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Phyllis: Hey.

Jack: Hiya. May we all find someone to look at us the way Abby and Chance look at each other.

Phyllis: Yeah, it’s nice.

Jack: You certainly threw this party together rather quickly.

Phyllis: Well, you know, they asked me to. They — they’ve gone through a lot. They deserve it. So, I’m glad your trip was successful.

J ack:Oh, thanks. I am just in awe of my niece right now. The devotion, the dedication, the level of love is so deep and connected that, well, she seemed to know in her heart that chance was alive even when everyone was telling her there’s no way he could’ve survived.

Phyllis: Well, that is a special kind of love, when you — when you find it, you have to hold onto it with both hands.

Jack: I’m sure she’s gonna cherish it all the more knowing that she almost lost him. And what he endured, my God. Faking his own death in order to not be discovered. I don’t know anything about that. I do know it’s good that he’s home.


Sharon: Hmm. So, you don’t want to dampen the festivities, I get it.

Nick: You got it. I don’t want to put Chance through any more of the Newman family drama.

Sharon: Well, just make a decision to be civil. You know, I doubt that Victoria and Victor want things to get ugly either.

Nick: It’s not that simple. I mean, earlier today, Ashland and I got into it yet again.

Sharon: What? Why? I thought that all of your issues with him were moot at this point.

Nick: It was his doing. You know, he summoned me to Newman Enterprises and basically demanded that I tell him all the reasons why I don’t like and trust him, which I did in incredible detail.

[ Sighs ] And wouldn’t you know it, Victoria just happens to walk in as I’m warning him that he better not hurt Victoria.

Sharon: Oh, no.

Nick: Yeah. I tried to tell her that this is what Ashland wanted, but she didn’t care. And then she’s the one who told me that Chance is alive, which is just further proof that I am completely out of the loop in this family.

Sharon: Wow. And here I was thinking that you were just worried you were gonna run into Phyllis and things might get a little awkward.

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