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In the town square, Rafe grabs Nicole and kisses her. They kiss until Nicole pulls away and slaps Rafe.

Lucas asks Allie what makes her think that Sami might be ready to give up on EJ. Allie says she told Sami that she’s obviously still in love with Lucas and just too stubborn to admit it. Allie adds that she told Sami that she would be happier if she dumped EJ and went back to Lucas. Lucas asks what Sami said. Allie tells him that Sami said she does love Lucas and she knows Sami will think about what she said. Allie feels it’s a no brainer since Sami walked in on EJ in bed with Nicole and then EJ threw her out of the house. Allie tells Lucas not to get his hopes up but she has a good feeling that Sami is signing the divorce papers as they speak.

Sami goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks what she’s doing there and asks if he has to threaten to throw her out again. Sami tells him not to bother because she’s not going anywhere. EJ threatens to call security about an intruder. Sami tells him to stop and reveals that she brought him the divorce papers that he promised to serve her with while he was in bed with Nicole. Sami asks if EJ is going to take them. Sami tries to take EJ’s hand to put the papers in but finds that he is holding his wedding ring.

Ben questions Shawn saying that Marlena is possessed by the Devil for a second time. Devil Marlena tells Ben not to listen to Shawn and that John has obviously gotten to him, but he hasn’t gotten to Ben. Marlena brings up how Clyde treated Ben and his mother and says Ben knows to never trust an abuser. Shawn argues that it’s all lies as John never laid a finger on Marlena but the demon inside her is trying to get him to trust her. Shawn says he loves Marlena and if she told him that John was hitting her, he’d believe her, but this is not her. Marlena argues that he’s just trying to discredit her so no one believes her. Marlena tells Ben that she no longer feels safe here and he needs to find Ciara, so she thinks it’s time for them to get out of here.

Ciara thanks Susan for calling and assures her that she believes her now. Ciara declares that she’s locked all the doors so no one is going to get to her or her baby. There is then a knock at the door and it’s Belle. Ciara promises Susan that she won’t let her in unless she knows for sure it’s Belle. Belle asks if Ciara is okay. Ciara hangs up the phone and asks Belle for the safeword which she acknowledges as “boxtop” so Ciara opens the door. Belle is glad that she’s okay and asks how she knew about Claire’s safeword. Ciara tells her that Shawn told her. Belle says that Shawn just called her but the reception was terrible and all she got was that Ciara was in danger and she needed to come right over. Belle questions what is going on. Ciara informs her that Shawn is on his way to the cabin because Ben is there alone with Marlena.

Shawn tells Ben and Marlena that they aren’t going anywhere. Marlena asks if he’s going to arrest them and victimize the victim. Shawn says he’s going to untie John so he can tell the truth. Marlena asks if Ben will believe someone he barely knows or someone he’s known a long time, who always helped him believe in himself. Ben points out that Shawn is Ciara’s brother. Marlena argues that Shawn doesn’t think he’s good enough for Ciara. Shawn can’t get the gag off from John. Marlena tells Ben not to listen to their lies. Shawn argues that Marlena is just scared of what John will say which is why she locked him in the crypt to die as she wants John out of the way because he knows the truth. Shawn adds that John just wants his wife back. Shawn tries to untie John but notes that the ropes just got tight again. Marlena argues that Shawn wasn’t there and doesn’t know what happened. Shawn talks about seeing it on Thanksgiving and Marlena had eyes like fire and her voice was not Marlena’s. Shawn continues trying to untie John but the rope tightens again. Shawn tells Ben that Marlena is using the Devil’s powers right now. Shawn explains how he tried to take Marlena to the police station on Thanksgiving but she broke the handcuffs like they were toys and then threw him across the dinner table, knocking him unconscious. The Devil then remarks that Shawn went down like a ton of bricks.

