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Sally: [ Sighs ] Hey! [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Hey.

Sally: I didn’t expect to see you.

Nick: Yeah. I can be unpredictable. Some mornings I’m at crimson lights. Others, I’m here.

Sally: Well, I expected it to be a crimson light morning.

Nick: Is it a problem for you that I’m here?

Sally: Not as long as you behave yourself.

Nick: No promises.

Sally: Well, are you gonna be a gentleman and open the door for me?

Nick: Yes.

Sally: Thank you. I can get my own table.

Nick: Look, there’s no reason why we can’t have breakfast together. I’m still working through some things where we’ but I wouldn’t mind some company while I crush some pancakes.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Fair enough.

Lauren: Good morning.

Nick: Good morning, lauren. How are things at fenmore’s?

Lauren: Never better.

Sally: That’s wonderful.

Michael: Sally. Good to see you, nick.

Nick: Hey, bud. Hopefully my dad’s not dragging you into too many crazy things.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] He’s keeping things interesting, just the way I like it.

Sally: Well, we don’t want to interrupt your morning any longer. Enjoy your breakfast.

Lauren: Thank you. They’re sharing a meal together, even though they don’t work together anymore. You think something’s going on?

Michael: There are thousands of things that concern me. Whether or not nick and sally are dating doesn’t even come close to making that list.

Sally: I can practically feel lauren’s eyes boring a hole into my back. We don’t have the excuse of being colleagues anymore. Are you sure you’re okay with this?

Jack: Good morning.

Diane: Oh. Good morning. It looks chilly outside, like it could snow any second.

Jack: Good to know. I wasn’t expecting a weather report.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Oh, well, I was just trying to be helpful. Something to repay your generous hospitality. Thank you again for letting me stay over.

Jack: I hope you slept okay. I’m an early riser. You were down here before I was. I — I hope you weren’t up all night worrying.

Diane: Well, in spite of the wonderful accommodations, I — I didn’t get a lot of rest. But I wanted to get up early and get back to the hotel before going to the office. I — I don’t want anyone at jabot getting the wrong impression.

Ashley: Impression about what?

Jack: I invited diane to spend the night here last night.

Ashley: Why?

Jack: Because she was understandably rattled at the news that jeremy stark is in town. She didn’t feel safe going to her hotel, and I don’t blame her.

Ashley: I’m sure you don’T.

Jack: I didn’t want to leave her alone with that man in the vicinity. That man came to our front door. What if — what if harrison had been the one to greet him at the door instead of diane?

Ashley: So, diane, what was it like reuniting with your ex-lover?

Diane: Why? Are you concerned for my safety?

Jack: I have asked phyllis how it is that jeremy knew exactly where diane was. I got nowhere there. I’ll ask you. Did you and your cohorts have anything to do with leading him here?

Ashley: I’m telling you right now that I —

Diane: Oh. I — I’m — I should go.

Jack: You want an escort?

Diane: No, I’ll be fine. I’m just going to the hotel and then straight to the office.

Jack: Okay, text me, let me know you’re there safely?

Diane: Okay.

Jack: Yeah. Okay, now that she’s gone, answer my question. Did you have anything to do with stark showing up at our home?

Ashley: Answer this question first, jack. Is diane using stark’s arrival here as an excuse to jump into your bed?

Nikki: So, the transition at the media division is going smoothly?

Victoria: Yeah, it is. Nate is doing a great job of getting everything up to speed.

[ Sighs ] There’s only one problem.

Nikki: What’s that?

Victoria: Mm. Nicholas. He’s, um — he’s been distracted by this whole issue with sally spectra.

Nikki: What, that she was fired?

Victoria: Yes. Yes. It was just business. But he’s taking it very personally. Has he mentioned anything to you about sally?

Nikki: Are you kidding? Do you think that he would take advice from his mother about his love life? Not that I haven’t offered plenty of it over the years, but he — he ignores it.

Victoria: I don’t know, mom. I’m just worried about him. He needs to listen to someone with some sense.

Nikki: [ Gasps ] Oh, my god.

Victoria: What’s wrong? Do you know that man?

Nikki: I know of him. He’s a whole lot of trouble.

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Nick: Thanks.

Lauren: You know, they seem like they’re up to something. The way they look at each other — I don’t know — it seems very intimate.

Michael: I’m thinking about a frittata.

Lauren: Maybe sally’s moving on from adam to his brother.

