Y&R Short Recaps Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lauren wishes Sally well in her new business venture and tells her that she knows it will be a success. Summer sees Sally and Nick having breakfast at Society and she isn’t happy about it. Summer tells Nick that she thinks Sally is using him and that she could be after him for his money. Nick tells Summer that he offered Sally a loan for her new business, and she refused to take the loan because she wanted to start the business on her own. Nick asks Summer to consider forgiving Sally because everyone has done things that they regret in life.

Kyle and Jack are both mad at Ashley because they suspect that she, Nikki, and Phyllis brought Jeremy Stark to town. Kyle tells Ashley that if his family is hurt in any way he will find out who brought Jeremy Stark to town and hold that person or persons accountable for putting his family in danger.

Victor and Victoria want Nikki to cut ties with Ashley and Phyllis but Nikki refuses to leave Ashley and Phyllis to handle this possibly dangerous situation by themselves.

Jeremy arrives at the Jabot office and demands that Diane give him back the money she took from him and he will never bother her again. Diane tells Jeremy she used the money to rebuild her life. Jeremy tells Diane that isn’t his problem…she owes him the money. Jack walks in the office door and sees Jeremy with Diane although he is worried it doesn’t show on his face. Victor asks Michael to investigate Jeremy Stark because he is a dangerous man.

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