Days Weekly Best Lines September 16, 2022

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Ava (to Johnny on why she couldn’t have sex with him): For starters, I’m old enough to be your…I’d rather not say the “M” word.

EJ (to Li about Gabi): How long does it take to say goodbye to a man who’s been dead for four years?

Li: Today was an emotional day for Gabi. I proposed to her today.
EJ: Yes I’m aware. Tony and Anna told me about your blissful announcement. Let me be the first to offer my condolences.

Orpheus (to Steve, Roman and John): I’m sure you figured out by now that I’m behind what’s happening to your precious women Sweetness, Doc, Sneezy. I’m sorry I meant Kate.

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