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Update written by Joseph

Rafe is in his office and gets a call from Ciara. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Ciara assures that they are totally safe and the officers have been great so Ben is bringing them egg nog. Ciara asks if he had any luck finding Marlena.

Shawn goes to Room 514 at the Salem Inn and pulls his gun out as he knocks on the door. Jan says “oh my God he’s here”. The Devil reminds her not to say God’s name. Jan worries about what to do. The Devil instructs her to answer the door and asks what she’s waiting for. Jan continues that Shawn is not going to be happy to see her when he opens the door and asks what to do. The Devil decides to see if he can slip her in to something more comfortable. The Devil then transforms Jan in to Belle and says he thinks Shawn will approve. Jan looks at herself in the mirror and exclaims that she is Belle. The Devil asks who better to seduce Shawn than his own wife. Jan as Belle then answers the door and wishes Shawn a Happy Anniversary.

At the police station, Lucas asks Belle about them bringing in Sami’s kidnapper. Belle explains that Rafe said this guy is just an accomplice, but they are hoping to get him to talk so they can find out who the bastard is that’s really behind Sami’s kidnapping. Lucas thinks back to kidnapping Sami. Lucas then tells Belle that he hopes they catch him.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn’t want a divorce, he wants her. EJ then tears up the divorce papers himself which shocks Sami as she exclaims that she wants him too. EJ goes to kiss Sami but she pulls away and says she doesn’t think this is a good idea. EJ doesn’t understand since she just said she would never give up on them. EJ asks how many times she said she would move heaven and earth to be with him again and now he’s telling her that he wants her and agreeing to a reconciliation but now she’s not sure. Sami says he just has to understand. EJ questions what possible reason she could have for not embracing the outcome that she has been proclaiming to be her destiny. EJ wants Sami to explain it to him. EJ says that after months apart, he’s giving her the chance to be with him again but now all of a sudden she doesn’t know. EJ asks what the problem is. Sami responds that she doesn’t know what the problem is except that she’s scared.

Lucas asks Belle how they caught the guy that held Sami. Belle says that Rafe didn’t share details but with the long list of charges, she guesses he’s going to roll over his boss and give them a name.

Shawn enters the room confused as he thought Belle was meeting Melinda. “Belle” asks why he would think that. Shawn reminds that Belle was meeting her to get the charges against Brady dropped. “Belle” then claims that she spoke to Melinda and it’s a done deal. She tells him it’s Christmas Eve and she’s alone with the man she loves, so she doesn’t want to talk about work or anything as she then kisses Shawn. Devil Marlena hides in the closet.

Doug and Julie set up their Christmas tree at home. Julie says after the horrendous Thanksgiving they lived through, she wants their Christmas to be beautiful, peaceful, and full of joy. Julie then gets a text from Hope that she won’t make it to Christmas because of bad weather grounding her flight. Ciara and Ben then arrive to wish them a Merry Christmas. Ciara tells Doug it’s so good to see him and asks if he’s sure he’s okay. Doug asks how he could not be with her here and talks about Ciara glowing. Julie talks about the blessing of Ciara having a baby. Doug knows Ben is taking great care of her. Julie worries about the Devil threatening their unborn baby and asks if they are sure it’s alright for them to even be out. Ciara says it took a lot of convincing but she finally got Rafe to agree that they could come.

Rafe has Jason, who held Sami hostage, brought in to the police station. Belle gets in his face and says that he and the son of a bitch he works for are going to pay.

Devil Marlena watches from the closet as Shawn and “Belle” kiss. They hug, allowing Devil Marlena to sneak out the door. “Belle” urges Shawn to make love to him but Shawn stops and says he just had a frightening thought. Shawn declares that he’s not sure that she is his wife.

EJ questions Sami being scared and asks what she could possibly be afraid of. Sami brings up when she was looking after him in Italy and she was happy to help him. Sami talks about loving EJ. EJ talks about his remorse for how he treated her and repeats that he’s so sorry as he wasn’t in his right mind. Sami assures that she has truly forgiven him for that. Sami talks about the hurt when he found out that she slept with Lucas, so she needs to make sure he’s never going to look at her like that again. EJ points out that he’s not doing that now. Sami wants to know what changed and that the change is real. EJ tells her that what hasn’t changed is how he feels about her. EJ calls Sami the love of his life. Sami says that for their relationship to heal and for this to really work, she needs him to say that he forgives her for sleeping with Lucas. Sami asks him to please say that. EJ tells her not to make him say that because he has his pride. EJ adds that knowing that his wife gave herself to another man, he couldn’t handle it, especially because it was Lucas and he knows how she once felt about Lucas and maybe still does. Sami argues that they just have a complicated history and she was scared and alone while Lucas made her feel safe. Sami assures that she’s not saying this to hurt him but she just wants him to understand that their marriage was in trouble and Lucas comforted her. EJ argues that he did more than that, he rescued her from her kidnappers. Sami says she could be dead if not for Lucas.

