Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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Lauren: Here you go. One extra-hot triple-shot mocha with a dash of cinnamon, just the way you like it.

Michael: [ Laughs ] What did I do to deserve this?

Lauren: So many things. But let’s start with the superb job you did of grilling that defense witness yesterday. I’m just so glad I got to see you in court. I just wish they had been videotaping it because it was truly a master class in cross-examination. My love, you are an artiste.

Michael: Thank you for that high praise. I have to admit, it — it really does wonders for my mojo knowing that my biggest fan is sitting in the gallery.


Nick: So, what looks good to you?

Phyllis: Um…the huevos rancheros or blueberry pancakes.

Nick: Strong. I am definitely gonna go with —

Phyllis: The spinach, mushroom, Swiss omelet, get rid of the toast, substitute it with a fruit cup, and a side of habanero salsa.

Nick: How’d you know that?

Phyllis: ‘Cause I know you. You know, you’re a creature of habit. You only order two things on this menu. The other day, you had the bacon waffle. I know all your habits.

Nick: Yeah, I do only order those two things. Guilty as charged.

Phyllis: This isn’t gonna work.

Nick: What?

Phyllis: “What?” This. You know, us being pals and buddies. I don’t think we can get past this tension

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