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Recap written by Christine
Photos by Dora

Mariah in "Young and The Restless" 8/25/21

Just as Mariah was trying to convince herself that the pain she felt was a pulled muscle and not a contraction, another one hit. She reminded herself about Braxton Hicks, practice contractions, and she said that’s what this had better be, because it was way too soon for Bowie to make is grand entrance. Mariah was drenched in sweat as she panted through the contractions. She uncovered the camera and begged her captor to get her to a doctor. “Why would you do this to a woman and her unborn child?,” she yelled.

Abby in "Young and The Restless" 8/25/21

At the Chancellor house, Abby, Sharon, Devon, Tessa and Ben waited for Rey to call and let them know if the lead from the convenience store panned out. Abby wanted Sharon to call Rey, but Sharon explained that Rey had to run things by Paul first, and it’d take time to get permission to view private video footage. Abby said they were lucky Ben saw the guy. Devon asked where the convenience store was, and Ben answered. Devon recalled Ben saying he was staying at the GCAC before he left for Iowa. Devon asked what Ben was doing in the part of town where the convenience store was located. Ben admitted the market was out of his way, and he’d never been there before. He said after he and Abby went to look at an apartment for him, they went to the park, and after she left, he visited that pond they used to go to. By the time he left, it was late, so he stopped at the convenience store for snacks. Devon questioned Ben happening to be at the store at the exact same time as the person of interest. Ben said the guy came in after he did. Devon said that was pretty lucky, but Ben said not lucky enough, since it took him so long to put things together. Tessa was glad they had a lead now. Abby said, thanks to Ben, Rey was finally on the path that could bring them to Mariah.

Tessa felt restless, so she went to the kitchen, and Sharon joined her. Devon needed to make some calls, so Abby told him he could go to the study. Now Abby and Ben were alone. He hoped he didn’t make her uncomfortable when he mentioned taking the sentimental detour by their pond. It ddin’t make her upset. She used to love going to that pond. He hoped she took her son there one day. He quickly apologized, but she said it was okay and that she would take her baby there. He promised she’d be able to make all kinds of incredible memories with her boy. She said that was what she needed to hear. He said it meant so much to him reconnecting like this. She felt the same way. He had to go check in with Max’s care team, and he asked if she’d be okay. She said she’d be fine, and she went to the kitchen. Devon returned, and Ben him to call if Abby needed Ben. Devon said okay, and Ben left. Devon looked suspicious.

Later, Rey arrived and told everyone still at the house that he was waiting on a warrant for the convenience store footage. The wait was excruciating for Tessa. Rey said the good news was Paul gave him permission to set up surveillance at the store, in case this guy returned. They were also pulling all the traffic camera footage in the area so they could track this person to where they went after they left the store. He wanted to tell them this in person, but he had to get back to work. He promised he wouldn’t give up until Mariah was found.

Gloria and Lauren in "Young and The Restless" 8/25/21

At Society, Gloria met with Lauren and admitted that she got a bit aggressive at their meeting the other day, due to her enthusiasm getting the best of her. Kevin and Chloe arrived, and Gloria told them this was a business meeting. Chloe assured Gloria that they’d reserved a table of their own, and they walked away to a spot where they couldn’t help but overhear Lauren and Gloria. Lauren was willing to hear Gloria out. Gloria had studied the market, and she promised to anticipate trends and beat other companies. She swore she wouldn’t be reckless. She wanted to carry forward the work Summer and Sally started. Lauren asked if Gloria understood the target demo. Gloria did her research – young women wanted socially conscious environmentally friendly clothes. Lauren acknowledged that Gloria did her homework. Lauren asked if Gloria could pinpoint places to improve JCV. Gloria wanted to find a fashion forward designer who could improve their jewelry, because some young women might not be able to afford the whole line, but they could buy a necklace to make their outfit pop. Lauren said that was a good idea, and she mentioned that a lot of candidates were tripped up by the question. She gave Gloria the job on a trial basis. A grateful Gloria headed back to the office to dive back in.

