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Lily: Aw, so sad. You’re packing up our little interview studio. I thought we could get more practice in.

Billy: You don’t need any more of that.

Lily: Well, I really loved the wrap party.

Billy: Oh, yeah. Well, we got plenty of time for that. We will practice until perfection.

Lily: I thought we were perfect. What’s wrong?


Elena: So…there are some things that we may have to face if we live together.

Nate: Like?

Elena: Well, I’m not sure if you can handle living with someone who doesn’t like the smell of food cooking in the morning. It makes me nauseous. So, I only keep cold breakfast foods in the house.

Nate: Oh, no! Guess I’m gonna have to go out if I want sausage and pancakes.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Or you can do it when I’m on my morning run, which I haven’t been doing when we spend the night together, but I usually like to get out really early, which could also be annoying.

Nate: Good thing I’m a doctor who’s used to crazy hours.

Elena: I also don’t like to share closets. I like to keep everything orderly and color-coordinated. Is that something you can handle?

Nate: Well, uh, I don’t know. Guess I may have to clean out a closet or two just for you.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: That might be tough.

Elena: Well, I should think that I’m worth it.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] You definitely are. And thank you for sharing this side of yourself with me. I guess I have to reciprocate in kind.

Elena: Okay.

Nate: If we were to live together, you have a right to know that I have an enormous baseball card collection.

Elena: [ Laughs ]

Nate: It comes with me wherever I go.

Elena: Ooh. That’s so cute.

Nate: You think my collection is cute?

Elena: No, no. I think it’s a ridiculous hobby. But it’s adorable that you don’t think I knew about it. I’ve seen your tower of boxes in the spare bedroom.

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