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Victor: Your little display with that Spectra woman was something.

Phyllis: She threw a drink in my face.

Victor: Kindly refrain from any further antics, alright?

Phyllis: Victor, I can’t be responsible for who your — your son, Adam, decides to escort here on his arm. I mean, that girl is trouble. I provide the venue and the food, but the rest is you.

Victor: Phyllis, behave.


Billy: I found nothing. No secret, no surprise about what they’re planning on launch tonight, which means there’s nothing going on, and this is all smoke and mirrors. Either way [Sighs] What are we doing wasting our time? Let’s get the hell out of here.

Lily: Okay, is it possible maybe you heard all the positive buzz going around and you got bummed out?
[ Chuckles ] Come on. What do you expect? We’re at a party filled with people singing Newman Media’s praises. Doesn’t mean that we can’t try to outmaneuver them still.

Billy: I know, but it’s nauseating, watching them congratulate each other over and over. Let’s go have dinner at Society.

Lily: Oh, my — no, that is petty.

Billy: What’s worse, I die of boredom, watching them pat each other on the back over and over and over?

Lily: Well, if you die of boredom, then you can’t indulge in what I have planned later.

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