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Billy: A whole box of Jack’s favorites? You are spoiling him.

Traci: I never hear you complain when you’re the one I’m spoiling.

Billy: I’m not gonna complain about pastries. Are you kidding me? In fact, I’m gonna have a couple of those because I plan to go up to the house and see Jack after this.

Traci: Oh, that’s perfect. Then there’ll be plenty. Don’t worry. It’s great that you’re gonna go by the house. Jack’s dying to tell you about his trip to Los Angeles.

Billy: What’s going on? I mean, last thing I heard is there were a bunch of letters that Keemo never sent to him, but I haven’t heard anything since.

Traci: Uh…well, it really is Jack’s story to tell, but i can say this. He has found some really surprising information about Keemo’s life, and I’m — I’m so hoping that this is going to help him eventually heal.

Billy: Well, that sounds intriguing.


Billy: Okay, let’s head to the house. I’m dying to hear what jack learned in Los Angeles.

Traci: Not so fast, buster. I have something I want to tell you first.

Billy: Okay.

Traci: I listened to the first episode of your podcast last night.

Billy: Oh, gosh. And?

Traci: I found it very compelling. I really think you’ve got something here.

Billy: You’re just saying that because you’re —

Traci: No, no, no, because I’m biased? Well, yes, I’m biased, but I’m saying it because it was moving, Billy. You talked about love and loss, and all of it was straight from the heart. It was so brave. I really think that people are gonna respond to this.

Billy: Yeah, wasn’t easy putting that out there, but the fact that there’s any positive response from it, especially from someone that I admire so much, that feels good. Thank you.

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