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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric wanted to get more pictures of Nicole. He promised to be quick so she could get home to Holly. She told him that he didn’t have to rush on the pictures. Nicole wanted him to have a perfect shoot for his career. She was wearing red lingerie and decided to leave to change her clothes. Eric watched her as she walked away. John walked in on Brady going through Kristen’s bag. He lied about why he searched her bag. John went off on Brady for what happened with Kristen. Brady said he was doing what’s best for his family. John knew that, but he wanted him to tell him the truth. Brady wanted him to trust him. Kristen walked in and saw them together. John decided to leave. Kristen warned Brady about their arrangement. She said the serum is somewhere he would never find it. She warned him that he was under her thumb. She advised him not to blow up their happy family. He told her they weren’t a family since she blackmailed him to be with her. Kristen wanted to seduce him, but he said it would never happen. He told her that the Kristen he knew would never humiliate herself by forcing him to sleep with her. He let her know that she can’t change the way he feels about her.

John talked to Marlena about what happened with Brady. He told her that Brady said he would do what was best for the people he loved. Marlena thought Brady would leave once the serum worked. She wondered why he chose to stay with Kristen. Li called Rolf and found out that he told Gabi the truth about Stefan and how he erased his memory. He yelled at Rolf as Gabi walked in the room. He got off the phone and admired Gabi’s costume. She wanted to know who he was talking to on the phone. He told her it was about taking over DiMera Enterprises. She told him that she wanted to celebrate Halloween with Ari while she still can. She thought she would hate her once she’s a teenager. He couldn’t believe anyone would hate her. She asked about Stefan. Li thought Stefan’s attitude towards her would make it easier for her to move on with her life. He told her that his feelings for her would never change.

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