Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, August 25, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Lauren is impressed by Gloria’s ideas for JCV and she decides to make her president of the company on a temporary basis.

Jack and Phyllis continue to support each other and talk about how much they miss Kyle and Summer. Sally sees Jack and Phyllis having iced coffee at the park and later when she sees Nick at Crimson Lights she tells him that Phyllis has been spending a lot of time with Jack lately.

Mariah continues to have contractions and she looks into the camera above the door of the room where she is being held and pleads for help from her captor.

Rey gets permission from Paul to set up surveillance at the convenience store hoping to catch the man Stitch described to him. Rey also gets a search warrant for the store security camera footage and he and Kevin begin to watch it hoping to find the man who kidnapped Mariah.

Ashland gets a call from a friend telling him that several people have called asking questions about him and the older woman who mentored him when he was younger. Ashland tells Victoria someone has been investigating him and his relationship with his mentor. Ashland tells Victoria that he was never romantically involved with this woman he just bought two TV stations from her with which he started his media empire. Victor tells Nikki, and Nick the same information about Ashland’s mentor but he adds that the people his detectives spoke to were reluctant to talk about the personal relationship between Ashland and this older woman. Nick and Nikki ask Victor to stop the investigation since Ashland doesn’t seem to be hiding anything that could hurt Victoria. Victoria also asks Victor to stop investigating Ashland for the sake of the good place they have found in their father-daughter relationship.

Devon tells Abby that he thinks Stitch is taking advantage of Maria’s kidnapping to get close to her.

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