Rafe asks Nicole why she slapped him. Nicole questions who the hell he thinks he is and points out that they are in the middle of the town square as she calls him an idiot. Nicole complains that Rafe calls her too stupid to know her own feelings and then he grabs her and kisses her to prove his point which makes him a jackass. Rafe admits he was out of line but asks about last night and argues that Nicole acted like she wanted him to kiss her then but EJ interrupted and he found out that she hooked up with EJ. Rafe questions what he’s supposed to think. Nicole argues that she had every right to do that because it’s her life. Rafe apologizes and says he has these feelings and doesn’t know what to do with them. Rafe thinks if Nicole is honest with herself, she has those feelings too. Nicole reminds Rafe that he’s in a relationship with Ava and she won’t hurt her because she has too much self respect. Rafe questions if she means being in a relationship with a man who has feelings for another woman, like EJ. Nicole tells Rafe to just never grab her like that again or she will tell Ava. Ava then appears and asks what she would be told.

Lucas thanks Allie for going to bat for him with Sami as he really appreciates that. Allie says she would be really happy if they got back together. Lucas would love it if she were right but he doesn’t see Sami giving up on EJ that easily. Allie complains that EJ treats her like crap. Lucas agrees but points out that even though he rescued her, she couldn’t wait to get back to EJ like always. Allie points out that this time, she caught him in bed with Nicole. Lucas mentions hearing about that and asks how Allie knew. Allie informs him that she came home and saw Sami ready to scratch Nicole’s eyes out. Lucas feels that proves his point. Lucas says when he first found out about EJ and Nicole, he thought Sami would finally give up on him but then he realized it was just wishful thinking. Lucas says nobody knows Sami better than he does and the fact that EJ and Nicole slept together will just make her more determined to fight for her man.

Sami questions why EJ was clutching his wedding ring like it was something important to him. EJ claims he found it in his sock drawer and was about to throw it in the trash before she barged in. Sami asks if he still cares about her. EJ reminds her that she was about to hand him the divorce papers and is glad she finally came to her senses. EJ points out the papers aren’t signed so he goes to get Sami a pen but Sami instead rips up the divorce papers and declares that she’s never signing them.

Belle asks Ciara why Marlena is at the cabin. Ciara informs her that she and Ben took her there because she showed up on Thanksgiving being really frantic. Ciara adds that Marlena told them that John had been knocking her around so she needed a safe place to hide. Belle argues that John would never lay a hand on Marlena. Ciara says they had no idea what was going on with Marlena but they do now as Shawn told her that she’s possessed by the Devil. Belle is glad Shawn told her. Ciara cries that it’s really freaking her out. Ciara talks about having a really hard time believing John would hurt Marlena but then John showed up pounding on the door and screaming. Belle informs her that Marlena turned Susan in to a cat, so she could turn herself in to John to make her believe her story. Ciara worries that Ben still doesn’t know and she left him alone with her. Belle encourages that Marlena will just try to get Ben to help her. Ciara talks about Marlena getting weird at the cabin and not letting her leave, so she ended up sneaking out without telling them. Belle tells her that she did the right thing. Belle can’t believe that she’s telling her escaping her mom is the right thing. Belle says instead of celebrating Thanksgiving, they are finding out Marlena is possessed again. Belle mentions an APB out but doesn’t know what good that’s going to do. Ciara is sorry that Shawn went alone and says she tried to go with him but Shawn wouldn’t let her. Belle knows Shawn would want her to be safe. Ciara informs Belle that Shawn told her the reason that the Devil possessed Marlena is because he wants her baby.

The Devil finally admits to Ben that he’s not Marlena Evans but he’s looking in to the face of evil. The Devil talks about Ben being afraid of passing on his evil to his child. The Devil says that was like music to his ears. Ben questions what the hell he’s talking about. Shawn reveals that the Devil wants Ben and Ciara’s baby. The Devil admits that’s right as he can’t wait for the birth of their child and their baby to be born. Ben recalls Susan telling he and Ciara that their baby was in danger and they just thought she was off her rocker but it was the Devil. Ben brings up Marlena convincing them to have the baby but it was the Devil, which he confirms. Ben realizes the Devil did that because he wants their baby. Shawn asks what is so special about Ben and Ciara’s baby. The Devil responds that this baby will be a perfect combination of Brady goodness and Weston evil, so he can corrupt that child to his black heart’s desire.

