GH Short Recap Friday, March 25, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sonny tells Curtis he won’t help him get Marshall’s criminal record because he doesn’t want to get involved in a family situation. Marshall walks into Charlie’s and wonders why Curtis is talking to Sonny.

Josslyn tells Trina (now played by Tabyana Ali) she thinks Esme posted the video because she is jealous of them both and wanted to hurt them and ruin their friendship.

Spencer insists that Esme take the pregnancy test to find out if she is pregnant but she tells him its her body, her choice, and is leaving when Cameron arrives. Esme watches the guys talking through the window and smiles as she heads for her car. Spencer tells Cameron he knows Esme posted the video and he hopes she isn’t pregnant.

Jordan tells Dante he can’t be the lead detective on the case because Josslyn is his stepsister. Esme sees Nicolas at the Metro court and asks him if she can stay with him while she clears her head since she and Spencer have broken up.

Jordan arrives at PCU to ask Trina to go to the station for questioning because of the anonymous tip she got from the police hotline.

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