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Recap written by Christine

Victor went to Victoria’s office and saw her portrait. He loved it and commented on the poise and grace. She mentioned that Nikki was worried he wouldn’t be enthusiastic. He thought it was a fitting symbol of Victoria’s new position. Victoria stated that it was a gift from Ashland. Victor revealed that he had a gift for Victoria too. She was almost in tears when he presented her with the deed to his palazzo in Tuscany. It would be transferred to her on her wedding day. He wanted her to spend many happy years with Ashland there. She was touched by this symbol of his support for her marriage. He said he loved her. He’d never seen her this happy, and he wanted that to continue. Victor was moved by the story of Ashland’s childhood and name change. Victoria knew that resonated with Victor because of his own past. Victor prided himself on his ability to read people, and he saw the pain in Ashland’s face when he talked about his childhood. Victoria said that it meant a lot that Ashland opened up – he’d never shared that part of his life with anyone. Victor stated that Billy made Ashland relive his painful past. He thought Billy was jealous of Victoria and Ashland’s relationship. He didn’t believe Billy was doing this out of concern for the children, and he thought it was a mistake for Victoria to invite Billy to the wedding. Victoria said Billy wasn’t a threat, but Victor warned her to be careful. He believed that Billy intended to spoil the wedding.

Nick and Phyllis were in her suite while she went sleuthing into Ashland’s background. He noted that she wasn’t the first expert to try and find something. She was confident that she’d be the first to succeed. He wanted to confirm Ashland’s story before he married Victoria. Phyllis assured Nick that sleuthing and scheming were in her wheelhouse, and she was madly in love with him and wanted to see him happy. She checked out the databases for doing a legal name change, and there was nothing. She was dumbfounded that Ashland successfully buried his original identity.

Nick wondered how a young guy with no resources even knew how to make a new identity. He thought maybe a shady friend or associate helped. Phyllis looked for a real Ashland Locke who died, thinking maybe the guy they knew assumed his identity. She didn’t find anything. She said she and Nick both knew it was easy to pay someone off if you had enough money. Nick said Ashland had money now, but he changed his name when he was just starting out and trying to get away from his abusive father. Phyllis was skeptical of the abusive dad story. Nick said Victor believed it, probably because it hit close to home for him. They theorized that there was an actual Ashland Locke that the new Ashland got his name from. Maybe the original Ashland was really sick or wanted to disappear, and he sold his identity to the man going as Ashland now. Nick pointed out that the man Victoria was marrying wouldn’t have had the money to buy an identity back then. He wondered if the real Ashland was dead.

Nick told Phyllis that Victor’s PI had uncovered the fact that Ashland purchased the stations from Camilla Rhodes’ estate. Phyllis did a search and found out the stations were in Toms River New Jersey and that Ashland was 20 when he started working there. Phyllis pulled up a list of deceased males around Ashland’s age, reasoning that one of them was the key to Locke’s real identity. Later, they’d narrowed it down to three possibilities. She asked if he was sure he wanted to do this. He said he had to. She wanted him to really think about it because it could change everything – his relationship with his father, with his sister, with the merger. He hoped Victoria would know he was doing this out of respect and love for her. Phyllis got ready to find out if one of these men was the real Ashland Locke.

Ashland was at Society. He made a call and arranged to get the $500,000 for Gaines. After the call, Abby walked up and started a conversation. She thought they should get to know each other since they’d be family soon. They made small talk on various subjects. He asked about her baby, and she said he was named Dominic Philip Newman Abbott Chancellor. He commented that it sounded like the baby was born in an ambassador’s role. Abby knew that role well, as the child of a Newman and Abbott. He thought that must’ve been interesting, given the unique history of those families. She wanted to hear Ashland and Victoria’s love story. He said he’d felt a spark, a connection with her from the beginning, even though he didn’t sell her his company. The first time they kissed, he knew something had changed. For the first time in his life, he found someone who made him happy to be alive. Abby seemed distant, and she explained that her thoughts had drifted to her own wedding and how much she missed her husband. Ashland knew that must be tough, but he assumed she was also proud of Chance. She was. She admitted she had her reservations about him and Victoira at first, but now she saw why Victoria fell in love with him and why she was willing to take this step, after everything she’d been through. He assumed she meant with Billy. Abby clarified that she loved her Uncle Billy, and he was the perfect father, but Victoria spent an inordinate amount of time putting out fires when she was with him. Ashland heard the stories. Abby made a list – the gambling, the affairs, the drinking, the shady business dealings. She knew every relationship had ups and downs, like Ashland’s health, but that wasn’t something he could control. She said he and Victoria were dealing with it together, and the way he merged his company with Newman showed how much he admired Victoria’s business acumen. He said it was one of the myriad reasons he loved and adored her sister. He chose to do chemo because he wanted more time with Victoria. Abby could see the love for Victoria in Ashland’s eyes, but she knew his reputation was similar to Victor’s. She asked him not to ever lie to Victoria – Billy did that, telling himself he was protecting her, but he was only protecting himself. He said he’d take that to heart.