Belle calls Jason an animal and asks how he could keep an innocent woman locked up for months. Jason questions her missing Sami and says she’s a pain in the ass so he saved them all a lot of trouble. Lucas remarks that he’s not the first guy to say that. Jason feels he did them a favor. Rafe advises Jason that if he plays this right, he’ll talk to Melinda about going easy on him if he tells them who hired him to keep Sami captive.

Ciara tells Doug and Julie that she told Rafe there was no way that she was spending Christmas Eve away from the family again this year. Ben adds that he’s sorry they missed Thanksgiving but Shawn told him about how they went toe to toe with The Devil. Doug jokes that The Devil didn’t have a chance against Julie. Julie worries about The Devil still being out there and asks if they are sure it’s safe. Ben assures that the police are parked out front. Ciara reminds her that she comes from a long line of badass strong women so she won’t let The Devil come near her baby or hurt anybody that she loves.

Devil Marlena walks through the town square and comes across a man dressed as Santa Clause, asking for a donation to St. Luke’s Church. Marlena hands him $100 and remarks that God needs all the help he can get these days. Marlena walks away and looks back at the Salem Inn, commenting on Jan enjoying her not so silent night.

“Belle” assures Shawn that it is her and asks who else she would be. She asks if she was going too fast while he likes things nice and slow. “Belle” says it’s just so hard to go slowly when she’s wanted him for so long then says she meant this time alone for so long. “Belle” calls him the love of her life. Shawn says he feels the same way about his wife. “Belle” says that is her. Shawn brings up her texting him from a blocked number and asks why she didn’t just text from her phone. She says she wanted it to be a surprise. Shawn talks about everything going on lately. “Belle” says she’s sorry he’s skeptical but she was just trying to make him happy. Shawn says he’d love to just enjoy this evening with his wife, he thinks he is going to keep his pants on tonight. “Belle” says she doesn’t blame him for being cautious but says if he’s really afraid that she’s not Belle and that the real Belle is at the police station, he can call Rafe and find out.

Ciara talks about being happy to be with Julie and Doug on Christmas. Ben comes back in from giving the guards some cookies from Julie. Julie asks if there was any Devil sightings but Ben says no. Julie worries that he’s always out there waiting in the darkness. Doug reminds Julie that 2000 years ago, a child came in to the darkness to bring them light. Ciara says she feels the same light coming from their child. Julie and Doug say where there is light and love, there is always hope.

Shawn decides to call Rafe and asks if Belle is still at the police station. Devil Marlena has transformed in to Rafe in his office to answer the call. He says Belle is not and they had their meeting with Melinda, then says that Belle wanted to surprise him. Shawn says he just wanted to make sure with everything going on. “Rafe” says you can’t be too careful with The Devil among us. He gives Shawn the rest of the night off and tells him to enjoy Christmas Eve with his beautiful wife as they hang up. Devil Marlena then sits at Rafe’s desk in his office and declares that Shawn’s life is about to go boom. Devil Marlena then eyes the pile of Christmas presents designated for the kids toy drive. “Belle” asks Shawn if he’s satisfied now. Shawn responds that he is. “Belle” responds that she’s not and she’s not letting him leave until she is as they kiss.

Belle asks Jason how this is a hard decision when he gets to save himself like the coward he is. Jason refuses to say a word without a lawyer. Rafe says he will call the public defenders office to let them know. Belle warns Jason to make that deal as she walks away after Rafe. Lucas questions Jason. Jason responds that getting caught was not his idea. Lucas says they have to think of something. Jason says the problem is that he let Lucas do the thinking last time, so this time he’s thinking for himself and he’s taking the deal. Lucas says he can’t do that to him. Jason asks if he has a better offer.

EJ tells Sami that accepting what happened between her and Lucas is not an easy thing but he guesses he should accept that she has her moments of weakness. Sami argues that everyone does and Lucas just happened to be there for her’s. Sami says it’s not about his pride or her ego. Sami knows why it happened and swears it will never ever happen again. EJ then tells Sami that he forgives her. Sami asks if he means it. EJ confirms that he does with his whole heart. Sami then stops and asks what about Nicole. EJ says that Sami has been painfully honest with him, so he will return the favor. EJ admits Nicole was there for him and they had a connection but she’s not the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with, as that belongs to Sami. Sami asks if he only slept with Nicole to hurt her. EJ says he was with Nicole to try and forget the pain he had from losing Sami, but he doesn’t want this to be about Nicole or Lucas but how they have found each other yet again. EJ says they have put aside their egos and hurt to forgive each other. EJ calls it a Christmas miracle and says there’s nothing he wants more than for them to be together again. EJ asks if Sami wants that too.

