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Sally: Oh, I’m more than optimistic. I am determined to make myself completely indispensable to Newman Media. But for now, I will settle for buying my new boss a drink.

Adam: You know, I hate to admit this, but I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly review our HR policies. Something tells me that thing might be frowned upon.

Sally: Mm. Does it really matter, though? ‘Cause you’re in charge. You can always change the policy. Or you could just suspend it for the evening.

Adam: You know, something tells me that kind of thinking might have got you in trouble at Fenmore’s.

Sally: Hmm, right, ’cause you’re such a stickler for the rules. Nope, never mind. You’re right. Besides, you’re rich, and I have rent and car payments to worry about, so you can buy your own drink.

Adam: Somehow I don’t think you’re gonna have to worry about making rent. And I do agree that you do have a bright future at Newman Media. And to show you how confident I am about that, I’m gonna let you buy me that drink.

Sally: Ooh, it’s interesting. I detect traces of a robust smoke, alongside a tang of… coffee, vanilla, and maybe a glimmer of fruit. But there’s something that I cannot quite put my finger on.

Adam: That extra nuance is from being aged for 16 years in cask wood. For that intense sweetness.

Sally: Oh. Impressive.

Adam: You have a pretty impressive palate yourself.

Sally: Well, I have to admit, this single malt is normally a bit out of my price range, but since you were ordering it, I figured I should try it, too.

Adam: I think that Abby put it on the menu at my father’s request.

Sally: Well, I guess being a Newman has its perks

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