Belle realizes this is why Marlena was so excited when she found out Ciara was pregnant. Ciara talks about being terrified and having no idea what to do as she can’t stay locked in here forever. Belle encourages that they know the truth now and they will protect her. Belle tries to call Shawn but it goes straight to voicemail. Ciara mentions there isn’t much service at the cabin. Belle decides she needs to go there in person then but Ciara argues that she can’t.

Allie tells Lucas that if she found her husband in bed with another woman, she’d leave and never look back. Lucas says that’s good but Sami is wired different, especially when it comes to EJ so she blames he and Nicole instead of EJ. Allie calls that stupid and argues that it’s not his fault that Philip gave Kristen’s letter to Nicole. Allie asks if there’s any word on Philip. Lucas confirms he’s still missing. Allie questions Brady having something to do with it. Lucas says he doesn’t know why. Lucas then declares that he was mad at Philip for interfering with his life and now he may never see him again as his brother might be gone forever.

Nicole claims to Ava that Rafe was just telling her about Philip’s disappearance and she thought Ava should know because she and Philip are friends. Ava says they were more business associates but she already knows and it looks bad. Ava adds that working with Philip was a terrible mistake and she assured Rafe that she put that life behind her for good. Nicole states that Rafe chose to stand by her which she thinks is wonderful. Nicole is glad they worked things out. Ava calls Nicole such a good friend and says she doesn’t know what she would do without her.

Sami tells EJ that she’s not giving him a divorce and will fight it with everything she has. EJ asks why. Sami tells him that she still loves him and always will and he loves her even if he’s too stubborn to admit it. EJ clarifies that he stopped loving her the moment she lied to him about Lucas and he’s with Nicole now. Sami calls Nicole a dimestore version of her and asks why he would settle when he can have the real thing. Sami argues that EJ is only with Nicole because he knows it drives her insane. EJ says there are a host of other reasons which Sami questions. EJ then declares that Nicole is better in bed. Sami argues that he did not just say that. EJ says Sami forced the issue and it’s true. Sami calls him a son of a bitch and says Nicole is not hotter than her as she grabs EJ and kisses him.

Ava says she’s surprised to find Rafe and Nicole together because they both said they would stay away from each other. Rafe points out that Ava said she was okay if they saw each other. Ava says she knows but they said they wouldn’t. Nicole says they just ran in to each other in the town square. Ava acknowledges Salem being a small town. Nicole says she’s late for a meeting and walks away. Ava questions Rafe what that was all about.

After Sami’s kiss, EJ says he’s sorry but he doesn’t feel a thing. Sami says he can say whatever he wants because his body is saying something else. Sami argues that she’s still his wife and he’s never getting rid of her. Sami says that’s okay because he doesn’t really want to.

Lucas tells Allie that Philip is missing and possibly dead while Marlena is either losing her grip on reality or she’s really possessed by the Devil. Lucas declares that either way, it’s not the time to be worried about his love life. Allie thinks it’s the perfect time to focus on what makes him happy. Allie says there’s nothing they can do for Philip and Marlena. Lucas says he feels sorry for John because he’s so determined to find Marlena but he can’t do anything if he does. Allie reminds him that John ended this last time so maybe he can do it again. Lucas responds that all they can do is hope and pray.

