Y&R Short Recap Friday, April 22, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sharon’s friends and family want to help her get through her grief. Sharon is determined to be strong and not cry. Sharon calls Celeste to tell her the news and Celeste wants Rey’s funeral and burial to be in Miami. Nick advises Sharon she should think about that for a while before she makes a decision.

Adam and Chelsea tell Connor the news and he thinks its his fault because Rey went home to get the hockey tickets. Adam tells Connor it was an accident and it wasn’t anybody’s fault.

Chelsea cries alone later and tears up the receipt for the hickey tickets she bought since she feels its her fault for asking Rey to go to the game with her and Connor.

Victor asks Ashland to tell him the details of the accident and Ashland tells Victor the same details he told Victoria. Victor tells Ashland to leave town and stick to their agreement. Ashland says he isn’t leaving until he has recovered from his burns. Victor tells Ashland he had better leave town or face the consequences.

Victoria goes back to work in order to concentrate on something else because she feels she is to blame for Rey’s death. Victor suggests to Victoria that Adam should stay on as temporary CEO of the company until she recovers from her injuries but Victoria refuses to take that advice.

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