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Jack: Well, I hope he comes.

Phyllis: Me too. Yeah. I’ll go get him.

Jack: Uh, Phyllis, before you go, uh, quick question. Did you know that Victoria’s wedding gown was designed by Sally?

Phyllis: Seriously?

[ Sighs ] You know, Victoria — she treats her brother like dirt, but then Sally designs her dress and she’s hugging her and carrying on? She makes me sick.


Adam: Well, the impact is gonna last a lot longer than 24 hours. I can’t wait to see the social-media buzz that Newman Media gets from the dress and the woman that designed it. You should be incredibly happy and proud of yourself.

Sally: I guess I am. A little.

Adam: Yeah, I never should have doubted you.

Sally: Wait. You doubted me?

Adam: That — that came out wrong.

Sally: Yeah, I should hope so.

Adam: No, it’s one thing to have talent, and it’s another to have the passion and the drive and belief to back it up. And you put yourself on the line like that. That’s a combination you don’t see every day.

Sally: A perfect storm.

Adam: Mm. In the best possible way. Made everybody sit up and take notice. I think you may have changed a few of your adversaries’ minds about you.

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