Y&R Short Recaps Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Connor tells Chelsea that he got into a fight at school because a boy at school overheard him talking to Johnny about her. Connor explains to Chelsea that the boy started calling her crazy, so he punched him to make him stop saying that she is crazy. Chelsea tells Connor that violence doesn’t solve anything and that he doesn’t need to defend her because she isn’t ashamed of her illness. Chelsea and Connor later tell Adam what happened at school and they try to find a way to handle the situation together.

Daniel thinks Billy hasn’t changed a bit and he is surprised Billy and Lily are in a serious relationship. Daniel explains to Billy that he thought, after Lily’s relationship with Cane, she would want to be with a man who was steadier.

Diane tells Kyle that Tucker wanted her to give him Jabot’s financial information, but she never did it…she was just trying to find out if he was planning to take over Jabot. Diane also tells Kyle she made a deal and turned Jeremy Stark into the police in exchange for immunity. Diane tells Jack and Kyle that Jeremy Stark is a very dangerous man who could hurt their family if he finds out she turned him into the police. Jack and Kyle promise they will protect Diane from Jeremy Stark. Kyle later tells Summer everything Diane told him, and tells her that Ashley, Nikki and Phyllis must be stopped before the Abbots and the Newmans are put in danger. Ashley and Nikki have a very long talk about whether they should contact Jeremy Stark, but they can’t decide what to do. Phyllis arrives at the Abbot house later and tells Ashley and Nikki that she spoke to Jeremy Stark anonymously and told him where Diane was and that she turned him into the police.

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