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Victoria: Do not take that at face value. It was never gonna be that simple to get rid of him. He was testing you, just like you were testing him.

Nikki: If Ashland was testing anybody, it was you.

Victoria: Oh, he was not, mother.

Nikki: Oh, yes, he was. He was watching you. Every time you moved or looked his way.

Victor: Well, he can sense that you’re torn. You know he’s trying to drive a wedge between you and our family.

Victoria: I am well aware of that. Look, maybe Adam’s obnoxious interference will make it easier for me to pretend that I am completely fed up with Adam and blame him for setting up Ashland.


Sally: You need to find some way to let this go. You did what you could. Seized the moment. You took bold, decisive action.

Adam: [Exhales sharply] That could fail miserably.

Sally: If this thing with Ashland doesn’t work out, you’re gonna come up with something else. And do you know why?

Adam: Tell me.

Sally: Because you’re brilliant and relentless — a combination that is sexy as hell.

Adam: Well, that’s probably why we get along so well.

Sally: I read your mind.

Adam: Oh, you don’t say.

Sally: Do you know what I’m thinking right now?

Adam: Something like this?

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