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Sharon: Hey, Nick. Um…can I get you coffee?

Nick: No, I’m good, thanks. Just glad to see you smiling. I wasn’t sure you’d be working. I thought maybe you’d want some downtime after the wedding.

Sharon: No, I prefer to stay busy, just helps me keep my mind focused on the positive. But with Ashland Locke and Diane Jenkins traipsing through here, I’ve certainly had a lot of diversions.

Nick: And just one of them is a handful. How did it go?

Sharon: Um, I’d prefer not to get into the details, but I got a lot off my chest, and I said what was on my mind, and, you know, it was — it was fine. I’m fine.


Chance: Well, he is sorely missed in the department, I’ll tell you. And everyone down there, we care about you, Sharon. We understand this was very suddeand, well, we just can’t help but worry.

Sharon: Well, please tell them not to worry about me. You know, Rey’s spirit is with me all the time. I feel it guiding me, supporting me. But what about you? You lost your friend and your partner. How are you doing?

Chance: I’m okay. I’m okay. And just like you, I feel him with me, watching over me. Hopefully not judging my detective skills.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Of course not. He really admired you, and he would be thrilled to know how well you’re doing now at home and at work

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