Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, March 16, 2022

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Sally: [ Sighs ] Hi, Sharon. Can I get a big cup of your strongest coffee, please?

Sharon: Uh, sure. So…how’s your new job going? Must be, um, very different for you being COO. It’s a lot of responsibility.

Sally: You’re right, yes. It should be a lot of responsibility, which is why i should be included in more closed-door meetings.

Sharon: Newman family closed-door meetings — what a surprise.


Victor: But most important, if Victoria found out that her own family was responsible for the leaks, she would never forgive us. We have got to find another way to deal with this.

Adam: [Sighs] Well, I guess murder is out of the question, then.

Victor: Funny.

Adam: Yeah, I know.

[ Clears throat ] It was a bad joke.

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