Lucas tells Jason that all they have to do is think things through. Jason refuses to give up his freedom for Lucas’s stupid plan to win back Sami. Lucas knows his plan was ill-conceived but promises to get him out of this. Jason argues that he promised him that at the cabin. Lucas says he can’t do anything about the Wisconsin police but promises to get him the best lawyer that money can buy. Jason argues that no attorney will get them out of this mess. Lucas reminds him that they are supposed to be strangers. Jason declares that if he’s going down, he’s taking Lucas down with him unless he can think of a better way for them to both walk out of this.

Shawn and “Belle” kiss. She asks if he’s ready to unwrap his present. Shawn stops and says he’s sorry but with everything going on in Salem from Philip being presumed dead and Marlena being possessed, he feels like they shouldn’t be doing that as he feels it’s selfish. “Belle” tells him that The Devil hates Christmas and love so she can’t think of a better way than to stick it to Satan than for him to take her to bed and have his way with her. Shawn agrees since it’s their anniversary and they should be celebrating. She then opens Shawn’s shirt and pushes him onto the bed.

Ben says he and Ciara should get back to the safehouse. Julie hoped they could stay for the hanging of the ornaments but she understands. Ciara asks if they can hang their ornaments now. Doug agrees and gives Ciara her ornament. Ben tells Ciara that last year, when everyone thought she was dead, Doug asked him to hang her ornament but he was so upset that he couldn’t do it in front of everyone. Ben adds that later when he was alone, he hung her ornament and felt her hand on his. Ben flashes back to hanging Ciara’s ornament last Christmas. Ben says he always knew Ciara was with him in his heart and that they would be together again, doing this for this year as they kiss. Ciara tells him that next year, they will be hanging another ornament for their baby. Ciara then hangs her ornament on the tree and Ben hangs his.

Rafe brings Belle to his office. Belle asks if there’s been any sign of Marlena. Rafe says no but it is Christmas Eve and not a creature is stirring. As they enter the office, they are shocked to find the box of presents for the kids toy drive has been knocked over. Belle asks what happened and says it looks like a tornado hit. Rafe hopes no damage was done as he would hate to disappoint the kids at the hospital. Rafe picks up one present and hears broken glass inside. Belle says at least there looks like enough to go around. Rafe decides he should call the hospital so someone can pick them up before more damage is done and then he will call the public defender. Rafe wishes Belle a Merry Christmas and says he’s really glad Brady got to go home and see Rachel. Rafe exits his office as Belle then gets a call from The Devil as “Shawn”, asking her to meet him at Room 514 at the Salem Inn because his Christmas/Anniversary present is waiting for her. Belle says she can’t wait and will be on her way.

“Belle” undresses as Shawn says he sees everything he wants for Christmas and they kiss on the bed.

Ciara thanks Julie for everything and says it was perfect. Doug says Julie wanted her to have a perfect Christmas Eve. Julie asks Ben to put the Angel on the top of the tree before he leaves since Doug won’t let her near a step ladder. Julie hands the angel to Ben as he agrees to do it and thanks her.

Rafe tells Jason that he’s waiting on the public defenders office to get back to him. Jason responds that he thought about it and he wants to cut a deal to tell him who hired him to keep Sami locked up while Lucas looks on.

Sami and EJ excitedly kiss as Sami says she wants more than anything to have another chance with him. Sami talks about trying to escape being kidnapped because he kept her from EJ and the kids. Sami argues that none of this would’ve happened and EJ wouldn’t have slept with Nicole. EJ reminds her that they are looking forward. Sami complains about how she offered money but the guard and his boss wouldn’t take it. Sami swears about getting her hands on whoever did this to her. EJ reminds her to focus on them reuniting more in love than ever. Sami says she dreamt of this every day while she was locked up and being in his arms again. EJ is sorry for what she went through but she’s safe now. EJ promises to have and hold her for the rest of their lives as they kiss. Sami wants EJ to make love to her.

Lucas thanks Jason for hearing him out and going along with his idea. Jason calls it pretty genius and says now neither of them will be ringing in the New Year with prison toilet wine. Lucas responds that somebody else will.

EJ and Sami prepare to head upstairs but Rafe shows up at the door. Rafe tells EJ that he’s under arrest for the kidnapping of Sami Brady.

Shawn and “Belle” kiss in bed as the real Belle walks in and is shocked by what she sees.

Ben puts the Angel on the Christmas tree. Doug tells him it’s perfect and thanks him. Ciara feels better knowing there’s a little angel watching over Doug and Julie after they leave. Doug, Julie, Ciara, and Ben sing Gloria together until the Christmas tree suddenly catches on fire and Devil Marlena bursts through the door.

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