Meanwhile, at their own table, Kevin told Chloe that according to Michael, Gloria wanted to be the head of JCV. Chloe realized that explained the way Gloria questioned Sally the other day. Kevin was waiting for an update on Mariah. Chloe was sure his friend could handle whatever happened to her. Lauren came over to tell Kevin and Chloe the news, but they already overheard. She asked if they thought she was crazy. Chloe thought it was a great idea. Kevin hoped Gloria didn’t drive Lauren crazy. Lauren said that’s why it was interim. It would take her some time to commit, after Sally. She wished Chloe had considered that before hiring her. Chloe wanted to agree to disagree. She went into this with her eyes wide open. She said they’d all made mistakes. Lauren said this went way beyond an error in judgment. Chloe said Chelsea was a grifter, and Chloe went off the rails after she lost her daughter. She sensed a kindred spirit in Sally, and she thought she deserved the chance to move her life forward. Lauren agreed with that in principle, but she didn’t think Sally was going to change.

Chloe in "Young and The Restless" 8/25/21

Lauren left. Kevin asked if Chloe was having doubts about Sally. Chloe was having doubts about a lot of people, including herself. She wondered what she was thinking believing she could stop Sally from going to the dark side. She brought up the situation with Chelsea – she loved Chelsea, but… She decided not to even get started on Adam. She wondered why she thought she, Chelsea and Adam could be the combined positive forces in Sally’s life. She thought about their rap sheets combined and said they were the legion of doom. He thought Adam was a super villain, but he didn’t think she gave herself enough credit. Kevin noted that he and Chloe had a colorful history, but they’d become upstanding citizens. He thought most people, besides Adam, were capable of change, and he advised her to keep thinking positive about Sally. Chloe mentioned that Sally said she was trying to forget seeking revenge on Phyllis and she was putting all her energy into her work. Chloe believed her. Kevin found out there was a lead on Mariah, so he left.

Back at the Chancellor house, Sharon said they might be getting closer to finding Mariah, but she still seemed so far away. Sharon asked if she could go up to Tessa and Mariah’s room so she could feel closer to her daughter. Tessa thought that was a wonderful idea, and they went upstairs.

Devon asked what Abby thought of Ben’s story about the man at the convenience station. Abby was caught off guard when she realized Devon was casting doubt on Ben’s statement. She asked why Ben would make something like that up. He wasn’t saying Ben was lying. Devon didn’t want to stress Abby, but he was suspicious, and he was telling her this because he cared. He thought they could all agree Ben’s story was pretty coincidental. He also thought it was a bit odd that Ben showed up out of the blue at this point in Abby’s life. He noted that Ben kept delaying his departure and showing up to see Abby, then he came back to town without having a job lined up. He thought Ben was going out of his way to be a shoulder for Abby to lean on while her husband was out of town. He couldn’t help but wonder if Ben was trying to get close to Abby or rekindle what they once had by taking advantage of the pain and fear she was feeling. Abby looked deep in thought.

Kevin and Rey met at Crimson Lights to go over the surveillance footage from the store. Rey said that Ben gave them a time frame to look through. Kevin said they just had to find Ben on the footage, then they could track him through the store, and that would lead them to the man they were after.

Jack and Phyllis in "Young and The Restless" 8/25/21

At the Abbott house, Jack told Phyllis that Summer loved her gift. She asked how Summer and Kyle were doing and how things were going with Harrison. Jack said it appeared that their kids were fantastic. He’d worked out the logistics with Kyle to do his job remotely, and Summer seemed to be shining at Marchetti. Phyllis claimed that she was happy, but Jack didn’t think she sounded like it. Phyllis swore she was thrilled, but she wanted Summer, Kyle and Harrison in Genoa City. She believed he felt the same way, and she asked why he couldn’t just admit this was a loss for him too. He said it wasn’t a loss – Kyle and Harrison were hours away by plane. She said it wasn’t the same. He confessed that this was a lot harder than he’d admitted, but he said they weren’t going to wallow. She moaned that she wanted mutual wallowing, but he said no.