Michael: Oh, who am i kidding? How can I not order a crab cake benedict? That reminds me of new orleans.

[ Southern accent ] You remember that little place on magazine street?

Lauren: Are you not caring about anything that I’m saying about this possible relationship? It could actually affect your job if victor decides to meddle.

Michael: Who can predict love? If sally and nick make each other happy, good for them. I won’t stand in their way.

Lauren: Love? Uh…mnh. This is sally we’re talking about.

Michael: Hmm. You never know. It can happen very quickly. I’m sure you fell head over heels for me in a matter of seconds.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] My darling, are — are you actually forgetting how it happened?

Michael: Now that I think about it, it was exactly the opposite. Ahh, I fell in love with you in a blink of an eye.

Lauren: We have been very, very lucky. But I’m not so sure that nick and sally are a similar match to us. In fact, I’m concerned about nick. I hope sally’s intentions are good.

Sally: She is still staring at us, right?

Nick: I learned a long time ago to not care what people think. Being a newman, always in the spotlight, people always judging you. Does the scrutiny bother you?

Sally: Why should it? I’m used to people talking about me, too. But you probably know that from everything that victor’s guys dug up on me.

Nick: Yeah. There was, uh, definitely some things in there that would spark up a conversation.

Sally: [ Sighs ] I have been involved in some shady stuff in the past, some of which you know about, some you might not. Or you might be hearing stories from people now. In either case, I’m not proud of most of what I’ve done. But I have learned and grown from all of it. And I’m willing to talk about any of it. You just have to ask ’cause I do not want there to be any surprises between us down the line. If there is a “down the line” for us.

Nick: I’m surprised you wouldn’t want to share your worst moments.

Sally: I would be willing to tell you everything… ’cause I think you’re worth it.

Jack: First of all, it is none of your business who did or didn’t sleep in my bed last night. Second of all, you are changing the subject. I asked you, did you have anything to do…

Ashley: I heard you.

Jack: …With stark showing up at our door?

Ashley: I heard you, and i promise you I didn’t even know the man was in town, okay?

Kyle: You talking about jeremy stark? Because he was in town and still is.

Jack: Wait, how do you know that?

Kyle: I confronted him last night.

Victoria: So, who is he?

Nikki: It’s jeremy stark.

Victoria: The money launderer that diane was working for in los angeles?

Nikki: Shh! Shh! Yes, that’s him. He just got out of prison. Don’t look. Don’t look. Don’t look. Don’t look.

Victoria: What is he doing here in genoa city? Did he come for diane? Mom? What did you do?

Nikki: It’s very complicated.

Victoria: Are you responsible for bringing a criminal to town?

Nikki: I don’t want to talk about this here. We should go. Let’s go.

Victoria: I need to go over the budget for the next fiscal year.

Nikki: Oh, right.

[ Knocking on door ]

Diane: Jack’s not in yet.

Phyllis: Alright. Well, I’ll wait for him. Alone, preferably. I need to clear a couple things up.

Diane: Oh. What was unclear?

Phyllis: Well, it’s really none of your business. But he was in a vile mood. It’s probably ’cause you riled him all up with your damsel act.

[ Imitating crying ] “Bad man coming to get me. Oh, my god.”

Diane: It wasn’t a performance, phyllis. I really am in danger. But, you know, perhaps I could straighten a few things out for you since I probably have a better idea where jack’s head is at the moment.

Phyllis: Mm. Okay. Why is that?

Diane: Because I was the last person he saw last night and the first one he saw this morning at the abbott house. Yeah, that’s right. I spent the night there. Covid-19 moves fast and now you can too

Summer: So, this is still a thing?

Nick: What’s happening here is two people just having breakfast together.

Summer: What happened to her not wanting anything to do with you? That’s what you told me.

Nick: Things have changed, summer, we’re just having a meal, and if something was happening, I’d like to think you’d be okay with it. Or maybe even happy for us.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Could we get a moment alone, please?

Nick: Wait, is that absolutely necessary?

Sally: You know what? It’s alright ’cause I need to check in with chloe anyway.

Nick: [ Sighs ] That was rude.

Summer: I think she’ll survive.

Nick: She doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.

Summer: Well, I need to be honest with you, and I didn’t think you’d want me to do that with her sitting right here.

Nick: What did you want to say?

Summer: [ Sighs ] I can’t get on board with this.

