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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina apologized to Chanel for what happened at the wedding. Chanel was shocked she apologized to her. She said what happened was her own fault. Julie told Kayla that Marlena prescribed the drugs he was taking. Steve talked to Johnny about Marlena being someone else. Johnny told him that he saw her at the crypt. Mardevil told Susan that she was going to kill John. Steve was shocked to find out that Marlena was dressed as the devil. He explained that she wanted to pay her respects for him. He told her that he wanted to go in, but she stopped him. Susan didn’t want to kill John. Marldevil threatened to kill EJ if she didn’t want to kill him. Mardevil said she would carve him like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. Julie told Kayla that she refused to take Doug back to the hospital. Paulina said that she was going to tell Lani the truth. She expressed how much she meant to her. Paulina didn’t want to focus on Marlena. She wanted to think about the holiday.

Julie tried to get Doug to talk to her. She sang the song that he used to sing to her. Belle talked to Shawn about Doug’s condition. She told him how Doug talked to John about Marlena being the one who hurt him. Susan didn’t know how she could kill someone. John tried to stop Susan from talking. He knew she was afraid for her son. Mardevil was about to go in the townhouse when Paulina had a bone to pick with her. Paulina confronted her about telling her secret. She said she was trying to explain to tell Chanel the truth because she didn’t feel valued. John told Susan that the devil wasn’t going to kill EJ. She couldn’t take the risk so she tried to kill John. Paulina planned on suing Marlena. Mardevil said she wanted to ruin her career because Chanel destroyed her wedding. She said that she wouldn’t have Abe or her family back. Mardevil tried to walk away, but Paulina grabbed her arm to stop her. Mardevil’s eyes turned yellow when she looked at her. She told Paulina to go away and she ran off. Belle called her to tell her that she couldn’t make decisions for Doug anymore.

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