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 I miss you so much. Well, at least we got to have Thanksgiving together, right? Wasn’t enough. I started missing you as soon as it was over. Me too. Are you. Did I pick a bad time to come? No, I, there’s never a bad time to see you. And what is it? It’s just that. On Thanksgiving, when I went back to my cell for the first time, I felt like I’m never gonna get outta here.

I told you all interview requests. Go to my assistant first. Yes, I know I don’t have an assistant anymore. Figure it out. Oh, Abraham. Oh, it’s so good to see a friendly face. . Well, the press is hounding you, huh? Oh, I try to talk policy, but all those vultures want to ask me about is you now. Oh, I’m so sorry, sweetheart.

Oh, that’s okay. That’s okay. My poor babies all as I think about anyway, but I have had an epiphany. Oh, really? About. , the one Sure Fire way to help Chanel out of this situation. Oh, well that’s great. That’s great. Can I help? I mean, I’ll, I’ll do whatever you need. Oh, well I’m glad to hear that because you are the only one who can do it.

Do what? . It’s simple Fire Melinda Trask.

Okay. What the, you looking for an assault charge counselor? No, actually, I’m looking for you. You’ve been ignoring my calls and you’re holding my client without an arraignment or a bail hearing. It’s outrageous and unethical and you’re not gonna get away with it. Tommy Moore.

Eric, I told you I don’t wanna talk Jada. It’s not Eric.

Okay. Hey, now look, I know it’s really early to be talking about morning sickness, but I want you to be prepared. I used this tea during all of my pregnancies and it was a godsend, and I hope it works the same for you. That’s, that’s very kind of you. But, um, I’m not planning on having any morning sickness.

Okay, look, I know you’re really tough, and I know your wrist is toxic, but you’re not going to be able to will this away. All right? Well, you’re gonna find out soon enough, so no, you, you don’t understand. Uh, I’m not going to have morning sickness because I’m not going to have a baby. I ended my pregnancy.

What did you say to Jada? To Jada? Just tell me the truth. Did you encourage her to have an abortion? I can’t believe you’re asking me. I asked her the question, yes or no. Did you push her to terminate that pregnancy? Is that what that bitch told you?

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Stop it. Stop trying to make Jayden the bad guy. Well, if she’s accusing me, she’s not accusing you. I’m asking you a question. Whoa. Whatever it is. She’s obviously lied about our conversation. She said you asked her why she would wanna have a baby that would tie her to me forever. What was an honest question?

Wait a minute. Is she suggesting that I told her to get an abortion and you believed it? Oh, no, no, no, no. I’m gonna settle this. I’m gonna clear things up with her. That’s, no, there’s no point. Of course, there’s a point. I’m not gonna let her walk around and tell lies about me, making me sound like some kind of maniac, telling her that I, I want her to get an abortion.

I mean, there’s no point in you going over there to tell her what you meant. It’s too late, too late. She had an abortion. Nicole

Baby’s gone.

You ended your pregnancy. Eric and I were planning to have the baby, but I changed my mind. And if you don’t understand, then no. I, I, I understand if, if that’s what you wanted to do, I, it’s so judgment Jada. I am just surprised because when we first talked to you, were conflicted with this Thanksgiving. You seem set.

What happened?

I mean, the longer I thought about it, even though I was gonna be sharing a baby with Eric, still I’d be alone half the time. I’d be raising that child as a single mother and have full-time job. It was just, it would just be too difficult for me. And also being tied to Eric.

She’s joking, right? You, you actually expect me to fire Melinda Trask, so she can’t carry through on prosecuting Chanel. I am dead serious, Abraham. Sloan Peterson is harnessing that woman’s hatred from me, uh, to railroad my daughter. I, I understand. So then you can see why this is the only answer. Maybe I can’t do anything about Sloan, but a pink slip from you would end the threat from that heartless DA for good.

So can you make that? No, no. Pauline, I’m sorry. I can’t fire Melinda Trask. Oh, such dramatics Ms. Brady. A bit over the top. If you asked me, you might wanna tone it down once we’re in the courtroom. What courtroom You’ve been holding Chanel and limbo since the minute you had. She’s in prison awaiting trial.

The courts are just a little backed up right now. Last time I checked this was America. She has a right to a fair and speedy trial and, and this entire alleged crime didn’t even happen in this country. Well, I’ve been working very closely with Scotland Yard on this prosecution. Since the perpetrator is using my jurisdiction to evade responsibility, not to mention any of the subsequent laws that may have been broken in Salem to keep this cover up going.