Later, Phyllis unexpectedly showed up at Victoria’s office. She commented on the portrait, and they talked about that for a minute. Victoria wondered why Phyllis was here. Phyllis was there to drop off the bracelet Victoria left at the spa. Victoria wondered why Phyllis was being nice to her two days in a row. Phyllis said not to get carried away – she was being civil, not nice. Victoria was going to tell Nick, because she was sure he’d be surprised too. Phyllis said that Victoria was about to get married, and she was Nick’s sister, and she wanted them all to be happy. Abby called Victoria, so Phyllis got ready to leave. Victoria thanked Phyllis.

Abby told Victoria that she’d talked to Ashland. She thought he was a sweetheart who was completely in love with Victoria. Victoria called Abby the best sister. Abby said Ashland was smart, funny and powerful. She was so happy that Victoria finally met her equal.

When Phyllis got back to her suite, Nick was getting ready for a trip to Toms River. He was going to follow up on the three deceased young men she found, one of whom could be the real Ashland Locke. He thanked her and said he never could’ve done this without her. She just kept thinking about Victoria. He thought Victoria would be better off with the truth.

Billy intercepted Jesse Gaines at The Grand Phoenix and asked for ten minutes of his time, promising to make it worth his while. The went up to Gaines’ suite. Billy had learned that Gaines lost his law license for malfeasance many years ago, yet Ashland was claiming Gaines was one of his lawyers. If Ashland was lying about that, what else was he lying about, Billy pondered. Gaines sensed that Billy had a personal beef with Locke. Billy explained that he wanted to be sure his kids’ soon to be stepfather could be trusted. He believed Ashland was hiding something monumental, and he intuited that Gaines knew what it was. Gaines said he was a consultant on retainer. Billy theorized that Ashland was paying Gaines to keep something quiet. He offered to pay for Ashland’s secret. Billy promised to keep Gaines’ name out of it and call him an anonymous source in the story. Gaines asked what he’d have to do. Billy wanted to details on how Ashland was able to afford the two news stations that launched his career. Gaines asked how much that would be worth. Billy offered $100,000. Ashland knocked on the door and called Gaines. Gaines wrote $500K on a pad and showed it to Billy. Ashland assumed Gaines wasn’t there and left.

Ashland went downstairs and ran into Victor. Victor thought Ashland looked like he had a lot on his mind. Ashland said he was meeting his lawyer, tying up loose ends so he could focus on Victoria at the wedding. Victor mentioned the portrait of Victoria. He was impressed Ashland got Merrill Londeree to paint it. Ashland was glad that Victor had that reaction. He joked he’d been concerned they’d have to step into the ring. He’d heard about Victor’s boxing skills, and he hoped Victor could show him the ropes one day. He hoped Victor’s opinion of him hadn’t changed since he admitted he’d changed his name. Victor’s opinion of Ashland had actually risen. He said Ashland could’ve followed in his father’s footsteps and lived a life of pain, abuse and addiction. He admired that Ashland pulled himself out of the mire. He appreciated that Ashland opened up to everyone, even though it must’ve been painful. He welcomed Ashland to the family. Victor said he had to vet Ashland’s background, and he’d always look out for his daughter. Ashland would expect nothing less, and he also vowed to protect Victoria, because she meant everything to him.

Billy came downstairs and overheard Ashland suggesting he and Victor have a drink. Billy called them future FIL and SIL, father and law and son in law. He said it was funny how one detail could bring the whole thing crashing to the ground. “You cause one second of heartache for my daughter during this happy time… I will crush you,” Victor said. Billy said that was good to know, and he left.

Billy went to work and called Lily to tell her how things went with Gaines. He was planning to pay Gaines what he’d asked, because Ashland’s secret was worth every penny. He and Gaines were meeting soon to discuss things. “So much for the big Italian wedding,” Billy said to himself after the call ended.

Ashland went to Victoria’s office, and she mentioned his meeting with Abby. He said it was good to get to know her sister, even though he’d had to postpone some of his own personal business to talk with her. She asked if that personal business had to do with the surprise he’d alluded to earlier – the one he’d arranged the large amount of cash for.

Gaines was up in his room, impatiently waiting, when he heard a knock on the door. “Finally,” he said as he answered. He was startled to see Victor. “Mr. Gaines, I presume?,” Victor said. Victor could tell that Gaines recognized him. Victor asked what Gaines was up to.

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