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John and Marlena sit together at home. John comments on the hectic last few days with Ben and Ciara’s wedding then Claire moving to South Africa. John says he’s looking forward to Labor Day weekend to relax. Marlena informs him that she cleared her entire schedule through Tuesday. They kiss until John’s phone rings with a call from Shane Donovan. John wonders what Shane wants as he answers the call.

Jake and Gabi wake up in bed together. Jake kisses her until Gabi reminds him that it’s his first day of work at Titan. Jake talks about having sex on Philip’s desk while Gabi notes that they have things to do like world domination. Gabi opens up her tablet and sees that Jake made the front page with his move from DiMera to Titan. Jake hopes that his brothers are reading it and choking.

Tony enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Chad shows him the article on Jake. Tony assures that they have nothing to worry about. Tony mentions that he’s supposed to meet Anna for breakfast but he can’t find her. Chad reveals that Anna took off about 15 minutes ago like a bat out of Hell. Tony calls that strange and wonders where she went.

Anna goes to the Brady Pub and tells Roman that life as they know it could change forever as they have an emergency on their hands and they have to do something about it right now.

Eli wakes up and questions Lani setting his alarm, complaining that he had a late shift and doesn’t have to be up for a few more hours. Lani reminds him that they are having breakfast at Paulina’s. Eli admits that he forgot.

Paulina is at home on the phone with Tamara, assuring that she knows what their mom wants and she drummed it in her head while she was there. Paulina says everything will be fine as she’s back in everybody’s good graces. Paulina promises Tamara that Abe will not find out that Lani is her daughter or that he’s not really her father, because if he does, she will surely lose him and she won’t let that happen. Abe then enters the room as Paulina hangs up and asks what that was all about.

Eli wants to cancel their breakfast plans but Lani points out that Paulina is so excited about them starting the day together. Lani says Paulina wants to make up for everything that happened. Eli notes they already forgave her. Lani feels that Paulina has to go big to prove herself and this is how she does it. Lani tells Eli that there is no chance they can get out of this because Paulina and Abe are counting on them.

Abe informs Paulina that he heard her say something like she would surely lose him and can’t let that happen. Paulina claims that she was telling her sister that she had to cancel twice with her hairdresser and if she cancels again, he’ll probably drop her as a client. Paulina then informs Abe that she hired a new chef from Chicago to cook for them all but he texted her that he sprained his ankle and can’t make it. Paulina says she wanted their gathering to be perfect but it looks like they either have to postpone or order from a nearby diner. Abe thinks between the two them, they can cook a fabulous brunch. Paulina admits that would cheer her up. Abe says her smile cheers him up as he kisses her.

Gabi tells Jake that first they will steal Titan from underneath Philip and then use Titan to crush DiMera. Gabi notes that they didn’t find anything in Philip’s office to use but she has plenty of ideas and ways to sabotage him. Jake talks about wanting this as well after the way Tony, Chad, and EJ gloated over voting them out as CEO, so he can’t wait to rip their empire out from under them. Gabi complains about the DiMeras being so full of themselves but says they won’t see them coming.

Tony calls Anna and leaves a message, saying he was looking forward to their breakfast and to call him when she gets this. Tony supposes a little mystery is always good for a marriage. Chad remarks that at least his wife is in the same city. Tony questions him not hearing from Abigail. Chad says he promised to give her time and space to figure things out. Tony insists that she will come back to him. Chad admits he doesn’t deserve it, but he hopes she does. Chad guesses he can’t have the traditional Labor Day picnic with Thomas and Charlotte since Jack decided to take the kids to the lake. Tony asks about him being alone. Chad says he has plenty of work to keep him busy. Tony feels the only thing on his mind will be Abigail. Chad mentions that Jack said he would talk to Abigail about him this weekend, to find out if she’s planning on ever coming home.

