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 Oh, please. Let the bad sun go away.

Good morning, sunshine. Oh God.

Hey, handsome. What you in for?

Oh no,

there’s no hot water. The other is you just have to turn on the shower 10 minutes before you wanna take a shower.

Oh, you look adorable. Show up last night. I, uh, wasn’t expecting to sleep over. Oh, just go take a shower and grab one of, uh, race ropes. I don’t want whatever. You’re making a good cold

and I’ve decided. I’m owning this. Look, you’re gonna wake up to me in this row for the rest of your life. Oh, that’s fine by me because I know how easy it is to take it off.

Johnny. Hey, what’s going on? Hey, uh, I’m, I’m sorry to call you so early. I just, I had to know, do you still think we’re doing the right. Johnny, I’m just not sure anymore. God, I hate keeping it quiet. Wendy. You have to. Okay. You can’t tell Gabby this is so unfair to her. Look, you don’t know Gabby like I do.

Okay? If she, if she finds out, did my dad and your brother brainwashed Stephan, she’s gonna make him pay, you know, you know how tortured she is. Knowing Stephan doesn’t love her. It doesn’t love her is an understatement. I can’t stand the sight of her. Yeah, exactly. Okay. And she will be out for blood if she finds out that Lee and my dad had anything to do with it.

So please just stick to the plan. Okay then. Okay. I will try to put my dance aside.

This is our little secret and it will stay that way, Wendy. I didn’t know you were home

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You have to stop calling so early. The phone woke alley up. Oh God. Did, did she hear you? Its me. Call you later. Sorry about that. No, it’s fine. Chanel Henry a daycare, so I got plenty of sleep. Um, when did you get back During the night. Did you see my note about why I was gone? Yeah, I did. Um, mind me asking who you were talking to just now?

Oh, it was Johnny. Did he go along on this trip you took? Yeah. Oh, so the two of you went on some mysterious trip together and now he’s calling you first thing in the morning. What happened between you two? Unless, of course, that’s the thing that you’re promising to keep a secret.

Oh, thank you. You’re welcome.

Best way, best ranch shadows I’ve ever had. Oh, of course there. It’s cause I’m an excellent cook. So, um, after we get married we can move in here. Um, Hey, I do this every morning. . So not happening . So you’d rather stand Salem in? No, I mean that’s not what I. I don’t know. I don’t wanna move in with my brother again.

I guess we can find our own place. Yeah, exactly. And when we do, you can spend a couple morning learning how to make.

Oh no. What a shame.

Now what? Don’t look at me now. I’ve really never approved of the facing public property, but it sure does look like the public opinion’s turning against you. Oh, I know how much you hated it when I was released on bail, not. I’m very happy the judge will let you out. Those spirit claw you make her to die for.

And then there’s the fact that the inmate who took your old cell is none other than your mother.


I didn’t expect to see you here. Hmm, and I didn’t expect to see the dude who married me to Abe in the next L. I didn’t expect to see that either. You are Marlena’s son and he used to be a priest. They picked up the wrong guy. Right? Wrong. Oh, what? Don’t keep me a suspect. What’d they get? You? Assault and battery.

Ooh. Ex priest has a temper under the right circumstance. Yes, he does. Mm. So who you assault and batter? SMUGs. Son of a bitch who’s had it coming for a very long time.

Oh my God. What did we do? Isn’t it?

But how, how did it happen? You don’t remember? I’m going to try and not take that personally,

but that much drink could cause havoc on anyone’s memory. So, yeah, I, I, I do remember the two of us getting pretty. Yeah, I was a wreck over my mother. And you were a wreck over Eric. So last night we decided to drown. Our saw was in alcohol and then we came back here. Line Rapid. Oh God. Oh God. Eric was right about what?

I get dumped by a man and I get drunk and I turn into a helpless.

Okay. Okay, Mary. I’m not a hopeless sled and maybe I didn’t sleep with ej. Uh, come in

good morning, sunshine, or maybe I’m dead wrong.