Nick: Why not?

Summer: Because sally is using you, somehow, some way. I am sure of it.

Ashley: Kyle, what do you mean, you confronted stark?

Kyle: I went to his hotel room, told him to leave my mother alone.

Jack: Wait, you did what?

Kyle: I went to the grand phoenix, knocked on his door —

Jack: Wait. Stop. Stop. That’s where he is staying?

Kyle: Yes. Fourth floor.

Jack: Well, that isn’t exactly a coincidence. That’s where diane lives. I’m gonna get security to give her an escort to and from the office.

Kyle: Mm. That’s a good idea.

Jack: What did you say to stark?

Kyle: I told him in no uncertain terms to leave my mother alone.

Jack: How did stark respond?

Kyle: He said he had no ill will towards her, claimed he just wanted to reconnect with an old flame now that he’s gotten out of prison.

Ashley: Okay. So, he’s not actually threatening anybody.

Kyle: That’s right, but he —

Ashley: And also that means that possibly nobody’s really in any danger. There’s no evidence of that.

Kyle: He was lying. The guy is so smooth and unflappable. He probably has never told the truth. His mere presence is a threat.

Jack: I got the same menacing feeling from him, and diane’s fears are legitimate. He sent her a text saying it would be a big mistake to let the abbotts fight her battles. Now I realize that was about you showing up, too.

Kyle: Well, there’s your evidence right there. And now I’m even more worried about my mother. And I’m furious at whoever put her in this situation.

Phyllis: Are you really telling me that you took your little victim act right into jack’s bed last night?

Diane: Do you have to be so vulgar?

Phyllis: That wasn’t vulgar.

Diane: Oh, well, in any case, we shouldn’t be discussing such things at the office.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Well, you didn’t have sex with jack. If you had, you would be screaming it from the rooftops. You’re acting too demure.

Diane: You think everything i do is some kind of act.

Phyllis: Yes, I do. Because it usually is.

Diane: Oh, just relax. I slept in the guest room.

Phyllis: Why are you sleeping at the abbott house at all?

Diane: Well, I — I have you to thank. You’re the reason jack extended the invitation. Insisted, really. He was concerned about jeremy stark and the threat he poses. And that was your doing, right?

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ] Well, you definitely convinced jack of that, didn’t you?

Diane: Yeah. Jack wanted me safe last night. He was so strong and protective. So, you think you’re hurting me, but you are actually strengthening the bond between us. Thanks, phyllis.

Phyllis: You’re welcome. I want to remind you that that bond isn’t unbreakable.

Jeremy: Diane.

Diane: [ Gasps ]

Jeremy: There you are.

[ Chuckles ] I was hoping to find you here. Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.

Summer: I really shouldn’t have to remind you what sally has done to me. Miraculously, it all worked out, but it doesn’t change the fact that she blackmailed me in order to get me to leave town and go to italy.

Nick: For the record, she participated in tara locke’s plan. She was not the blackmailer.

Summer: Regardless, she wanted me out of genoa city so she could take my job. That’s the kind of person she is.

Nick: Look, I’m aware of your history with her. I don’t like what she did, but, summer, we’ve all done things that we’re not proud of. We’ve made mistakes. Some of the things you’ve done aren’t so different from sally’S. Do you remember your first marriage to kyle, where you pressured him into tying the knot so you could save lola’s life?

Summer: Okay, I cringe when i think about that. We don’t need to go there.

Nick: Well, sally doesn’t want to revisit her mistakes, either.

Summer: I have worked really hard to put that time in my life behind me. I am not that person anymore.

Nick: Same as sally. And what about your mother? She’s done some pretty despicable things.

Summer: We are not talking about mom right now.

Nick: Well, you go out of your way to give her the benefit of the doubt. Why can’t you do the same with sally? Doesn’t she deserve the same shot at redemption that you and your mom got?

Summer: Is that a serious question?

Lauren: Sally. I heard what happened with newman media. It’s so unfortunate. I’m sorry.

Sally: Thank you. I just consider it another high point I get to add to my résumé.

[ Chuckles ]

Michael: Well, the newman name carries a lot of clout.

Sally: Yeah, I’m — I’m really proud of what i accomplished there. But now it’s on to bigger and better things.

Ashley: So, what’s your plan?

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Well, you know me. I always have something percolating.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. So, I’m sure by now you know that chelsea is no longer designing for fenmore’s or marchetti.