Roman asks Anna if he can have coffee before they take on the world. Anna says they have no time to waste because their daughter needs them. Roman asks what’s wrong with Carrie. Anna says she’s fine physically, but emotionally she’s a total wreck as her marriage is flatlining. Roman argues that he saw Carrie and Austin in February and everything was fine. Anna says it’s not now, so Roman asks what happened. Anna informs him that Carrie called totally broken up and she could hardly speak, so all she could get was that Carrie and Austin had a terrible fight. Anna declares that they have to help their daughter, so they need to get to Zurich right now.

John tells Shane that he’s on it and will get back to him as he hangs up. Marlena asks what’s going on. John informs him that Shane wants Black Patch on a top secret case in Zurich as soon as possible. Marlena declares there goes their weekend.

Eli and Lani check on the twins and they are still sleeping. Eli comments that he can think of a bunch of things to do other than go to Paulina’s for breakfast but he knows she doesn’t want to upset Paulina or let Abe down. Lani says that since Abe and Paulina are back on track, she wants to show them that they support them 100%. Eli agrees to go to breakfast then.

Paulina tells Abe that she’s making her famous baked egg casserole. Abe wants to help so Paulina hands him an apron.

John calls Steve and tells him that he understands and to have fun at the wedding as he hangs up. Marlena guesses he lost his partner. John informs her that Steve is Justin’s best man and he didn’t realize today was the big day. John can’t believe Kayla and Steve are standing up after all the hell Bonnie caused Adrienne. Marlena guesses they saw how happy they were. John relates to knowing the power of love as he kisses Marlena.

Gabi tells Jake that she better get dressed so she can beat Philip to the office. Jake asks what if Philip is already there. Gabi says Jake can’t be late for his first day. Jake suggests a breakfast meeting and kisses her, talking about how hot she is talking about corporate takeovers. Gabi says they can’t get to any of that in bed. Jake calls it a team building exercise as they kiss back in to bed.

Tony knows how difficult things must be for Chad, but also how much he loves Abigail and how much Abigail loves him. Tony has every bit of confidence that Abigail will be back home soon and he just has to be patient. Chad responds that he’s not a patient man. Tony notes he doesn’t have a choice in this matter. Chad says every time he wakes up without Abigail, he wonders how to get through each day. Tony invites Chad to join him for breakfast. Chad appreciates the invite but says he has another meeting. Chad thanks Tony for listening. Tony encourages that it will work out with he and Abigail. Chad then exits the room. Tony continues to wonder where Anna is.

Roman tells Anna that he’s sorry that Carrie is upset, but questions why they need to go to Zurich. Anna argues that Carrie needs her parents. Roman asks if she said that. Anna says no but she can read between the lines. Roman tells her that they are not going to Zurich as Carrie and Austin are adults, who can work this out. Anna cries that if they don’t, she couldn’t live with herself if their daughter’s marriage implodes because they couldn’t get on a plane when she needs them the most. Roman points out that Carrie didn’t ask them to come. Anna wants to have a family meeting to make sure Austin takes care of Carrie. Anna insists that they should be getting on a plane and tells Roman to go pack. Roman tells her that it’s not going to happen as he’s not going to Zurich, and says she shouldn’t either.

Abe and Paulina finish cooking. She says she couldn’t have done it without him. Eli and Lani then arrive with the twins and greet Paulina and Abe. They each have a glass of orange juice as Abe toasts to second chances and new beginnings.

Gabi and Jake walk through the town square where they run in to Chad. Chad says he hears congratulations are in order about Jake’s new little job at Titan. Chad brings up being CEO of Titan before. Gabi says that was two seconds. Chad says it was brief but it’s not like he got his ass handed to him because he couldn’t handle the job. Gabi holds Jake back and tells Chad to go ahead and make fun, but it’s a mistake to underestimate Jake because he will be running Titan before he knows it.

John guesses he better call Shane back to tell him he’s flying solo on this one since Steve can’t make it. Marlena suggests that John take her to Zurich then.

Anna questions Roman not wanting to go to Zurich and asks if he cares about their daughter’s marriage. Roman argues that it’s none of their business since Carrie is an adult, it’s her marriage, and he doubts that she’d want her parents flying halfway around the world to interfere in her marriage. Anna insists that Carrie needs them. Roman advises Anna not to go to Zurich and stay home to let Carrie and Austin work out their problems on their own. Anna says that’s not the answer but Roman says it’s all he’s got. Anna declares that if Roman won’t help her, she’ll just have to do it herself as she walks out of the Pub.