I have to get going now. Yeah. I have an appointment with the florist. I know how much you’ve been looking forward to that. Oh, um, how long does it take for the shower to warm up? It’s okay. I’ll just, you don’t have to be there while I’m picking up the table decorations so I can just show up later. Say I love everything and hit the floor is my credit card.

You get hun. Quick . See, I told you. We make the perfect. Or we will mind you learn a few recipes. Yeah, I’ll get right on that. Okay. I’ll see you. Love you. I love you too.

That’s why I did what I did. What I told Johnny I to keep quiet about was, Oh, I get it. The two of you’re hugging up, right? Oh, that’s fine with me. Honestly, it’s not my business. We don’t want other people finding out, you know, my brother, his dad. Yeah. No, I, I will not tell anybody thanks. It’s just, it’s it’s pretty new and, and we just wanna keep it to ourselves for now anyway.

Yeah, I mean, like I said, what you and Johnny do is none of my business . Well, the thing is, I know, but she used to be married. Oh yeah. That might have been a sore subject for her before, but, um, she has much bigger things to worry about now. If you wanna come after someone, you come after me. Oh, I intend to.

My mother wasn’t even in town the night your mother died. Oh. But she showed up fast enough to make sure she cut a check to the college to cover your ass. That’s a crime. My mother, she was trying to protect me. She knew I was getting railroaded. It must be nice to have a mother takes care of you like that because of you.

I don’t have that. Or a father. The only protection I have is my knowledge. Do you know? You’re the reason I had the Uck so hard. Yeah. So that you could find out what it feels like to have everything that you cared about, taken away from you.

Baby, you look like you’re dealing with a world class hangover. Well, because I am. You’re not gonna toss your cookies, are you? Because I, I can’t take that. Even when Chanel was little. I can’t, I’m not gonna do. So you punched EJ because you were drunk? Something I wanted to do a long time. Mm oh. EJ seems to rub just about everybody the wrong way.

Yeah. He likes to do that. Mm. My youngest daughter used to be married to Johnny, his son for a while. Oh. I made a mistake of thinking, thinking that he’d wanna make a good impression on the mother of his daughter-in-law. , but he called Chanel a gold digger. To my face, it sounds like something he would do.

So what did he, what did he do that made you wanna haul off and punch him?

What he said about Chanel wasn’t true. He only said it because he wanted to hurt you and her. And what he said about me was, The only reason why he said it because he liked to look on my face, so I decided to rearrange his.

I brought you some breakfast. Ooh, yeah. I’m gonna take a hard pass some breakfast. Ooh. Especially that green stuff. Ah, ah, ah. The green stuff is a guaranteed hangover. Cure my mi Mar’s recipe . You had a Meemaw. Mm-hmm. , Meemaw Banks. My mother’s mother, she passed down the recipe and my mother swore by it, used to brew it up for me.

It offers almost instantaneous relief. Word of honor. Instantaneous, huh? Mm-hmm. . Oh, here’s fun. Near eye.

Oh, I don’t think this is made right. Mm-hmm. , it’s supposed to taste like that. Mother always said the only way to make sure it doesn’t come back up is to gag on the way down. No drink up. Then I’m in good shape. Mm-hmm.

she always looked out for me. Especially when I couldn’t look out for myself.

Tony, uh Gabby. Hi. Hey, um, I’m really sorry about Susan. Yeah, thanks. Uh, I really miss. She was one of a kind that’s killing my dad. I wish I’d been here for Oh, that’s right. Yeah. At the accident you were jet sitting around the road with Wendy. Yeah. You know about that, huh? Lee was, was ready to fire Wendy. I had to talk him down.

You do know that taking the company Jet out is a little over the top. Wendy, just start at that top. Yeah, I guess you’re right. Question for you though. Made you pick Indonesia as your romantic getaway?

I can’t believe Chanel was in jail. Yeah, that’s not all. Wow. I’ve been gone a long time. Honestly, it all happened really, really fast. But why? Well, there was something in Chanel’s past that I didn’t know about.

