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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny told Wendy that she could stay with his sister and her girlfriend. He told Wendy that Chanel used to be his wife. He said he and Allie were twins, but they had different fathers. Wendy was shocked. He continued to tell her the story about Chanel and how the devil ruined everything. She asked if he was seeing someone, but his father made her leave town. Wendy figured out he was talking about Tripp’s mother. He said he wished things could have worked out between him and Ava, but now he was ready to move on. He told her they should go to Allie’s place. Chanel wanted to tell Allie something, but Paulina texted Chanel. Paulina told her there was a problem. Chanel told Allie that she had to run an errand. Sonny showed up and asked if she had a threesome with Alex. He said he wouldn’t judge her. Allie told him that she had a threesome. Johnny and Wendy overheard them. Sonny left the apartment. Johnny made fun of Allie having a threesome. Wendy stopped him from making fun of her.

Abe told Leo not to get too comfortable with his new job. Paulina wanted to know why he didn’t want her to hire Leo. Leo told her about the things Leo did. Leo said he deserved a second chance like Paulina got. She said she liked his spirit. She said she had an instinct about him. He was excited and left. Abe wanted to know what Paulina was going to tell him. Chanel went to see Paulina. Abe left. Paulina told Chanel that Stephanie had everything under control. Chanel said she was afraid Allie wouldn’t look at her the same. Paulina told her to hold on. Sloan was with Chad. She told him that she would give him the incriminating evidence for the money. She said she had to go home for the information. He told her they could try to get more money out of Paulina and split it. He pulled out the money and asked her to have a drink with him. Leo showed up and said he got a job. He showed her his check. She took it as a down payment. He asked her to give him some money because he had to eat. She gave him money. He said the money was counterfeit. Chad told Leo to leave. Sloan told him the deal went down tomorrow or Paulina’s daughter was going to be exposed. She left the pub. He texted Stephanie to let her know that Sloan was on her way home. Stephanie told Alex that she was at Sloan’s place because she was blackmailing her client. She told him he was sleeping with a snake who didn’t have a soul. She looked through Sloan’s apartment. Alex told her she had to worry about him. She told him to keep his mouth shut. She got a text from Chad. Alex said he couldn’t wait to tell Sloan what she did. Stephanie asked him not to say anything. Sloan came back and made out with Alex. Stephanie snuck out while they were making out.

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