General Hospital Short Recap Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Robert’s WSB contacts confirm that Victor spent time in Austria before he returned to Port Charles. Laura notices that the date Victor was in Austria is around the same time of Luke’s accident, so she tells Robert and Sam that she thinks Victor killed Luke and that Luke’s death wasn’t an accident.

Carly, and, Sonny finally agree on terms for a divorce after a long negotiation. Carly will keep the house where she will live with Donna. Sonny and Carly will have joint custody of Donna and Sonny will live at the penthouse.

Sam and Joseph get into an argument over Trina and what Trina means to Spencer. Esme gets angry and uploads a video she took of Cameron and Josslyn having sex to Trina’s phone and later uses Trina’s phone to post the video to the internet.

Maxie gets away from Peter and makes it to the road. Maxie flags down a car and it turns out to be Felicia. Felicia and Maxie are getting away from Peter when Peter’s car crashes into them. Maxie leads Peter away from Felicia’s rental car since Felicia is unconscious. Maxie climbs down a small bridge to the ground below. Peter tells Maxie to climb back up to him and return to their house or he will shoot her. Maxie tells him she would rather die than go back with him so he can, go ahead and shoot her. Felicia comes up behind Peter and kicks him over the bridge.

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