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Traci: Oh, Jack, I want to believe that daddy felt that their love was so strong that it could endure anything. That if the circumstances had been different, they would have made it work out. That she would have stayed here and she would have found her happiness here. That their love was just that strong.

Jack: Yes, yes, yes. We all want to believe that, yes.

Traci: I think you do believe that, Jack. And that’s why you never got bitter or jaded after all you’ve had to endure.

Jack: Always seeing a happy ending even when there isn’t one in sight.


Jack: You were right about one thing. You had enormous potential.

Sally: Oh. Well, thank you.

Jack: I recognize that part of you wishes you could do it without all the dirty tricks. You’re talented. You just don’t trust it. I know you have a moral compass. You just forget to look at it. We could never have had anything because you didn’t know who you were or who you wanted to be.

Sally: I actually know exactly who Sally Spectra is — the good and the bad. You just couldn’t accept it. And let’s be honest here, did i really do anything worse than Phyllis has done over the years? I mean, I never ran anybody over with my car, so why should she get a free pass?

Both: Because she’s Phyllis.

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