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Chanel goes to Paulina’s. Paulina comes out and says “Look what the cat dragged in”. Chanel explains to Paulina that she had a dream where Paulina said exactly that and then went on to rip in to her about how she ruined her life and said she wasn’t her daughter anymore. Chanel tells Paulina to go ahead and let her have it. Paulina responds that she has one thing to say and that is that she’s sorry.

Johnny questions what Steve means by asking if he noticed anything strange about Marlena. Steve says there’s been inconsistent behavior, secrecy, and she seems really focused on keeping Julie away from Doug.

Julie and Shawn excitedly bring Doug back home in a wheelchair. Kayla questions what Doug is doing there while Belle adds that she thought they were just going to visit. Julie says she thought wrong. Belle asks how it happened. Julie says it’s all thanks to Belle since her court order allowed her to make medical decisions for her husband, so she made one and brought him home for Thanksgiving where he belongs whether Marlena likes it or not.

John remains chained up in the DiMera Crypt. Susan encourages him to hang in there because she had a vision that someone was going to save them by the end of the day. Devil Marlena then enters and announces that it’s Thanksgiving. The Devil calls it the day he gets to see the blood of innocence spilt.

Chanel questions Paulina being sorry. Paulina hopes she can forgive her. Chanel expected Paulina to demand an apology for her after she busted up her wedding and told everyone that Lani is daughter. Paulina admits she would’ve preferred it to go down a different way, but Chanel told the truth which is a hell of a lot more than she did. Paulina says she’s only mad at herself and she’s ashamed of calling Chanel a liar in the church as she was so desperate to keep Lani and Abe from finding out. Paulina adds that it’s good that Olivia had Chanel’s back. Chanel worries that everything is a mess now. Paulina calls it her own mess and says it’s time that she owns it. Chanel jokes that she wishes she could freeze this moment because she doesn’t remember Paulina ever admitting that she was wrong before. Paulina says it’s Thanksgiving and they usually do turkey or ham, but this year she’s eating crow.

Julie knows how much Doug missed being home and offers him sparkling water. Belle questions Shawn as to how this happened. Shawn explains that he couldn’t stop her after she saw Doug like that and she insisted on bringing him home. Shawn admits he would’ve done the same thing given his condition. Belle asks what Kayla thinks but she doesn’t know yet. Kayla asks Julie if they told her at the hospital what medication they were giving Doug. Julie shows Kayla what they gave her. Kayla notes that it’s a very strong tranquilizer and the dose is very high on the label. Julie worries that Marlena prescribed those so she has drugged Doug in to insensibility.

Johnny tells Steve that he’s sure Marlena is doing whatever she thinks is best for Doug and asks if he’s missing something. Steve says he can’t put his finger on it but Marlena is not herself. Johnny asks who she is then. Steve asks if he’s sure he hasn’t noticed anything odd or strange behavior that he couldn’t explain. Johnny says not really but then admits it was kind of weird when he saw her at the Crypt. Steve asks what crypt.

Susan tells the Devil that if he wants to kill John, he’ll have to do it over her dead body. The Devil responds that it’s tempting but he has a higher purpose for her. The Devil declares that he is not going to kill John, because Susan is going to.

Johnny tells Steve about how he saw Marlena coming out of the DiMera Crypt dressed like the Devil on Halloween and that she said she was wearing the costume in support of his film. Steve questions what Marlena was doing at the Crypt. Johnny responds that she said she wanted to pay respects to Stefano. Steve can’t believe it and asks why she would do that. Johnny explains that Marlena said Stefano was the first one to realize she was possessed and that he risked his life to save her. Steve asks if Johnny went inside the Crypt. Johnny says he wanted to so he could scout for his movie but Marlena stopped him and wouldn’t let him in.

Susan tells the Devil that she would never ever hurt John and that there is nothing that would ever make her break one of the commandments. The Devil then warns Susan that if she doesn’t take the dagger and kill John Black, then he will kill her son EJ in front of everyone at Thanksgiving dinner.

Julie tells Kayla that Doug is not taking any more of Marlena’s pills and he’s not going to back to Bayview as he’s staying here for good.

