Y&R Short Recaps Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sally tells Nick that having sex with Adam helped her realize that their relationship couldn’t be saved, and it also gave her closure. Sally tells Nick that she wants to date him if he still wants to date her. Nick tells Sally that she needs time to get over Adam, but Sally insists that she is ready to move on with her life.

Chance confides in Adam and tells him Abby cheated on him with someone else and he realized his relationship with her had ended, and he asked Abby for a divorce. Adam tells Chance that his relationship with Sally ended today.

Billy goes to Chelsea’s apartment to watch a movie with her and she tells him that Lily told her that she shouldn’t expect him to be around to support her 24/7. Billy assures Chelsea that she isn’t burden to him and his relationship with Lily is fine.

Daniel runs into Lily at Society and they have dinner together. Daniel doesn’t think Billy and Lily make a good couple. Lily tells Daniel that she and Billy have had their ups and downs but they are a good couple.

Diane tells Jack that Jeremy Stark wants her to return the money that she never returned to him before he was arrested. Diane tells Jack she can’t return the money because she spent it paying for an apartment, getting therapy and getting her real estate license. Jack offers to loan Diane the money she needs to pay back Jeremy Stark. Diane refuses Jack’s offer and Jack promises Diane that he and Kyle will protect her from Stark.

Nick tells Sally that they both need time to think about whether they want to start dating.

Jack asks Diane to stay in his guest room. Diane worries that Ashley will be angry she is staying there but Jack tells her not to worry about Ashley. Jack tells Diane he will handle Ashley and anyone else because this is his home and he wants her to stay there.

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