Jake tells Gabi that they are done here and heading to the office. Chad tells him to have fun punching the clock for Philip. Gabi calls Chad a condescending jerk. Chad says he’s also the CEO of DiMera. Gabi asks if Abigail is still in Boston with her mom. Chad asks if Arianna is still in Arizona with her two dads. Gabi says she is for now, but she intends on having her come live with her. Chad mocks that going over well with Sonny and Will. Gabi insists they won’t have a problem. Chad asks if she’s sure about that. Gabi asks what he knows since she just spoke to Sonny yesterday and he said he hasn’t spoken to Chad in weeks, so some best friend he is.

John knows it might sound romantic to spend the last few days of summer in Zurich, but he reminds her that this is a work trip so he’ll spend his time on the case and it won’t be much fun for her. Marlena notes that she could keep him company on the flight and she could visit Austin and Carrie since she hasn’t seen Carrie in such a long time, so they’ll have a lot to catch up on. John is sure she would love that. Marlena adds that without his partner, John might need a little help on the case from her.

Lani tells Paulina that it was so nice of her to have them over. Paulina says they will do it more often as there’s no better way to start the day. Eli questions the smell so Paulina runs to the kitchen and cries that her casserole is ruined. Lani says it’s no big deal but Paulina says it is because she wanted to celebrate and she won’t do that with oatmeal. Paulina decides she’ll start all over since she has the ingredients. Abe says she doesn’t have to go through all of that. Eli says he has to get back to the police station. Lani questions if he can’t just go in late. Eli suggests they reschedule since he has Labor Day weekend off. Paulina suggests they instead have lunch in Miami over Labor Day weekend. Paulina says he’ll charter a jet to take them by the time they finish packing. Lani reminds Eli that she told him that Paulina likes to go big. Paulina won’t take no for an answer and talks about how fabulous it is in Miami. Paulina asks if Abe can tear himself away from Salem for a few days. Abe decides he can probably imagine it. Eli agrees that it sounds awesome, but he still has to get to work. Paulina suggests a personal day. Lani asks what about the kids. Paulina says to bring them as it’s the more, the merrier.

Chad admits it’s been awhile since he’s talked to Sonny. Gabi remarks that he’s too busy feeling sorry for himself because Abigail left. Chad admits he’s lonely for her but says she’ll be back. Gabi asks if he’s sure because he cheated on her with her sister, so the odds don’t sound great for him. Chad tells Gabi to go to Hell. Gabi then informs Chad that Sonny is making his company public. Chad says he’s very happy for him. Gabi suggests he let him know that. Chad tells her to mind her own business. Gabi says it is her business since Sonny and Will are caring for her daughter and they are extremely busy, so Arianna might have to come live with them since they are in position to give her a loving and stable home. Chad laughs at them having stability. Gabi argues that if Chad really cared so much about Sonny, he should call and congratulate him. Chad then walks away.

Anna goes home to the DiMera Mansion where Tony asks where she has been since he thought they were having breakfast together. Anna questions why everyone is so obsessed with breakfast, especially at a time like this. Anna complains about the end of Carrie and Austin’s marriage. Tony says he’s not following. Anna explains that she talked to Carrie and there was a big blowup with Austin and she was in tears, devastated. Anna says that whatever happened is Austin’s fault and Carrie needs the support of her parents. Tony asks if she spoke to Roman. Anna confirms that she told him they need to go to Zurich but Roman said no. Tony thinks that was the right answer because he doesn’t think they should be going to Zurich to fix a problem that is not their responsibility. Tony thinks she should let Austin and Carrie work it out themselves. Anna questions why he’s taking Roman’s side in this. Tony says he’s not but asks what happens if she goes to Zurich and it turns out it was just a little spat and they are already back together or if the problem continues and she only makes things worse. Anna declares that she would never forgive herself if she didn’t go. Anna cries that her daughter is in trouble, so she has to pack and he can enjoy his breakfast, lunch, and dinner without her. Anna adds that she has no idea when she’s coming back. Tony stops her and decides he is going too, so he will book their flight.