Paulina brings up Chanel accusing her of loving Lani more than her which she says is not true. Chanel argues that her actions speak otherwise since she asked Lani to be her matron of honor. Paulina says she never meant for that to happen as she was going to tell Lani the truth but then they got the news that Abe got shot and she saw how much she loved Abe at the hospital, she didn’t have the heart to tell Lani that Abe was not really her father so the next day when she pressed her the next day about what she was going to tell her, she just blurted out the first thing that came to her head. Paulina thinks that she’d be a better liar after all her practice. Chanel complains about how Paulina has always talked up Lani with high praise, like she wishes she was more like Lani. Paulina acknowledges it’s true that she idealized Lani, but guesses that’s because she never got to be her mother like she did for Chanel. Paulina talks about the moments they shared like when she wanted ice cream after getting her tonsils out when she was six. Chanel recalls that being when she learned to bake. Chanel says she fell asleep in Paulina’s arms that night and she didn’t move her the whole night. Paulina points out that she and Lani never had that. Chanel adds that they never had the problems either. Chanel brings up hiding from a bees nest when she was 9. Paulina says that Chanel was the most precious thing in the world to her. Paulina declares that Lani may have been her first born daughter, but Chanel will always be her baby as they hug. Chanel knows how excited Paulina was for her life with Abe. Paulina tells her that what happened at the wedding was not her fault as Olivia believes Marlena broke her confidence and told her the truth. Chanel confirms that Marlena told her but because she wanted her to feel better about Paulina choosing Lani as her matron of honor. Paulina asks if Marlena encouraged her to tell her secret at the wedding. Chanel says no and that Marlena told her to hold her peace but at the wedding, she kept looking at Marlena and it was like this feeling came over her like Marlena wanted her to tell and she couldn’t resist…

Susan pleads with the Devil not to touch her son as he’s not perfect but he does have a pure heart. Susan asks why the Devil is doing this to them. The Devil responds that John would not give in to the temptation of Kristen and couldn’t let go of his own sense of decency. Susan calls John a decent man. The Devil says this is where that got him. Susan argues that it kept The Devil from fully possessing Marlena. The Devil responds that she is still fighting him but he knows how to get inside her heart and break it. The Devil declares that all he has to do is stop John’s heart from beating.

Shawn and Belle set the table for Thanksgiving. Belle wonders if Doug will come out of this. Shawn doesn’t know but he thinks he saw something in Doug’s eyes that his grandfather is still in there. Shawn adds that he also saw fear so they wonder what or who Doug is afraid of.

The Devil tells Susan that it’s time and urges her to drive the dagger in to John’s heart then watch the life flow out of him. The Devil warns that when he comes back, there better be a body to bury or else her son will be joining his father. Devil Marlena then exits the Crypt.

Paulina doesn’t want to waste any more time talking about Marlena as it’s Thanksgiving. Paulina suggests they whip up a Thanksgiving feast but Chanel reveals she can’t stay because Johnny offered to fly her to Italy. Paulina asks if she can’t put it off and have Johnny join them for Thanksgiving. Chanel says she still needs time to process everything and hopes she can understand. Paulina asks if she will be home for Christmas as they have never been apart for Christmas. Chanel says she’ll do her best but she has to go pack a bag. Paulina stops her to say she loves her. Chanel says she knows as she heads to her room.

Doug remains silent as he stares on. Julie sits with him to try to get through to him. Julie sings to Doug as Kayla watches on. Julie reminds Doug that they sang the song together and pleads for him to come back to her.

Shawn asks what Belle thinks Doug would be scared of. Belle says it sounds crazy to even say it, but John said that Doug told him that it was Marlena who tried to kill him and Julie. Belle thought Doug was confused or it was dementia. Shawn asks if she seriously thinks Marlena tried to kill Doug and Julie.

Steve questions Marlena not wanting Johnny to go in to the Crypt. Johnny says she claimed there was a big rat inside. Steve asks if she said anything about John. Johnny says no and asks why. Steve says he’s just trying to track him down. Johnny asks if John is missing. Steve says he’s probably on a case but he’s just filling in blanks. Steve apologizes for all the questions and says he’ll let him go. Johnny asks if he’s sure everything is okay. Steve claims everything is fine and wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving. Johnny questions Steve not going in to the Pub. Steve says not yet as there is something he has to check out first.

Susan asks God how she can kill an innocent man and cries about how it’s not easy. John knows Susan is afraid for her son but he also knows the Devil is going nowhere near EJ.

Devil Marlena goes home but Paulina confronts her at the door and says she has a bone to pick with her. Marlena calls it a pleasant surprise but Paulina says there’s nothing pleasant about it. Marlena guesses she’s upset because Abe left her at the altar. Paulina blames Marlena for telling her secret to Chanel and asks who she thinks she is by messing with her life and family. Marlena explains that Chanel felt rejected by Paulina and that she didn’t value her, so she wanted Chanel to know why Paulina chose Lani as her matron of honor. Paulina complains that she told Marlena her secret in confidence. Marlena claims that she didn’t mean to hurt anybody and asks why she would.

Susan asks John how he knows that the Devil is going after EJ. John tells her that he’s dealt with the Devil before and his whole goal is to poison good, kind souls like Susan’s. John adds that he just wants Susan to be forever branded as a murderer. Susan argues that EJ is her only son and the thought of leaving him to the Devil is too much. Susan tells John that she’s sorry and asks God to forgive her as she raises the dagger.

