Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Lauren feels betrayed by Chloe because Chloe didn’t tell her that Sally planned to design a wedding dress for Victoria. Lauren is even more mad with Sally about the wedding dress and says that Sally has no idea what she has done and Lauren plans to get even with Sally.

Nick tells Phyllis he needs time to think about everything that has happened with his family so he is going to London with Noah for a few days. Nick promises Phyllis that their relationship will return to normal when he returns from London.

Billy and Lily plan to strike first as the battle between Chancellor Communications and Newman Media begins and both sides plan to fight dirty.

Phyllis returns home with Jack on the Jabot jet.

Ashland tells Victoria he is even more determined to fight his cancer and live so they can have more time together.

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