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Ashland: Okay, okay, I will admit that I didn’t know what to think in the last few days, but when you agreed to run away with me to Tuscany to — to — to get out of this town and start fresh, I thought that was our chance, Victoria. I was overjoyed. I didn’t question it. I didn’t want to question it because I actually thought — and I still think — that we can get out of here and we could make this work.

Victoria: [Groans] Everything I said to you the past couple of days has been a lie. Not some grand fabrication that “I have cancer and I’m dying,” but a lie nonetheless. And now you know you’ve been deceived. So, all of those feelings that you might be having right now of betrayal and humiliation, I know them — I know them well. It’s your turn now.


Victoria: All you want is me.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, wow, you — you are relentless. And you do not lack commitment, I’ll give you that. Commitment to the scam, not to me, obviously. But you have — you’ve played the dutiful, devoted husband all the way to the bitter end.

Ashland: I’m not playing at anything. It’s what I believe. You have to know that.

Victoria: I don’t. Why don’t you just admit it — admit what you did?

Ashland: I have.

Victoria: No. No, you haven’t. The whole thing. I want to know how you used me. I-I want to know how you could sink to such a disgusting low, lying about a disease that — that ruins so many people’s lives.

Ashland: You want the whole story, you want the truth?

Victoria: Yeah, I do. I do.

[ Laughs ] I think I deserve that.

Ashland: Fine. Here it is. I lied about having cancer.

Victoria: Finally. Finally some honesty. There’s a start.

Ashland: But that’s not the whole truth, Victoria. The whole truth is not what you think it is. I didn’t come here with my sights set on newsman Enterprises. But then this thing happened. I found out my wife was cheating on me and that my son Harrison was not my biological son, and in that moment, everything changed for me.

Victoria: You would use your child as an excuse?

Victoria: I was devastated. I was furious. The — the infamous Lockeness Monster kicked in the gut. But I saw an opportunity.

[ Chuckles ] Something bigger than I’d ever done before. And I channeled all of that righteous anger into going after your family’s company.

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