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Traci: Jack, I didn’t know we were going to the same place. You didn’t say anything about it at breakfast. Uh, maybe it isn’t any of my business.

Jack: We’ve been over this. Phyllis and I are just friends.

Traci: If you say so, Jack.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Jack: Excuse me.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] What’s wrong?

Jack: Uh, nothing for you to worry about. You’d get your writer’s imagination working on this, like you do with friends that I’m visiting.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Okay. You keep telling yourself that.

Jack: What if our positions were reversed? What if every time you were planning a trip to New York to meet your publisher, I assumed there was some kind of romantic tryst going on?

Traci: And who’s to say you would be wrong?

Jack: Wait, is there a chance that that’s actually —

Traci: Oh, my, will you just look at the time? I’m going to be late for my massage. We’ll see you later.


Sharon: Um, your sister spent an entire semester in boarding school, remember? And we all managed just fine. I’m just excited about all the opportunities that she has. She’s got some great schools on her list. You know, I think that the hardest thing is gonna be choosing which one to go to.

Faith: You never know. The schools might narrow it down for me by rejecting my applications.

Nick: Come on, kid, you have really picked up your grades, your test scores are awesome.

Sharon: And your essays were fantastic.

Nick: Any school would love to have you. You’re gonna have lots of options.

Noah: Geez, sounds like they can’t wait to get rid of you. Better start packing, kid.

Faith: Yeah, that’s some killer advice, alright, coming from the guy who left London to come back home.

Noah: Hey, I am where I need to be now. But if I had never left Genoa City, that — that would’ve been a mistake. And I never would’ve known what else is out there.

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