Y&R Best Lines Monday, August 30, 2021

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Chloe: Do you know what time it is?

Sally: Why does that feel like a trick question?

Chloe: [ Laughs ] It is time for you to officially meet my friend and business partner, Chelsea Lawson.


Nick: I wish I could leave it alone, you know? I wish I could trust Victoria’s instincts when it comes to Ashland, but I can’t shake this feeling that he can’t be trusted. I mean, why does this wedding have to happen so fast? It doesn’t make sense. There’s got to be more to the story.

Phyllis: I understand, but if she’s happy, just let her be happy.

Nick: I wish I felt that way for all the reasons you said. I do. You know, when you find love, you got to grab onto it.

Phyllis: I know you’re worried about your sister, and i think that’s beautiful. And I’m the last person to judge you for running interference after what I did, so I’m not gonna argue with you, okay?

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