Paulina says that Marlena is all smiles and sunshine now, but she’s going to file a complaint to the medical board so that Marlena loses her license and her job. Paulina asks if that will cut through Marlena’s “devil may care” attitude which Marlena laughs at. Paulina asks if she thinks this is funny. Marlena responds that she thinks it’s sad and that Paulina is projecting. Paulina asks what the hell she’s talking about. Marlena thinks Paulina just wants to destroy her career like Chanel destroyed her marriage. Marlena adds that Abe and Lani are never coming back to her. Marlena declares that she’s not the liar and hypocrite, Paulina is. Marlena reiterates that Paulina will never have her family or Abe back. Marlena tries to head inside but Paulina stops her and says she’s not finished with her as she calls her a cold hearted bitch. Devil Marlena turns around with her yellow eyes as the Devil asks Paulina who she is calling a bitch.

Johnny goes to Paulina’s and tells Chanel that he got nervous when he didn’t hear from her. Chanel asks if everything is good. Johnny confirms that Allie agreed to watch the bakery while Chanel is gone. Johnny asks if she told Paulina. Chanel confirms that she did and it wasn’t as awful as she dreamed because she expected the worst. Chanel remarks that when Paulina is upset, she can unleash holy hell…

The Devil warns Paulina to let go. Paulina asks who or what Devil Marlena is. The Devil yells at her to get out of here so Paulina runs away. Marlena then gets a call from Belle, who says she needs to talk to her. Belle informs her that she petitioned the court to restore Julie’s right to make decisions for Doug. Marlena argues that nobody notified her, so she will contact the court as Doug’s doctor. Belle reveals that the judge ruled in Julie’s favor, so Marlena is no longer in charge of Doug’s care. Marlena argues that Julie being alone with Doug in Bayview could be very dangerous for her. Belle then reveals that Julie and Doug are at home which shocks Marlena.

Julie asks Kayla if there’s a chance that Doug’s condition is permanent. Kayla says it’s hard to get a clear picture of his status, so they will have to wait until the medication wears off which may take 24 hours. Kayla adds that at least Doug is home for the holidays. Julie encourages Doug that it’s going to be alright as it’s Thanksgiving and they have so much to be grateful for.

Steve goes to the DiMera Crypt and tries to enter but it’s locked.

Kayla calls Steve and leaves a message, informing him that Doug is home and it’s a long story but she’s going to stay there for Thanksgiving so she will text Roman and Kate that they won’t make it to the Pub. Kayla hopes Steve will be able to join her there as soon as he can. Kayla knows he’s out looking for answers about Marlena, so she hopes he finds them.

Steve grabs a nearby shovel and begins beating on the door. Susan worries that it’s the Devil returning.

Johnny tells Chanel that he’s glad Paulina took responsibility. Chanel admits she wasn’t expecting that as she’s never seen Paulina so guilty and heartbroken. Johnny tells her that the DiMera Jet is ready to go but asks if after making peace with her mom, she doesn’t want to stick around for Thanksgiving with her family. Chanel asks if he’s trying to get out of showing her Italy. Johnny says it’s just her mom but Chanel insists that she wants to see Italy, so they exit together.

Paulina walks through the town square and calls the police and says she doesn’t know what the hell she just saw.

Shawn and Belle sit at the table with Doug and Julie for Thanksgiving. Shawn asks Belle what Marlena said. Belle informs him that Marlena hung up on her as she wasn’t thrilled with Doug’s release. Kayla comes in and says she left a message for Steve, so hopefully he will join them. Julie speaks about Thanksgiving being a celebration of gratitude, but this year it’s not what anyone wanted or expected. Julie says it’s still a time to pause and consider how much they have to be thankful for. Julie talks about being blessed and grateful to have Shawn, Belle, and Kayla. Julie declares that most of all, she is thankful for Doug. Julie knows the last few months have been very dark, but now that Doug is home, the darkness is fading away. Julie says Doug’s spirit lifts them all in to the light. Julie calls Doug the center of her universe and says she’ll move heaven and earth to get him well. Everyone toasts to a Happy Thanksgiving. Devil Marlena then walks in and says Happy Thanksgiving, shocking Julie.

Steve breaks in to the DiMera Crypt and finds Susan holding the dagger with blood all over her.

Julie questions what Marlena is doing here. Marlena says she came to wish them all a Happy Thanksgiving and to take Doug back to Bayview. Julie refuses. Marlena thinks it’s for the best. Julie doesn’t care what she thinks and complains that Marlena put Doug in a padded room and gave him such powerful drugs that he doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Marlena says it was for his own good. Julie tells Marlena that she’s not Doug’s doctor anymore which Belle backs up. Julie adds that Marlena is no longer welcome in this house. Marlena argues that Doug is still a danger to himself and others which Kayla knows. Kayla is not sure she agrees. Marlena argues that it’s clear that Julie’s emotions took over her judgment. Julie threatens to show Marlena what a danger to others realyl looks like. Marlena warns that would be a mistake. Doug then suddenly stands up and points at Marlena. Marlena argues that Doug is confused and lost but she can help him. Julie, Shawn, and Belle ask what Doug is trying to say. Doug then declares that Marlena is the Devil!

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