John questions Marlena wanting to go play spy with him in Zurich. Marlena points out that she’s helped him solve cases in the past and he’s said that she’s a good detective and that they are a terrific team. Marlena adds that in 2017, he went to Europe by herself and tracked down Stefano. John declares there is no one else he’d rather have on his side. John declares that it looks like they are going to Zurich as they hug.

Lani tells Paulina that it does sound amazing but the twins have never traveled before, so she doesn’t know how they will do and they should probably pass. Paulina brings up that Julie has been begging for quality time with the twins. Abe agrees that Julie and Doug would love this. Lani agrees. Paulina notes that Lani’s maternity leave is up and she has to go back to work next Tuesday, while they haven’t had any alone time since the twins were born. Paulina declares that Doug and Julie will get their chance with the babies while Lani and Eli will get their chance for a romantic weekend. Eli responds that she’s very hard to say no to. Lani then agrees to the trip to Miami.

Eli and Lani go home. Eli jokes that he’s not sure Julie will want to give the twins back when they get home. Lani jokes that the twins will be spoiled rotten. Eli says that’s what grandparents are for. Lani says she misses the twins already. Eli admits it is quiet but exclaims they are going to Miami and she will have his undivided attention the entire time. Lani reminds him that they are going with Paulina and she requires a lot of attention. Lani adds that she has plans for Eli too since it’s the first time that he has been to her hometown. Lani can’t wait to show her all the places she went to as a kid. Lani mentions a bikini that she’s been waiting to wear all summer. Eli can’t wait to see her in it and out of it as they kiss.

Paulina finishes a call with Chanel and tells Abe that Chanel can’t go with them as she is too busy preparing for the opening of her bakery next week. Paulina tells Abe that he should finish packing since the jet is going in an hour. Abe says he doesn’t want to miss the jet. Paulina questions if he’s not excited about this weekend. Abe admits that it’s very extravagant and impulsive. Paulina exclaims that she’s happier than she’s ever been since Abe and Lani have forgiven him. Abe agrees that it’s cause for a celebration then. Paulina wants to show Abe where she grew up and why she loves Miami. Paulina can’t wait to see it all through his eyes. Abe decides he wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world as she kisses him.

Jake and Gabi walk back through the town square. Jake thinks she was a little hard on Chad. Gabi feels he deserved it and calls him a pompous ass. Jake compares him to Philip. Gabi says they will win because they know what it means to work their tails off and never lose sight of the prize. Gabi declares that no one is going to stop them.

Chad goes to the Brady Pub and greets Roman, who notes that he hasn’t seen him in awhile. Chad hoped Roman could help him with something, as he wants to take a weekend trip to Phoenix. Chad asks if he’s talked to Will lately. Roman says he did the other day and Will said that he and Sonny were missing family and friends, so he thinks a visit from Chad would be just what they need. Chad says it’s a plan. Roman wants photos, especially of Arianna. Chad agrees to that and says it was good to see him. Chad then pulls out his phone and calls Sonny. Chad says he knows it’s been awhile and he’s sorry about that, but he heard the great news about the IPO. Chad says he was thinking of coming out to congratulate him in person for the weekend if he’s not too busy. Sonny says he doesn’t mind so Chad decides to have the DiMera jet fired up and says he’ll be there in no time.

Anna questions Tony going with her. Tony says she is his wife, so what’s important to her is important to him. Tony jokes that someone has to take care of her, so she doesn’t get into any kind of trouble. Anna says no one has ever taken such good care of her. Tony asks if he’s back in her good graces now despite not investing in Johnny’s movie. Tony points out that they have money, success, and freedom to travel whenever they please. Anna has a strong feeling that they are going to be very glad they did.

John and Marlena leave home and declare their next stop is Zurich, together, as it should be.

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