We both know why you’re holding her without bail, and so you can feast on all this publicity, right? It’s not every day you get to prosecute the governor’s daughter. A woman is dead, Ms. Brady and the Governor elect might be involved. And so what? Now you track me down to. Whine about it. Your client deserves better.

You know what? Actually she doesn’t. Now, if you excuse me, I am late for lunch.

Did I go overboard with the food? I just felt like I needed to do something. You’re here. That’s enough. Doesn’t feel like. But at least I can look you in the eyes and tell you that you are not going to be here forever. You don’t know that. Well, I do know that you have so many people who love you, and we are going to do everything we possibly can to get you out of this.

Hey, no, my time can’t be up. I have 30 minutes. Uh, Chanel has another visitor.

What is she doing here?

You must be the girlfriend. I’m Sloan Peterson. Yeah, I know who you are because she even allowed to be back here. It’s up to Chanel. You say the word no, escort Ms. Peterson right back out. Up to you. So Chanel please tell her to go. You do not owe her anything. No, it’s fine. Let’s hear what she has to say.

You sure you’re gonna say?

I guess I should say thank you. But I’m not really feeling that grateful. It’s things that you slept with my father and murdered my mother. We’ve never formally been introduced Chanel Dupre. I’m your worst nightmare.

Chanel didn’t murder anybody. What happened to your mother was an accident. Well, I am so glad you think so, but just because you’re sleeping with the defendant doesn’t make her innocent. Okay. Listen, there was nothing accidental about the way my mother met her in. I know the full story. Chanel was tricked by your mother to go up to that roof, and then things got tense and she fell.

So why don’t you just leave Chanel. Such passion. I can see why you like her, but you and I know the real truth about what happened, don’t we? Chanel, why are you here? Because I needed to see if you would lie to my face the same way you’ve lied to everybody else about what happened that night.

I’m sorry for your loss. I really am, and I would give anything to change what happened that day, but it’s way more complicated than you think. Complicated, huh? I read the initial police report. You know, you told the campus authorities that it was your fault that night, and then after you had. Sleep on it and think about it.

All of a sudden it was an accident. That’s not how it happened. My words were misinterpreted. Oh, sure. They were. Maybe by now you’ve even convinced yourself that it was an accident. Remember, your mother convinced you. I mean, she sure did work hard to cover it up.

It must be nice to have a mother that works that hard to fight for you. My mother would have until you took her away.

The district attorney serves at your pleasure, right? You do the hiring and firing well technically. I can

theoretically, who would I put in her place? Bell seems like a smart cookie sale. I’m would be lucky to have such a qualified da. So you want me to rig her case by hiring her, her own lawyer to prosecute her? No. Well it sounds bad when you put it that way. It is bad. Okay. Okay, fine. Well just find someone else.

Appoint the cast of law ought to Salem for all I care. Just get rid of Melinda Trash. Sorry, as before she. Anymore to hurt my baby.

Move out of my way. Please. No, your lunch is gonna have to wait. I don’t know what you expect to happen here. I have said everything I have to say. Oh my God, Melinda, is this really the hill you wanna die on? You wanna punish some young woman for an accident that happened years ago in another country? Yeah.

Well, the British government may still wanna file extradition papers for Ms. Dupree. In the meantime, they’ve asked us to ensure that she doesn’t disappear, and yet you’re not willing to make that argument in front of a judge in open court. You think I’m purposely slowing down the wheels of justice? You filed to put a stay on a bail hearing and then made sure the busiest judge on the circuit got it late on a Friday afternoon.

Judge Ellis made a fair ruling. He rubber stamped your request just like you knew he would. Okay, looks like you figured me out. Okay. Too bad there’s not much you can do about it. Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Mm-hmm. . Oh wait.

Are you. I’m fine. Well, it’s okay not to be.

I’m not gonna cry over Eric or my decision. I’m convinced it was what I, I needed to do.

Did Eric try to stop you from terminating the pregnancy? I didn’t give him a chance. I just told him a little while ago after it already happened.

So how does he react?

Shea had an abortion. That’s right. She did.

And you think it’s my fault You confronted her, didn’t you? No, I didn’t confront her. I just talked to her. That’s all. And I certainly didn’t talk to her about doing this. I, she didn’t even mention she was considering it. Maybe that’s because she wasn’t until after she spoke to you. Wasn’t even part of the conversation.