Belle tells Ciara that they can’t just sit here. Ciara says it’s bad enough that Marlena could hurt Ben or Shawn, but Shawn and Ben can protect themselves while Belle can’t. Belle argues that John keeps saying love is the thing that can conquer evil and she’s Marlena’s daughter so that’s the weapon she has which Shawn and Ben don’t, so it’s time for her to use it. Ciara decides she’s going with her then. Belle says that’s crazy. Ciara argues that she’s the only person the Devil can’t hurt because she’s carrying the baby that he wants. Belle reminds her that she promised Shawn that she would stay here and tells her to stay and lock the doors with no heroics as she has to take care of the baby. Ciara gives in and asks Belle to be careful. Belle orders her to lock the door. Ciara worries that a locked door won’t stop the Devil. Belle tells her to do it anyways as she exits, so Ciara locks the door.

Ben tells the Devil that he will never let him anywhere near Ciara or the baby. The Devil responds that he already has and he has no say in what happens next. Ben says the Devil already said he’s evil so maybe that’s what it takes to get to him. Ben tries to charge but the Devil uses his power to stop him. The Devil then produces a necktie and declares that he always comes prepared. The Devil tosses the necktie around Ben’s neck, choking him. Shawn manages to get the gag off of John, who pleads for Marlena not to let the Devil do it. The Devil then declares that it’s done.

Sami argues that EJ forgave her for shooting him in the head, so her sleeping with Lucas is like a three in their relationship. EJ points out that she did it twice and went back for more. Sami complains about how EJ treated her after she sacrificed so much and spent years helping him become the man he is now. Sami declares that EJ deserved what she did and he knows it. EJ asks why she doesn’t just walk away then and be done with him. Sami admits sometimes she wishes she could but even if she did walk away, she couldn’t stop loving him and she doesn’t want to. Sami argues that she knows EJ doesn’t want her to stop loving him. Nicole then walks in to the room.

Allie tells Lucas that she prays every night for Philip and Marlena and that Sami comes back to him. Lucas had no idea that was so important to her. Allie says she and Sami have their moments but she had a front row seat to how EJ treated her. Allie talks about all Sami did for EJ. Lucas still doesn’t understand how he could treat her so badly. Allie says everything changed when EJ started getting better and it was like nothing she did was right. Allie adds that Sami was alone and miserable so her flipping out on Lucas about Kristen’s letter was ridiculous. Allie brings up Sami getting kidnapped on the day EJ kicked her out of the mansion. Allie knows Sami was reaching by accusing Nicole but asks how they know it wasn’t EJ. Lucas asks why EJ would do that after kicking her out of the house. Allie asks if the Wisconsin cops had any leads. Lucas says Sami didn’t bother making a statement but the police said they would look into it. Lucas guesses since Sami wasn’t hurt badly and came back to Salem, they lost interest in the case. Allie argues that they could try again and Sami could get hurt. Lucas says a lot has happened in the last 24 hours so he hasn’t had time to think. Allie declares that whoever ordered this kidnapping needs to get caught and they need to pay.

John tries to get through to Marlena while Shawn tries to remove the tie from around Ben’s neck. The Devil then uses his powers to choke John. The Devil declares his work here is done and it’s time to move on. The Devil tells them to give up because mere mortals are no match for him. Devil Marlena then prepares to leave the cabin but Belle appears and knocks her out from behind with a rock.

Rafe asks Ava what she means. Ava says that Nicole was pretty upset when she showed up and she doesn’t believe it was about Philip. Rafe informs Ava that Nicole is back with EJ and he told her how he felt about that and him but she didn’t want to hear it. Ava questions what’s wrong with Nicole being with EJ. Rafe reminds Ava about their history. Ava argues that was years ago and they’ve both been through a lot so maybe they are both older and wiser. Rafe argues that EJ will be a disaster for Nicole but Ava thinks they seem like a great couple. Rafe asks if Ava has any idea the things that EJ has done. Ava asks how much Rafe knows about what she has done. Ava says that Rafe believes people can change but questions if he does or if he’s just telling her what he thinks she wants to hear.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s so glad she showed up. Sami says now EJ doesn’t have to admit that he’s still in love with her. Nicole says Sami can keep telling herself that. EJ remarks that Sami lives in a world of her own. Sami says EJ can’t wait to get back to that world. EJ says he’ll draw up new divorce papers but Sami says she’ll throw those in the trash too. Sami then walks out of the mansion.