Sally: Yes, I heard that. But are you telling me casually or officially? Does this mean that you’ve gotten to the point where you can maybe forgive my past mistakes and consider trusting me again?

Diane: How did you get in here?

Jeremy: Come on. You know me. I have my ways. Oh, nice digs. I bet the overhead is brutal. Hello. Friend of yours?

Diane: No.

Phyllis: No.

Diane: But I think she’s a friend of yours, jeremy. This is phyllis summers. I assume the two of you have been in contact. You might not have met in person. It might have been some anonymous, mysterious phone call.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Diane: She’s the one who told you where to find me, isn’t she?

Phyllis: That’s absurd.

Jeremy: You know, your voice, it — it does sound familiar.

Victoria: You seem like you’re worried that someone has followed us.

Nikki: Oh, no, everything is fine. I’m — I’m just taking precautions.

Victoria: What’s going on? Is this guy jeremy stark looking for you?

Nikki: Of course not. He doesn’t even know my name.

Victoria: But you did help to bring him here, didn’t you?

Nikki: Well, phyllis, ashley, and I had this plan of using his release from prison as a way to scare diane out of town. But that wasn’t quite enough, so we talked about taking it to the next level.

Victoria: And you brought him here?

Nikki: No, that was not our intention. But phyllis had taken matters into her own hands.

Victoria: Well, who would have seen that coming?

Nikki: She actually contacted stark directly, told him that diane was involved in his arrest and then told him where he could find her. And apparently he took the bait because now he’s here.

Victoria: Oh, my god. Look, I’m not a fan of diane, but this seems extreme, doesn’t it?

Nikki: Ashley and I felt the same way. But phyllis had already set things in motion.

Victoria: How do we fix this?

Nikki: I don’t know that we can, but we can take precautions.

[ Door opens ]

Victor: I’ve just been informed that jeremy stark is in town.

Nikki: Yeah. We just saw him at crimson lights.

Victor: I have alerted security. He’s not gonna step foot in either this building or the ranch, okay?

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: You know the guy’s dangerous. The threat is real. Dancing is everything.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Summer: I hear what you’re trying to say about forgiving sally and moving on. It’S… I just think it’s different with her.

Nick: How so?

Summer: Does she really regret her actions, or is she just mad that she got caught? Is she pretending to be remorseful as a part of a new scam?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Look, supergirl, it’s up to me to decide whether or not i believe her, and I think sally is sincere.

Summer: [ Scoffs ]

Nick: And I can tell you this — she regrets the way she acted towards you.

Summer: Okay. And I think she’s using you. She jumped from one rich newman to another really quickly.

Nick: I assure you, she is not after my money.

Summer: How could you possibly know that?

Nick: Because I offered her some — quite a lot of it, actually — and she turned me down.

Summer: You did what?

Nick: Yes. I wanted to invest in her new business venture. I put an offer on the table, and she rejected it. She won’t even take a loan from me because she wants to do it on her own.

Summer: Interesting.

Nick: Summer, I need you to understand this. Whatever is going on with me and sally — and it may not go anywhere… but it’s my decision to make. Now, I hate it that you disagree with me, but it’s not gonna get me to change my mind. And I really hope someday you can change yours.

Victor: I am sure that this is phyllis’ doing. And I think you should separate yourself from her — okay? — And persuade ashley to do the same.

Nikki: Well, for the most part, we’ve all been working together. I would — I wouldn’t feel right leaving phyllis twisting in the wind.

Victor: Why? She has done that to you before. No reason for you to feel guilty.

Victoria: So, how do you want to handle this, dad?

Victor: For now, I’ve assigned security to your mother, to ashley, to summer, and to harrison, alright?

Victoria: What about phyllis and the rest of the abbotts?

Victor: I don’t care about the rest of the abbotts. They can take care of themselves. But I have a feeling that they’ll all rally around diane as if she’s the victim now.

Nikki: Oh, god, I hope not. They’ll pay dearly for that.

Victor: Sweetheart, you need to stay out of this. You’ve got to end your involvement in this right now.

Jack: Did stark give you any idea how he knew exactly where to find diane?

Kyle: No, although that wasn’t my primary concern at the time.

Jack: Yeah, he told me he assumed on his own that diane wanted to reunite with her family, so he guessed she might be here.

Kyle: That seems unlikely.

Jack: Yeah, I had exactly the same feeling.

