Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Abby gives Chance the video journal she made for him while he was gone. Chance watches a few of the videos and promises Abby he will never put her through that kind of pain again.

Jack refuses to help Billy buy Chancellor Communications feed from Jill because he doesn’t think its a good idea to feed Billy’s addiction to power.

Rey t ells Chance that his job at the police station is waiting for him whenever he is ready to return to it.

Lily overhears a conversation between Adam and Sally where Adam asks Sally to spy on Billy for him because he is concerned he might have pushed Billy over the edge. Lily tells Billy what she overheard and Billy is sure his plan will
work. Lily is worried that Billy’s plan is too risky and he will get hurt if the plan doesn’t work. Lily tells Billy that despite her concerns she supports his plan.

Jack tells Phyllis he won’t rekindle a romance with her if it means forgetting about their past history. Jack also tells Phyllis he won’t get hurt again because it took him too long to put his heart back together after their last try at a romantic relationship.

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