Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 2, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Amanda tells Devon that Michael has reinstated the charges against Sutton. and the trial date will be set soon.

Devon tells Amanda that Dominic’s birth brought back memories of the child he and Hilary lost. Devon also admits he isn’t sure what role he will play in the life of baby Dominic.

The Newman Media party continues and Billy sneaks into the Newman Media green room to try and see the presentation that is planned so he can post it on the ChanceCom website before Adam and Victor make the official presentation. Nick stops him and makes him return to the Grand Phoenix lobby before Billy is able to look at the Newman Media computer.

Sally is told by Jack, Phyllis, and Nikki to leave the party, but she is determined to stay and represent Newman Media. Phyllis tells Sally to leave for a second time and Sally has had enough and throws a drink in Phyllis’s face. Phyllis then throws a bucket full of ice on top of Sally’s head. Adam takes Sally upstairs to a suite to get cleaned up and she decides to give Adam a passionate kiss.

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