Wendy, you’re back. I just found out that you got arrested. I’m so sorry. Thanks. But you’re here. So what does that mean? They dropped the charges? No, I’m just out on bail. Um, I thought you were gonna open sos. Oh, I did. And then my day pretty much fell apart.

That grows on you, doesn’t it? Oh yeah. like a fungus , but I am feeling a little bitter. Thank you, cook for pad. I just provided the recipe, mom, not just for this, but for letting me stay the night. Sleeping in the office leaves something to be desired. Waking up in Egyptian cotton sheets is the bright spot of my morning

I wonder how Eric’s morning is sleeping one off on a caught in a jail. I’d say his morning is exactly as he deserves.

Paulina, can we not talk about last night anymore? Ah, I got my own EJ to deal with. Is he the reason why you. It’s a she. Hell have no fury, like a bitch with an ax to grind. I’m sorry. She’s not just going after me. She’s making it her business. Go after my daughter. What? I wouldn’t give, not the smirk of that phase of her.

Well, go ahead. Take your best shot.

I can’t believe Eric was drunk. I mean, he’s been sober since, since he caused that accident that killed Daniel. He told me last night, it’s just, I never seen him that drunk. I feel awful for him. , you’re joking. I mean it. He called you a slut. Me The devil encounter then punched me in the face. I. And then you backed me up when I decided to press charges against him.

I had several martinis by then. You’re not having second thoughts, are you?

Now that I’m sober, yeah. I’m having second thoughts.

She’s ready to take me. Now that there’s this set of bars between us, actually I just came to check out how you’re enjoying your new accommodations. Bit of a comedown from Governor Elect. I’ll be back on top. You’ll see. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. And by the way, your daughter, she um, she says hello.

You stay away from my baby. Your devotion to her is touching, but once you worry, you’ll be able to fight all her battles for her as soon as the two of you are serving time for which you did to my mother. I know how painful your mother’s death must have been, but that doesn’t change the fact it was an accident.

No, push my mother off that roof when we both know it. I don’t know any such thing. And you, you convinced the authority that my mother killed herself. So look, you can just drop this victim act. This is not gonna work for you anymore. This is not an act. I’m on this side of the boss. You did that to me because my mother was your victim and I’m your victim.

This Sloan sounds like someone you don’t wanna cross. Tell me about. Do you think she’s the one who wrote Murderer on the Window? Yeah. Who else would do something like that? She is not going to stop trying to make my life hell. You wouldn’t even crossed paths with Sloan’s mother if she hadn’t invited you and lied to you up until that roof and then she attacked snow.

And then I tried to push her off of me and she lost her balance and fell. That’s really how it happened. Yes. Yeah. You know that and I know that, but nobody’s gonna convince Sloan that her mother wasn’t out to get me. Why was that? Her husband was one of my professors and I had an affair with him. Oh. And right before he drank himself to death.

He told Sloan that her mother’s death wasn’t actually a suicide like everyone thought he told her that I pushed her. Oh my God, that’s awful. And never since then, Sloan has been out to get me and it’s working. And now I am being charged with murder and my mom is, is in jail for supposedly covering it up.

And what scares me is that I don’t think Sloane’s gonna stop there. I’m afraid that she’s not gonna stop until she goes after everyone that I.

So wait, if I went to Jakarta, what, where should I stay? What should I do actually, what should I buy? Uh, you know, I, I, I really don’t know much about the place. We made us come back right when we got there. I could see that it was beautiful though. Uh, maybe you and Lee could go there for your honeymoon.

Good. I’ll put it on the list. Yeah. You guys haven’t made plans. Well, no. How come? I mean, you, you’re getting married in a couple of weeks. Lee’s been really busy and I dunno, anything about planning honeymoon? I’ve never been on one, so Really? Yeah, my first husband and I, we didn’t have a lot of money and romance wasn’t in the picture when I married Stefan.

I fell in love with him later and actually talking about going on a honeymoon when I lost him. I don’t even know why I’m telling you all of this because Stephan. Nothing to do with me or probably never did. So, you know what, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry about Susan. Gabby. I have to tell you something.

