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At General Hospital, Portia runs into Jordan who is there for a checkup.  Portia asks Jordan if she considers Spencer to be dangerous.  Jordan tells Portia that even though Spencer is serving time at Spring Ridge, he has never been charged with a violent crime.  Portia then questions Jordan about Esme and asks why she was not charged for setting Ava’s car on fire. Jordan says that the case is a complicated matter and then asks Portia why she’s asking all these questions about Spencer and Esme.  Jordan explains that she needs to know in order to safeguard someone that is involved with Spencer and Esme. Jordan wants to know if this concerns Trina.  Portia admits that it does. Jordan attempts to calm Portia’s concerns and tells her it will be better to trust Trina to make her own decisions.  She also tells Portia that if she needs her she can always call on her for help.

Jordan later sees Brit in the hallway, Brit inquires about her clean bill of health and Jordan says that it is just one more thing to remind her never to take a single day for granted.  Brit glances down at her hand, and agrees.

Trina visits Spencer at Spring Ridge and dispenses with the pleasantries.  Spencer tells her that he had hoped she would visit.  She tells him that this isn’t just her first visit, that it will also be her last. Trina tells Spencer that as long as Esme is in his life, she will not be. Spencer says that he is not avoiding the issue but that he can’t discuss the situation because Esme interns at Spring Ridge for her psychology class.  Trina tells Spencer that he is never going to change.  She accuses Spencer of looking the other way every time Esme commits a horrible act. Trina tells Spencer he has to break up with Esme in order to continue their friendship.  Spencer says that he can not do that but that he does not want to lose their friendship because he needs it. Trina tries to return the book that Spencer gave her but Spencer will not take it back. Spencer tells Trina that he really wants to do better, he just needs more time. 

While Trina and Spencer have their discussion, Esme plants the phone she used to record the sex tape of Josslyn and Cameron in Trina’s purse and then calls the Port Charles Police Department anonymous tipline to frame Trina.  Esme then steps into the visitation room where she confronts Trina, asking her how she can possibly show her face after what she did to Cameron and Joss. Trina tells Esme and Spencer that she doesn’t have to stand there and listen to Esme’s lies.  She looks at Spencer and says she hopes that one day he will live up to his full potential.

Brit sees Carly at the hospital and asks her how she is doing.  Carly appears distant and Brit questions whether or not they are still on good terms.  Carly says that everything is fine, she just seems distracted because she has a lot going on.  Brit says she understands how she feels now that Monica has decided to have Jason declared legally dead. Carly is taken aback. Carly asks why Monica wants to do this now. Brit says she thinks that Monica believes that the kids and family need closure. 

Nina stops by Sonny’s penthouse and inquires about his conversation with Michael and Willow about her visitation rights with Wiley. Sonny informs her that Michael and Willow do not want Nina to have anything to do with Wiley. Nina thanks him for speaking with them and says she will call her attorney and have him start the paperwork to sue for visitation.  Sonny violently throws a tea tray across the room, he tells Nina he promised he would fix the situation and he will. Nina is terrified and runs to the door to leave.  Sonny calls her back, asks her not to leave and tells her that he has simply had a few difficult days; with Monica considering the declaration of Jason’s death, his divorce with Carly and the situation with Michael blaming him for the breakup of their family.  Sonny apologizes for his violent outburst.  He then admits to Nina that since he has returned to Port Charles, he has been drinking heavily. Sonny tells her that he can not go on using alcohol as a crutch and that it doesn’t mix well with his bipolar medication. 

Drew arrives at the footbridge for his face to face meeting with Victor. Victor asks if he is alone. Drew questions Victor on why he asks if all they are going to do is discuss ELQ shares.  

Dante and Sam are in a surveillance van nearby, their intention is to monitor Drew’s conversation with Victor but they can’t hear him due to an issue with the listening devices.  Sam tells Dante that if she can’t hear Drew then that means that Drew can’t hear them.  Dante looks worried and says that the situation leaves Drew on his own with Victor. After going over all of his advance work about the location, Dante realizes that it has rained in the area since he checked the WiFi signal.  He tells Sam all they need to do is move the van a few feet and they may be able to reestablish the listening devices.  Dante moves the van and the plan works. Sam can hear Drew.  She tells Drew if he can hear her to cough, and he does.  They have been successful at reestablishing the signal for the listening devices.

Victor shows Drew the tarot card and Drew pretends that his cognitive conditioning has been activated.  Johan tells Victor that he believes the card worked, but Victor says you can never be too sure.  He instructs Drew to throw Johan over the bridge. Drew grabs Johan and acts as though he is actually going to do it.  Convinced that Drew is activated, Victor tells him to stop.  Carly then steps onto the bridge while videotaping the entire scene with her mobile phone, she tells Victor to stop whatever he is doing or the video will stream online. Victor orders Johan to take Carly’s phone but when he attempts to do so, Drew intervenes.  Victor quickly leaves with Johan after learning that the tarot card was unsuccessful at activating Drew’s conditioning.  Dante and Sam arrive and tell Carly that she has just ruined an undercover operation. Carly looks shocked and apologizes. She says that had she known she would never have interfered.  Drew points out that the operation did yield a new clue that they can gather more information on. While Victor thought Drew was activated, he told Drew that he needed information on:  Operation Demeter.

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