

If I stay, you know what that means?

I think we both know what it means

and Jada.

It’s like doing ra. I gotta do the right thing. I can’t stay with Jada, especially when my heart belongs to someone else

As, as angry as I was with you. I never stop loving you. Thank you.

Oh, Eric. This time, no, we. You gotta screw it up, I promise. Yeah.

And sister, you disappeared on me. Apparently one of your invades has an evil sense of humor. Uh, how do you mean? I asked, which was my beloved sister’s room, and she. Pointed this way, put this gas perfume foul, and the air could not be Susan’s. Well, this was mother’s room, but I’ve been letting a friend use a temporarily.

Oh, a friend. I knew you were chasing girls Elvis, just like your namesake. But I pray to God that you were not fornicating in your mother’s mouth. Oh, for.

For Pete’s sake, aunt Sister, yes, my friend happens to be a woman, but that’s all she is. A friend. That’s what they all say. But I pray that is true in your case. Your soul is in enough jeopardy as it is.

Hmm. Looks like someone’s planning a memorial

tasteful affair for attack lady,

but Susan Banks wont be the only one late to rest that day.

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