Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jan was scared when Ben showed up to see Shawn. He found out he wasn’t there. Jan told him that Shawn wanted to talk to him and Ciara about letting her babysit their baby so she could practice. He didn’t want her to do it. She reminded him that people forgave him after what he did. Ben corrected her and said he wasn’t just forgiven. He had to work on getting better. He had to earn their acceptance. She said she was trying to do the same thing. She wondered why he was able to have a good life, but she didn’t. Ben told Jan that she could be a good mother as long as she loved her child. He said his therapy sessions with Marlena and they helped her. He told her that she had to work on being a better person. She said she would do whatever it took to make Shawn realize they were meant to be together. Ben reminded her about the way she got pregnant. He didn’t think Shawn would be on board with her idea. He told her that Shawn was married. Jan wasn’t worried about that.

Belle told Shawn that she filed for a legal separation. He knew he handles everything badly, but he didn’t mean to hurt her. Belle said she couldn’t go on like that. She thought a separation was the best thing for them. He wanted to know if EJ had something to do with her decision. She was insulted by that. She said it was about Jan. He was upset, but he signed the papers. She left the room crying. Belle went to see EJ. She asked him to file her separation papers for her. He invited her to stay with him and have dinner. Belle was tempted to stay, but she didn’t think it was a good idea. Ciara had the baby and ran into Shawn. She told him that Rafe was going to be Bo’s godfather. Shawn wasn’t surprised she didn’t want him to be baby Bo’s godfather. She thought he had a lot going on. She knew he would be a great uncle. He told her how he destroyed his marriage. He told her about what happened with Belle. He asked her if Jan could babysit her son. Ciara was completely against it. She advised him not to let Jan ruin what he had with Belle.

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