We didn’t even discuss it as a possibility. Eric, did you try talking her out of it? No, because by the time she told me she had already gone through with it. She didn’t consult you? No. You were the last person who spoke to her before she made a decision. Eric, I swear I did not put that. Why did you even speak?


this pregnancy is loving your damn business?

A wri of habeas corpus, huh? Mm-hmm. manning you to appear in court and justify your reasons for holding Chanel in Definit. I know what it says. Good. Then you’ll also know that you’ll have to appear in front of an impartial judge. My client has constitutional rights, and you are duty bound to explain why you’ve decided to take them all away.

You think they’re so damn smart, don’t you? I think I’m doing what’s right for my client. Ms. Dupree is getting bail today. Madam da. Can I give you a ride to the courthouse?

Sloan, I would give anything for your mother to still be alive. True. You would to get yourself off the hook because she didn’t deserve what happened to her. Which part? Because your assault on my mother didn’t start on that roof. It started the first day that you hooked up with my father. Did. You didn’t care that he was married when you started sleeping with him?

I did, but he didn’t seem. And I, I tried to put it outta my head and I was really young and it just happened. Nothing just happens. You made it happen. No. Hell she did. Your father was the adult in the situation. You stay out of this. It, it wasn’t something that I was looking for. He pursued me. So you were the innocent girl and he was the predator is.

Did your mama give you that talking point? Or maybe it was your lawyer? Let’s not pretend like you were a child. You were of age. I was in college. You were an adult living in a foreign country all by yourself. Okay. I’m, I’m not saying that I’m proud of the affair, but he was the married one. Well then if you knew it was wrong, why did you keep doing it?


I dunno. Don’t know why you kept going back to that rooftop to meet him time after time after time. Like you didn’t know he had a wife. Like you didn’t know he had a family. Don’t play innocent like you didn’t want it. Like you didn’t set out to take everything from her. Stop it. Just stop it. Leave her.

Are you really asking me how this is any of my business? Yes. I’m asking you We’re together, Eric. Oh my God. And this isn’t some minor issue. Can you imagine how I felt when I showed up at the pub on Thanksgiving and heard you declare that you were planning on raising Jada’s baby together? And I told you that you told me.

I was the last to know when I told you that I didn’t know that you already knew because you were spying on us on Thanksgiving day. I wasn’t spying. I came there to see you and what I found was you and Jada celebrating that she decided to have your baby. And you know what? It didn’t, this didn’t look like a couple that had broken up.

It looked like it looked like.

It looked like a couple getting back together. Okay? So I wanted to find out what was going on. So you didn’t think about coming to meet with that question. Do you really wanna do this? Do what? You happened to run into me that night at the square. That’s when you told me Jada was going to keep her baby.

You know why? I can’t help but. So I wasn’t there. When were you planning on telling me?

Eric was surprised when I told him he had wished that he was a part of the decision and he wasn’t, because I, I was afraid that he was gonna talk me out of it. I mean, he insists that he wouldn’t, but it’s just a lot cleaner this way. Well, I’m, I’m very sorry you had to go through it alone. I’m used to being on my own.

Did you talk to, to anyone else before you made the choice? Actually, I did have one conversation about it. He’s a friend. The last person I call a friend, the decision to have the baby was between Jada and me and everyone at the Thanksgiving table. Just not me. You got sick, cold. It all happened just in the moment.

All I know is what I saw, and I thought I might be losing you. So I wanted to find out what Jada’s intentions were. So I asked her if she was ready for this baby to be linked to you and to her forever. Even though you were with me, and that’s all you said, that’s all you asked of her? No, no. I talked to her about what it was like being a single mother.

I made it all out to be a terrible fate. Didn’t sugar coat it? I told her it was hard because it is, but he didn’t do it to scare her off. Yeah. Well, according to Jada, she said she gave her a friendly reminder that you weren’t going.

Oh, that’s true, isn’t it? I was just being honest. Come in, Nicole. You’re not being honest. Now I’m saying that you said all this in innocence to a woman whose obviously conflicted about going through with her pregnancy. I didn’t know she was conflicted and ha, I’m not pretending anything, Eric. Hell, you’re not.

Obviously, you know, your words can sway Jada’s decision about getting an abortion or getting rid of the child in which she. You got exactly what you want. Didn’t you

please tell me that Nicole didn’t pressure you into getting an abortion? No. No, she didn’t. But she did paint a pretty harsh picture of what single motherhood would look like, which made you rethink having your. Huh, whatever her motives were, uh, it really helped me to reevaluate the pros and cons. You know, I have, I have friends that say that having a child is the best thing that ever happened to them.

