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Adam: What brings you back here at this hour?

Sally: Remember how we were gonna discuss the details of the job you offered me at Newman Media?

Adam: Yeah. Um…sorry that our conversation got derailed earlier.

Sally: It’s okay. You had calls to take, people to meet. But I was hoping maybe we could talk now, because I don’t think I’m gonna be able to sleep until we do.

Adam: You sound worried.

Sally: Just more curious of the specifics of the job, like what exactly I’m gonna be doing on a day-to-day in a professional capacity and how that’s going to play out in reality.

Adam: You were so excited for us to continue to work together. You, uh, having second thoughts now?


Nick: I think we should order another batch of empanadas, and don’t tell me you’re not hungry. I mean, you wolfed down this whole first order. I barely got one.

Noah: Yeah, yeah, I can go for more. I think I can pass on whatever else you’re about to serve up.

Nick: Alright, what’s that?

Noah: I can’t help but notice that since we’ve gotten here, you have gone out of your way to keep the conversation on nothing but sports and movies. Nothing about the party we were just at, yet you’re watching my every move, trying to figure out what’s going on in my head. So I’m assuming the second course is coming with a big side of questions.

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