Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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Billy: Why would I try and keep anything from you? You see through me better than anyone.

Lily: Okay, so maybe one day you’ll stop trying.

Amanda: Hey. You okay?

Elena: Yeah, yeah, just taking a minute to regroup.

Amanda: Well, you’re still in your scrubs. I hope that coffee’s not just a pick-me-up before your next shift. No offense, but you look exhausted.

Elena: Actually, it’s the opposite. I just got off of my shift, and this is chamomile tea. I am exhausted, but I’m also wired, so I’m trying to decompress and rest since I have to be back at it in less than eight hours.

Amanda: Oh, wow. Sounds like a tough week.

Elena: Yeah. Actually, they’ve all been tough lately. [Chuckles] I’ve been picking up extra shifts, so it’s really hard to find a rhythm. I don’t know why my name keeps ending up at the top of the assignment list.

Amanda: Well, Nate did tell me how much the other surgeons love having you scrub in to assist. He said that you have the best bedside manner on the staff and pretty much irreplaceable to them.

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