Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 23 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Chelsea found out Sharon and Victor had Adam committed. Chelsea believed Sharon did it to stop Adam from moving away and starting a new life with Chelsea. Sharon said Rey was the only man she wanted and that she had Adam committed to protect him from himself. Chelsea vowed to make sure Sharon regretted this. Victor refused Chelsea’s request to pull some strings and get Adam released. He said they had to stop enabling Adam and let him get therapy to get to the root of what was bothering him. Chelsea thought Victor wanted to crush Adam and turn him into the kind of son Victor wanted. Victor denied it. Victor wouldn’t tell Chelsea where Adam was. Adam told his doctor that Victor sent him there to punish him. He refused to participate in his therapy session, because he believed the doctor would twist his words. Kyle told Sally that Summer would be running JCV. Sally mentioned Kyle and Summer’s failed engagement. Kyle thought Sally was looking for an angle to use to her advantage. He understood, since he used to do things like that. He told her that she could still make her mark at Fenmore’s. Sally was annoyed Theo didn’t follow through on his promise to find out who would be running JCV. She wanted him to get dirt on Summer so that Sally could take her down. Theo agreed to do that if Sally would spy on the Abbotts for him.

Rey told Chance that the earbud found at the crime scene had Billy’s DNA on it. Billy told Jack he was a suspect in Chance’s shooting, but he promised he would be okay and wouldn’t backslide. Lily defended Billy when Rey asked how she could be so sure that Billy wasn’t the shooter. She said that Billy had changed. Lily accepted when Billy asked her out on a dinner date. Summer told Kyle and Jack she was taking the job at JCV. They wished her well. Kyle and Jack got served with papers for Theo’s lawsuit. Sally told Jack that Theo asked her to spy on the Abbotts. Theo and Kyle argued about his lawsuit. Summer told Kyle not to let Theo get to him, because Kyle was the better man. Kyle offered Mariah Summer’s old job. She was interested, but she didn’t make a decision yet. Rey told Billy that they’d found a gun registered to Billy broken down in a dumpster. The police thought that it was the one used to shoot Chance.

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