Oh, blueberry pancakes. The blueberries were in the fridge. You did not have to do this. You guys have been so nice about letting me stay here. Please. You’ve hardly even been home. Yeah, but you’re going through such a rotten time here. I’ll get this up. Hey, if the woman wants to make us pancakes, let her make us pancakes.

Anytime I can help with the cooking, just let me know. Thanks.

Mm. These are great. Let’s see.

Hmm. Hmm. They really are. Yeah. I was starving. Maybe eating something will help make you feel better. Anyway, I, I don’t need a distraction. So tell me about your trip. . So, um, it sounds like it was exciting. Why did you rush back? You know, I hate to disappoint you, but it was mostly work stuff.

What did you wanna tell me? It’s about your wedding, eh, ladies, I made it. Hey. Yeah, right on time to help me pick everything. Yeah, you go ahead. I just gotta. Talk to Johnny about his little trip to Jakarta and uh, I’ll be right there. Go easy on him. Okay? Yeah. Find me later. Yeah.

You were just about to tell her what I did. Stephan, right?

Erica’s such a knack for making you feel guilty. Did he learn that while studying to be a priest? I don’t feel guilty. . I don’t, I just don’t think he should have been thrown in jail. He punched me in the face. Well, because you said he was stupid enough to lose me and the baby. I thought you didn’t remember anything from last night.

Well, that’s hard to forget. It’s junk as I was,

um, by the way, uh, did we have sex?

No good.

I could call the DA’s office and tell them I no longer wish to press charges or Sean Brady. He might not be so forgiving. I know.

If you would like me to make that call, I will for you.

If you think that nailing you and your daughter makes me happy, you’re wrong. I loved my mother. Nothing that I do will bring her back to. Chanel didn’t start this, your daddy did. When he seduced her, Chanel did the seduce her, and I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he used his position to take advantage of a pretty female student.

Any good PI will have no trouble digging up his other conquests. So if you wanna blame somebody for your mother’s death, you blame him. I just had a thought. Why don’t you pull some of those strings? You’re so famous for pulling. Get you and Chanel thrown into the same joint that your other daughter’s serving.

Time in for murder. God, get this snake outta here. Don’t let her in here again. I can’t just take you upstairs. Miss Brady’s here. Who? Oh, Brady, your lawyer. Oh. Oh. Good lot to, well, you can also tell Ms. Brady that I have hard evidence that details what you did to cover up Chanel’s crime. And tell her I said good luck to her because she’s gonna need it.

What are you gawing at?

I know Eric hurt me, but I don’t think he should spend any more time in jail.

As you wish,

straight to voicemail, it’s EJ Dira. Ms. Trask, please call me back at your earliest convenience. It’s about the assault charges I filed last night.

Satisfied. Yes,

I’m willing to do what you want. But don’t you think Eric deserves to find out that he can’t get away with treating you like rubbish?

I didn’t want to witness that scene anymore than you wanted me. Fortunately I couldn’t exactly leave the room.

Well, I have good to despise pulling a price. Hmm, I know, I heard. Well, just so you know, if she thinks that that two bit bimbo lawyer of hers is gonna get her out of this one, she’s gonna be sorely disappointed. Phil Brady’s not a two bit lawyer. She’s not a bimbo. And how do you know? Because she’s my sister.

Alright, well I would stay and help with the dishes, but I actually have to run the visiting hours at Salem City Jail. Just started, I am actually going to walk out with you. Um, it’s time to pick up Henry from daycare and I also said I’d taken see Santa at Barons also. I’m gonna stop by the bakery and check on the wedding cake design for your brother’s wedding.

Wait, you’re doing the cake for Lee and Gabby’s wedding? Yes. . No . Yeah. And the man was very specific about what he wanted. Why am I not surprised? Yeah, it’s okay. I mean, he seems really excited about marrying Gabby. I’m sure you’re really excited too. Oh yeah. Excited. That’d be me.

Okay. I saw the look on your face when I showed up. You’re just about to tell Gabby what you learn. Ja. What? What I learned. What are you talking about? Look, I already talked to Ralph. He told me everything. You know it talked to my sister. She said you keep her mouth shut. She said you would too. Have you changed your mind?