Kyle: We may need extra security.

Jack: Okay, look, I will take care of that, but, um, I’m gonna go check on diane right now.

Kyle: Do you want me to hire guards?

Jack: No, no, no. I will take care of it. I know who to call. Let’s make sure that summer and harrison are safe.

Kyle: Thanks, dad.

[ Door closes ] I know you firmly believe in science. You have to have proof before you believe in things. Well, I don’t have proof that you and nikki and phyllis led this very dangerous man here. I have a feeling that’s exactly what happened. My own aunt put my entire family in danger. Is that what you wanted, ashley? Are you happy with how things turned out?

Phyllis: I guess I just have one of those voices. It, um, reminds someone of someone they knew or someone they want to know. You know. Well, I have some work to do. Excuse me.

Diane: Phyllis, could you, um — could you just wait a minute? I need to talk to you about something.

Jeremy: [ Clears throat ]

Phyllis: No. I’m very busy. Excuse me. Nice to meet you…

Jeremy: Jeremy.

Phyllis: Jeremy. Nice to meet you.

Jeremy: You too.

Diane: [ Sighs ] You shouldn’t have come here. This is my workplace. You showing up unannounced isn’t helping anything.

Jeremy: Well, my apologies. But remember our conversation was cut short. And we need to finish it. #1 isn’t a status earned overnight.

Lauren: You know, I always felt you had a keen eye for fashion. And not everyone has that kind of flair.

Sally: Well, thank you, lauren. That really means a lot.

Lauren: And although you are an amazing designer, you just are your own worst enemy.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Yes, I would say that is a fair assessment of my past actions, but I really feel like I’ve left all that behind. No more self-sabotaging and no sabotaging anybody else, for that matter.

Lauren: Well, good for you. It’s always nice when people can redeem themselves.

Michael: Lauren has moved past several troubling incidents in her past.

Sally: [ Clears throat ] Well, it’s good to know that I’m not alone. And thank you guys for the support. But I don’t think I’m gonna be going back to the world of fashion. I want to forge a new career path.

Lauren: Okay. Well, I wish you luck.

Michael: As do I.

Sally: Thank you. And I’m really glad we cleared the air.

Lauren: Me too.

Sally: Alright, I’m gonna go back to my table.

Michael: Good luck.

Sally: Thanks.

Michael: You never cease to amaze me. I thought sally was your avowed enemy, and now you’re her biggest fan.

Lauren: Ahh. I believe we all need second chances.

Michael: Yeah. Absolutely. Huh. Where would the two of us be without them?

Lauren: Seriously. But, actually, I was, um, taking the advice that I gave phyllis. Watching her with that grudge against diane? I — it’s not healthy.

Michael: Yet another reason I love you.

[ Chuckles ]

Lauren: You know, you’re being awfully nice for a man who has yet to eat today.

Michael: I know. Where is my crab cake benedict?

[ Cellphone pings ] Sorry.

Lauren: Oh. Well, tell victor I say hi.

Michael: Oh. Duty calls. It’s important.

Lauren: Isn’t it always?

Michael: Well, this seems more than his usual bluster. I mean, the message implies that lives are at risk.

Lauren: Oh, my goodness. Honey, be careful, okay?

Michael: Yeah. I will. Promise.

Lauren: [ Sighs ]

Sally: Did you two have a good talk?

Nick: I think we straightened some things out.

Summer: [ Sighs ] I’ll think about what you said, dad. And I’ll see you soon.

Nick: Love you.

Sally: Bye. What exactly did you tell her?

Nick: I was, uh, pretty direct with her. I just told her we’re still figuring things out.

Sally: Well, that’s an accurate description. But what else did you say? There had to have been more. It looked pretty intense.

Nick: I just made it very clear that I will be the one who decides who I date and nobody, not even my amazing daughter, is going to tell me otherwise.

Ashley: I am sorry. Honestly, from my heart, I never wanted things to escalate like this.

Kyle: Look, it doesn’t matter what you wanted. I don’t know what your intentions were, but this current situation is a direct result of your actions.

Ashley: I was not personally involved in stark coming to —

Kyle: No, the three of you have threatened my mother with this very thing — bringing this monster to town to send her into hiding. And on one hand, I understand why you want to go toe to toe with my mother, but you have put our entire family in jeopardy. Do you not care how this affects harrison?

Ashley: Kyle, I love your little boy. Of course I care. I would lay down my own life to protect him.