Jack took Phyllis to the park and said to soak up the sun without focusing on the fact that they weren’t with their kids. She suggested Jabot buy Marchetti and move the offices to Genoa City. They laughed. She said it was nice to see him laugh, and he replied that it was nice to laugh. Sally walked up and mentioned that Jack and Phyllis were joined at the hip lately. Phyllis said they were friends – a friend was someone who you cared about and could trust. She was sure that was a foreign concept to Sally. Sally scoffed at the idea of Phyllis being trustworthy. Jack told Sally it was nice to see her, and he asked her to keep walking, so she did. Phyllis apologized. Jack wished they could rise above and be civil. He asked if she thought she could do that. She said she’d try not to let Sally get to her, and he decided that was good enough for now. She offered to buy him an iced coffee, and he accepted.

Victor told Nick that he was investigating what happened with Mariah. Nick appreciated that – Sharon was worried sick.

Ashland in "Young and The Restless" 8/25/21

Ashland was at home on the phone. Victoria walked in and overheard him wrapping up the call. He said he wasn’t surprised, as he’d expected this to happen at some point. Victoria asked what happened. Ashland said that a man who used to work at his first news station called to say that people had been contacting him to get information on Ashland. Victoria figured Billy was behind it. Ashland was thinking Newman Media might be doing some digging too. Victoria was sure Adam would do that to grab headlines. She added that Victor might be involved too. She noted that he was taking it in stride. He was used to people digging into his life, but he wanted her to hear things about his life from him. He sat her down and said years ago, when he was starting out, he worked for an older woman who mentored him in the media world. Her husband owned two news stations, and when he died, she took over. Years later, when she died, Ashland bought the stations from her and that’s how his empire started. Victoria appreciated hearing the truth from Ashland.

Back at the ranch, Victor had learned the same basic story that Ashland just shared with Victoria. He recounted it to Nikki and Nick, who didn’t think it sounded like a big deal. Victor said that there very few people were left who knew details about the relationship between Ashland and this woman, and those who did know were reluctant to talk. Nick said that it sounded like a non-issue to him – Victor’s PI didn’t have trouble finding this information, so clearly Ashland didn’t go through much trouble to cover it up. Nikki added that it wasn’t a crime to be an ambitious businessman. She thought they should accept that Victoria found a man who didn’t have any skeletons in his closet worth finding. Victor planned to keep investigating, and Nikki said that it was almost like he wanted to find something. She asked if he wanted to destroy Victoria’s marriage.

Victor was happy for Victoria, and he thought Ashland was a good man, but he didn’t want Victoria going into the marriage blindly. He said if they didn’t find anything, they could enjoy the wedding honestly. Nick said Phyllis warned him that this investigation could backfire. He saw the irony in that. His first instinct was to dig into Ashland’s past, then he asked himself what right they had to question Victoria’s choices. Nikki was also against the investigation. She said the worst case scenario was that Ashland died too soon. If Ashland had a dark past, that was then, this was now, and what was important was the man Ashland was today, Nikki saw it.

At their place, Victoria asked if Ashland had a more personal relationship with this woman, and he said no. The woman was lovely, bright and fun to be with, but it was nothing like what he and Victoria had. Victoria wasn’t threatened by something that took place decades ago. She was just interested in the path he took to become the man he was today. He wanted to tell her everything, and he was glad she’d be by his side for the next chapter of his life.

Sally went to Crimson Lights and overheard Nick call Phyllis and leave a message wondering if she wanted to meet for lunch. Sally said Phyllis was where she always was lately, with Jack.

Victoria showed up at the main house when Victor was there alone. She asked if he started an investigation into Ashland’s past. He asked if that would surprise her. She said that Ashland didn’t have anything to hide. Victor hoped that was true. Victoria said she and Victor had gotten to a good place, and she hoped that didn’t have to change. She asked him to leave this alone.

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