And one day I would love to be a mother. I really would just not like this. You know, not now you actually. I went over to scare your ex-girlfriend into ending her pregnancy. What else am I supposed to think? Oh, you were the last one who talked to her before she made a decision. Actions have consequences, Nicole, but you never learn, do you?

What does that mean? It means over and over you act impulsively without thinking.

Are you talking about me jumping into bed with Xander? Oh my God. How would you even be bringing him up? Well, because this whole speech about my impulse, is it just sitting in the holster? No, I think the reason you assume I pushed Jada into her choice. It’s because deep down you. Don’t trust me.

I am never gonna be good enough for you. Emma. Stop with a self pity. Would you self pity? It’s not, I’m not feeling sorry for myself. If anything, I’m feeling guilty. You know what? Yes. I was feeling threatened by Jada’s pregnancy and yes, you know what? I was hoping that she wouldn’t keep the baby there. I said it.

I would do anything for you for Chanel, then fire the witch. You put my daughter behind bars. I would do it if I thought it would make things better for her. Would you hurt her? Abraham? She would send Chanel to prison for life if we let her. I can’t let that happen. And we won’t. We won’t. I promise you, but, but if I did this, the press.

All over it. They’d be all over you and the city council would impeach me. Oh, let them try. All Ians have been sent to prison for less. Now if we, if we try to help with Chanel in this way, that we’d be, we’d be in the cell right next to her.

Hold on to this one. Chanel, she’s passionate, loyal, a lot younger than my dad. You leave her out of this. I’m paying her a compliment. If only you’d have figured out you liked girls a little bit sooner, maybe my mother would still be here. What do you want me to say, Sloan? I’ve already said I shouldn’t have had the affair, but that doesn’t change the fact that your dad had all the power in our relationship.

And Y all your anger and all your bitterness isn’t going to change that. Do I sound bitter? I’m sorry. That kind of comes with the territory when you find out that your mother’s suicide was a murder that’s. Look, I’m sorry that you had to find out the way that you did. You are sorry. Once you moved on with your life, did you ever stop to take a minute to think about how my brother and I were doing, how we were handling our mother’s death?

Enough? Will you just leave her alone? No, I won’t. Not until I get an answer. I want to know. Chanel, did you ever stop and think for a second what it felt like to us to watch our father slowly drink himself to death?

I didn’t think so, and it was all because he was holding in that terrible secret that he didn’t reveal to us that he was on his deathbed. His death bed.

I’m sorry. Yeah, I heard you the first time. For someone who says, a have no power, be sure to have enough to destroy my life.

Okay. Okay. We can’t fire Melinda Trask, but we can’t just let them roll over my baby. You trust me more than anything in the world. And you believe me when I say that I will fight for Chanel every step of the way. I will not stop fighting for your daughter and neither will Bill. She’s the smartest, most tenacious lawyer I know.

And if anyone can outfox. Linda Trask, it’s Bell.

Oh, I’m glad I found you. Oh, what’s going on? I need to talk to Chanel. Can you bring her up? Uh, she’s already in the interrogation room. She has visitors. Yeah. Yeah. Ellie came to see her and, and Sloan. Peterson. Wait, Sloan’s in there. You left them alone in there. Like Chanel agreed to speak to her. My hands are tied here.

Why is there something going on? Yeah, he could say that. All right. You have said everything you need to say. So now it’s my turn. Well, you have no say in this. Yes, I do. Important. I see you talk about your pain, and I can see that it hurts. But Chanel has a life and she has a future. And yes, she made mistakes, but she has worked to become a better person.

And honestly, is this even about your mother anymore? What is that supposed to mean? I said you can’t figure it out. When you first got to Salem, did you confront Chanel? Did you ask for an apology? He tried to get a big payday. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I’ve been through, and I am owed restitution along with revenge.

God, please tell me her time is up. All she did was come in here and her rationale and try and make her feel more punished than she already is. Chanel, you’re going home What you made bail.

Finally some honesty. Yes, I am being honest and I am sorry that I went to Jada without you knowing, but I’m not sorry for wishing that we could avoid a, a huge complication in our lives now that we’re back together. He said, you saw me Thanksgiving dinner and my dad hosted.

Yeah, and you must have seen me when I was happy, and part of that was because I got back together with the love of my life, and part of that was because I was going to be a father. You know how much that means to me? Of course I do. I hope it would mean something to you as.

