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Victoria: I know that you want to give me credit for inspiring you to fight your illness, but I’m the one who is honored and grateful to be standing by your side, fighting it alongside of you. “In sickness and in health.” I honestly don’t think that those words could have a greater meaning to anyone but — but the meaning that they hold for us. I wish I could promise you forever. I really do. But what I can promise you is that we are going to spend every precious second that we have together


Adam: You need to think this through before you do something drastic.

Nick: I know it’s extreme, but if Gaines isn’t lying, then Victoria is about to marry a lying thief who stole a dead woman’s entire fortune.

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

Lily: Hey.

“I, Victoria, give you, Ashland, this ring…”

Victoria: I, Victoria, give you, Ashland, this ring…

“…As an eternal symbol of my love and commitment to you.”

Victoria: …As an eternal symbol of my love and commitment to you.

Adam: Look, don’t do it, alright? No matter what your motives are, torpedoing Victoria’s wedding is something she will not get past. Okay? You see her face? She is happy. You really want to be the guy that wipes that look off her face, that ruins what should be the best day of her life?

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