Y&R Short Recap Monday, September 6 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Devon and Nick discussed New Hope. Mariah and Dominic came home from the hospital. Victor, Nina and Ashley met their grandson. Devon brought baby gifts for Dominic, and Sharon convinced him to stay for the welcome home party. Mariah was uncomfortable when people questioned her about her ordeal, so Tessa got her out of the house. Mariah confided to Tessa that she was having a hard time letting go of Dominic. She thought the baby felt the bond they shared. Abby promised Dominic that no one would ever take him from her again. Billy brought Victoria up to speed on the Newman launch party. Billy thought that deep down, Victoria sensed Ashland was hiding something. He tried to get her to admit that, but she ordered him to mind his own business and stormed off instead. Billy shared his suspicions about Ashland with Nick. Victor told Billy to mind his own business. Victor and Nick later agreed that Nick would play the double agent, learning everything Billy uncovered about Ashland and taking the information back to Victor. Victor decided not to destroy ChancComm until he’d gotten the information he needed on Ashland. There was something about Ashland that Victor didn’t trust. Ashland made a large donation to the hospital to repay Nate for his help the other day. Victoria asked Ashland if there was anything he was holding back that Billy might be able to uncover and use against him. Ashland said he’d been ruthless, but he never broke the law. Sally invited Adam to dinner, and Chloe overheard. Sally admitted to Chloe that she kissed Adam and he put the brakes on. Chloe warned Sally that pursuing things with Adam could hurt Connor. Sally told Adam that she was going to heed Chloe’s warning because she didn’t want to hurt Connor. Adam admitted Connor was a large part of the reason he didn’t take things further with Sally. She suggested they make the dinner a working dinner, and he agreed. Adam had to step away to take Chelsea’s call. Elena told Lily how Newman Media tried to poach her. Elena and Lily hung out and talked about the past and family. Lily was glad Elena was part of the family.


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