Days Short Recap Friday, September 16, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ wanted someone to track down Stefan. He thought he could be the one to help him stop Gabi from taking over DiMera Enterprises. Stefan walked in while he was demanding information about him. EJ said he was happy that he was alive. Stefan reminded him that they never met before. He told him that he’s only seen him in bandages. Stefan said they were practically strangers so he wanted to know why he was happy to see him. EJ knew they would do great things together. He suggested getting rid of Gabi from the company. Stefan smirked at him while he was talking. Kristen accused Brady of killing Philip in cold blood. He denied killing him, but Kristen reminded him about the charges that were against him. She also mentioned him being drunk. Kristen gave the judge the evidence about Brady. Brady told the judge the charges didn’t have any bearing on the type of father he is. He told the judge that no one was hurt. He told the judge about Kristen’s past actions.

The judge told Belle to control her client. Kristen told the judge she didn’t want her child to be raised by an alcoholic. She said he was a good man until he got involved with Chloe. She was convinced Chloe pushed him to kill. Kristen didn’t want Brady near her daughter until he freed himself from Chloe. Belle was ready to start her half of the case, but the judge was ready to  end the session for the day.Kristen was about to leave when Brady stopped her. He let her know that her antics weren’t going to work. She thought his outburst would help her. She was convinced that was all she needed. She planned on telling the judge how Victor covered up what he did to Philip to get him out of trouble. She was convinced the judge would side with her. Belle tried to appeal to Kristen’s love for Rachel to get her to drop the suit. Kristen told her to convince Chloe to move on from Brady and be with someone else.

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