We were both so surprised when we learned feta was pregnant. Yeah, so a so just decided to get back together and it’s something that you were planning or hoping for.

We can’t always plan the things that are gonna happen in our. But it doesn’t mean that I didn’t want it

and you, I couldn’t give you the baby that you always wanted. Is that what you were gonna say?

You know, someday. Someday I’ll have a child. God willing. It’s too bad that Eric won’t be the father. He would’ve been great. Even though I’m mad as hell at him. He’s still one hell of a guy. Yes. Yes he is.

I’m sorry that you got hurt. What’s next? Focus on my job. Mm-hmm. , no. Figure out what I want in life and, and work on making that happen. Yeah. Well, I have a feeling you’re going to do just fine. Well, I’m used to taking care of myself. Yeah. I can relate. But it’s nice to have someone in your life too. Yeah, it was nice while it lasted.

I wasn’t gonna say that. Are you sure?

Are you sure you were gonna say how grateful you were? That Jada could give you a child of your own when I’m not capable. Could you believe, I was gonna say something so hurtful cause a few minutes ago you were willing to think that I talked Jada into ending her pregnancy and it You didn’t seem to care that you hurt me then.

I didn’t think that. Yeah. Well, you know, you. Her getting an abortion had a lot to do with my conversation with her. Here. I, I know how much you wanna be a father,

but you chose someone who can’t make that happen happened. I told you how satisfied I was with El Ree Holly. Yeah. Maybe. But once you found out Jada’s news, you got so swept up, so swept up that you forgot I even existed. That’s true. You are a part of this dream, Nicole. Really? Really? I mean, did you call me over to let me in on the plan?

Did you even mention me in your big announcement? No, you didn’t. You didn’t think of me at all. So, how the hell could I be part of your dream,

mama? Oh. Oh my baby. Oh, I made bail. Oh yes, we heard. We heard. Oh, thank the Lord be called and told us to come right over. You see? You see, I knew you could do it. Well, it was a bit of a Hail Mary, but it worked. . I was so happy for you to preach. Well, thank you, bill. Thank you. How did you do it? Oh, well, I had to force trash to appear in front of a judge and prove that there was no case to hold you without bail.

Oh, well, nicely done. You tried the right lawyer. , thank you so much. Bail. Well, we still have a long way to go, but it was a good first step. So what do we do now? Well, as soon as you pay the bail, Chanel’s free. Oh, well just tell me where to take the check. My little girl needs to come home. not so fast.

You stay away from my daughter. We have had enough of your. The judge has ruled nalin that she has, but this isn’t about Chanel. What are you talking about? Here you go, detective, do your duty, please. What? What is this? Wait. Chanel can still the home though, right? Chanel has seen granted bail, but her murder charge is not the only crime that’s stemming from this unfortunate incident.

What other crimes? How about the coverup that follow? Mastermind by na, our shiny new governor elect. Detective,

I’m sorry to do this, but uh, calling a price. You’re under arrest for criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice. No. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of. So you have the right to an attorney. You cannot afford an attorney. I will be appointed for you

Jada. Look, I know that you pride yourself on being independent and not needing anyone, but um, I really hope that we can remain friends cuz I really. . I feel the same way about you, Kate. Great. That’s important because with my history, I really need a friend in the Salem pd. Believe me, . You know what? Yeah, I’ve, I’ve heard some stories about you.

Yeah. Well, don’t believe them. I mean, they are true, but don’t believe them . So is there anything else I can get you cuz I can do better than tea ? No, I, I think right now I think I just need some rest. Okay. But you’ll, you’ll call me right? Yeah, I just, right now I just, just feeling tired. Yeah. I think it’s probably, it’s all catching up with


even though I know I, I did what was right for me. It still doesn’t make it any easier. Sweet. Oh, honey. I know. I know. Oh, you need to get it out. You really need to get it out.

That’s right. I’m sorry. I never meant to make you feel like it didn’t matter, but you can’t help. It can. Shea decided to end her pregnancy without telling you, and you can’t be mad at her, so you have to take it out on me because I’m an easy target. And after Xander and, and all the other mistakes I made, this is just a one more way to disappoint you.

Stop just,

this is not about you and I not being able to have a baby together.

About what you did, about you going to Jada,

you broke a trust. I can’t be undone,

can’t go back.

Jada’s baby is gone now and I have to find a way to live with that.

Live without being a father or live with my role in it.

You can.

You can’t just say something like that and walk away.

Why now?

Where do we go from here?

I don’t know. No.

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