Nope. I won’t say anything. You sure your dad was in on this? You seem pretty eager to get something on him. Not anymore. All right. Not after he. Lost his mom. Her revenge doesn’t appeal to me. Get that. You made the right decision. Look, I said I’d keep my mouth shut. I didn’t say I’m okay with what you did to Steph.

I’ll tell you the truth. I think it sucks. I think you suck. I don’t care what you think of me, just stay outta my way. Must be nice just going through life without a. Hey, uh, is everything okay here? Yeah. Yeah. I was just telling your, uh, your fiance here. What a lucky guy he is. I’ll see you guys.

What are you doing here? Sally? Here? No, she and Chanal are gone. Come in. How much did she hear when I called earlier? Oh, she is heard me say that I keep the secret. Ah, uh no, it, it’s okay. She thought that you and I were hooking up and I said she was right. And that we don’t want anybody to know. Nice.

That’s Allie for you. Jumping to crazy conclusions. . Well, it was worse than that. She was all for it. Well then I guess we’ll just have to keep her thinking she’s right about us. Um, anyway, the reason that I came over was because I just had a major run in with your brother. Why? He got me talking to Gabby and he thought I was about to tell her what he did.

Were you? No, no, not at first, but then she started talking about how much she loves Stephan, and I could tell she still does. And so, yeah. Yeah, for a second I thought about telling her the truth and that’s when we walked up. So she still doesn’t know anything. No. And your brother made it very clear that we would pay if she finds out, gets like.

I think it’s gonna be harder to keep the secret than we thought.

The tables are gonna look really pretty. What’d you think? I’ll just be looking at you . Who are you talking so intently with Johnny about. Oh, well he can’t believe that. We haven’t picked our honeymoon yet. Huh? We should do that tonight. I can’t wait for this wedding to happen. Me neither. You know Johnny said you were a lucky guy, but I think we’re both lucky.

Thank God I found you.

I’m so glad to see you, but. Why did that cop say he was bringing me up here to see my lawyer? Well, bell was here, but she had to take an important call. So they said we could have a quick visit until she gets back. How are you? Are they treating you all right? Oh, takes more than a jail cell to keep me down, but, uh, some idiot cop let’s Sloan come down there and glow.

She’s having quite the morning. What? What do you mean someone scribbled a murderer on the baker? Oh, what? Yep. And it’s gone now. But Sloan showed up while I was cleaning it. Oh, well, she’s still in here. You know, I, I don’t, I don’t want you to have to deal with her again. You, you can get out of it. No, no. I’m not going anywhere.

Chanel, no, I mean it. You were here for me when I needed you. You’re my mama and I love you and I am going to do the same thing for you.

That’s really your.

Then, I’m sorry if I offended you. It’s okay. So why is she just here to see Paulina then? I mean, isn’t she gonna defend you too? I asked her, but she refused. Why? Well, let’s say I got a little hostile with her husband and he ended up on the ground. You knocked him down. It’s funny, you don’t really seem like the kind of guy I do a thing like that.

It’s been a hard week. I mean, I found out some things I didn’t want to know. That’s no excuse.

Sometimes life it gets so hard to take. Yeah. And anger’s the only thing that keeps you going. Acting out on that anger. Leave you needing a lawyer, which you still do need, right?

Yes, I definitely do. So what about me?

Well, I have to take a shower and get going. I promise Holly that I’d find us a place to live today. Oof. That could take more than. Well, I can’t leave Holly with Maggie indefinitely, and I kind of miss being with her . I have an idea. Why don’t you and Holly stay here until you find something? Oh, I, I, I, I couldn’t impose after all these years, you haven’t realized that Harold and the staff do all the work,

Yeah. But you’re still grieving for Susan and you are still grieving for your hopes for you and Eric.

Yeah, misery really does love company. Unless you have a better offer than the Dira Mansion. I don’t think so.

Oh, okay. Fine. Except . Good. Good. Oh,

to New Beginnings, thank.

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