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Lily: Oh, good, you’re back. I have news.

Billy: Okay. Judging by that smile on your face, this could be something good.

Lily: Yeah, guess.

Billy: Guess.

Lily: Yes.

Billy: Um, you discovered a way to make no-calorie chocolate.

Lily: Uh, no, I wish, but no.

Billy: Okay, I think I have it here. Um…you’re launching a space exploration division with Chancellor because all the big tech companies are doing it and you would design a much cooler rocket.

Lily: Oh, my god, you’re not even trying to guess. Just guess, come on!

Billy: I don’t want to guess. I just want to know because then I can kiss you and celebrate.


Jack: Hang it up. I’ve known you too long to fall for that old trick.

Phyllis: What trick?

Jack: Well, it’s pretty obvious you coerced me into coming here with you as a distraction.

Phyllis: From what? Empanadas. They have chicken empanadas — look at that. That’s great. I talked to Summer earlier. She said that Harrison has mastered knowing more Italian words than she.

Jack: Why am I not surprised to hear that? My grandson is a bright little boy. I wonder where he gets that.

Phyllis: I wonder where he gets it. She also told me that she found a replacement for me for the marketing job at Marchetti.

Jack: A replacement for you? Impossible.

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