Kyle: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Ashley: He’s not gonna be harmed.

Kyle: You can’t be sure of that! If anyone I care about is harmed by jeremy stark, I will find out who was behind bringing him here. And if you and nikki and phyllis were at all responsible, I will hold all of you accountable.

[ Footsteps departing ]

Diane: What are you doing? You can’t stay here.

Jeremy: I’m not going anywhere.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] Jeremy, this is a place of business. You can’t just hang out.

Jeremy: Well, maybe I’m here on business. Maybe I want to buy a, uh, nice perfume or lipstick or rouge.

Diane: Alright, alright, come — come with me.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know why you’re here, but we have nothing more to discuss.

Jeremy: Don’t play games with me. Even after all these years, I still know you.

Diane: Jeremy, I’m glad you’re out, and I wish you well —

Jeremy: I heard you were instrumental in arranging my arrest and helped the authorities put me in prison.

Diane: That’s not true. And I can only imagine where you heard such a thing.

Jeremy: Oh, maybe I heard it from that lovely and helpful phyllis. Or maybe it was someone who sounded just like her.

Diane: Well, whoever said it, they were wrong. I had nothing to do with your arrest or your conviction. Someone, probably phyllis, has tricked you into thinking that I betrayed you, and it’s only because she’s holding a grudge against me. Jeremy, you’ve been played.

Jeremy: I don’t believe you.

Diane: You know, I’m warning you, I could have security here in a second.

Jeremy: Why would you do that, hmm? You think, uh, I want to hurt you? Do you think I’m some violent criminal out for revenge? No. That doesn’t interest me. I don’t care about past actions, but there is something else that I want that concerns me deeply.

Diane: What is that?

Jeremy: I want something from you, beautiful.

Diane: Jeremy, please.

Jeremy: I want my money. A dental tool is round for a reason.

Phyllis: The three of us made a pact to do anything necessary, anything possible to get rid of diane. I was forced to do this, and, honestly, she brought it upon herself.

Ashley: What if it backfires? This could get ugly so fast.

Phyllis: It won’T.

Ashley: Hear me out. We don’t know for a fact that stark went to prison because of diane. We don’T. Now, how do you think he’s gonna feel if he finds out this whole thing was a hoax? I don’t think he’s gonna be too happy when he finds out he’s been used.

Nikki: We need to be prepared in case he does decide to come after us.

Phyllis: You two are really overreacting.

Ashley: No, we’re not, phyllis. Do you really want to risk him getting violent with anyone, including diane? Because I don’T.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Victoria: Mom, I agree with dad. I think you need to cut ties with ashley and phyllis. I don’t want to see you get hurt.

Nikki: Darling, don’t worry. I can take care of myself.

Victoria: Of course you can, but this is dangerous. There’s no telling what this guy is gonna do or how he might react.

Victor: You don’t have to worry, okay? No harm will come to anyone in my family. You’ll all be protected.

Nikki: I hope you don’t blame me for this man’s arrival in genoa city.

Victor: Sweetheart, no. I’d never blame you for this. Phyllis is the one who brought this criminal back into town. Excuse me. I need to meet with michael baldwin, okay? Don’t you worry about a thing.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Michael: Victor, I just saw the security downstairs. What’s going on?

Victor: Some fellow called jeremy stark just arrived in town.

Michael: Who is that?

Victor: He’s a recently released felon, a dangerous man. I need to know everything about him.

Jeremy: I had everything taken away from me when I was in prison. Millions.

Diane: You still have your health.

Jeremy: Oh, now, you’re cracking jokes? This isn’t funny.

Diane: Well, I’m sorry. I just don’t know what this has to do with me.

Jeremy: I had one last shipment of cash that didn’t make it to the islands. The feds didn’t get their hands on it. That’s all the money I have to start over. And you were in possession at that time. So I’m only assuming that you hung on to it for me. So, I want it back. Just give me my money and you’ll never see me again.

Diane: I don’t have it.

Jeremy: [ Clears throat ] How is that possible? It was a large sum of money, and now you’re saying you don’t have it?

Diane: No, I don’t have it. I used that money to rebuild my life after you went to prison. I had nothing. You left me high and dry. And I kept expecting the police to knock on my door and arrest me for crimes that you forced me to commit! So it was my right to use that money to survive.

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] That’s not my problem. That’s my money. You owe me.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ]

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