Belle says she’s sorry as she loves her mom. Belle enters the cabin and checks on John. Belle is sorry for knocking Marlena out but she didn’t know what else to do. Belle thought telling her that she loved her would get to her. John encourages that she will but Devil Marlena suddenly escapes. Ben says she got away and he knows where she’s headed.

Ciara removes the pendant that Devil Marlena had given her, saying it would keep her and her baby safe. Ciara cries to her baby that she’s so sorry this is happening but assures her baby will be born perfect and she will protect the baby with her entire life.

Ben declares that Marlena is after Ciara so he has to get there first. Ben rushes out of the cabin. Belle questions if things can get any worse. Shawn worries about Marlena being on the loose again.

Rafe tells Ava that he does think people can change and brings up Gabi. Ava remarks on how Gabi treats her so Rafe admits that was a bad example. Ava asks if he’s having second thoughts about them. Rafe questions why she’s even asking that. Ava then has a flashback thought revealing that she saw Rafe and Nicole kissing earlier. Ava then tells Rafe that there’s no reason and it just occurred to her.

Nicole asks EJ about drawing up new divorce papers and if that’s why Sami has been going so crazy. EJ asks what she means. Nicole explains that Sami showed up at her apartment with fire in her eyes, ready to rip her limb from limb then Allie showed up and Sami didn’t care. EJ informs Nicole that Sami is insisting that there’s still a chance between them. Nicole says that doesn’t surprise her. EJ assures that Sami is wasting her time as he’s found the woman he wants and the one that is perfect for him right now. Nicole says he was just thinking the same thing as they hug. EJ then looks over and sees his wedding ring on his desk.

Sami goes back to see Allie. Allie tells her that Nicole’s not there if she came back for round 2. Sami says it’s not that and mentions Belle leaving her a message but she could only understand like two words. Sami thinks it was about Marlena and asks if she’s heard anything. Allie says no and invites Sami in. Sami comes inside and sees Lucas so she asks what he’s doing there. Lucas responds that he’s visiting his daughter and grandson, joking that he is allowed to do that. Allie asks if Sami went to see EJ. Sami confirms she did. Sami informs them that she tore up the divorce papers and she’s never going to sign them. Sami is sorry that Lucas doesn’t want to hear that but she’s not giving up on EJ. Lucas says that’s fine but assures that he’s not giving up on her either.

Ben returns home. Ciara raises a bat as she wants to make sure it’s him. Ben swears he wouldn’t hurt her and loves her so much. Ciara drops the bat and they hug. Ben is thankful that she’s okay. Ben is glad she ran away because he knows everything now and he should’ve listened to her from the beginning. Ciara asks how he got away and if Shawn is okay. Ben confirms that he is as well as Belle and John. Ben adds that John got there right after Ciara left. Ben says he got away because Devil Marlena took off, so he thought she was heading straight here. Ciara cries that she’s really happy that Ben got there first. Ben doesn’t know how to tell her but Ciara informs him that Shawn already told her that the Devil wants their baby. Ben says at least they are together now and promises to not let anything happen to her or their baby as they hug.

Belle and Shawn help John up. Belle asks if he’s okay after just getting out of the hospital. John says he’s fine. Shawn tells Belle that if she didn’t show up when she did, Marlena might have finished them all off. Shawn asks what made John show up here. John thought this was the most logical place to start looking and he thought he could get through to Marlena but the Devil shut him up in a hurry. Shawn worries that they’ve lost her while Belle wonders how they will ever stop her.

Devil Marlena stands outside in the park. The Devil declares that he should’ve dealt with Belle a long time ago and now it’s time that Belle and Shawn pay a heavy price. The Devil thinks he knows exactly how to make that happen…

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