Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jan wanted to know why Marlena wouldn’t pronounce her married to Shawn. She assumed it was because of the rings. Jan realized Brady was missing and threatened to kill Belle if he went to the police. John and Marlena came up with a lie to explain Brady’s disappearance. Brady and Eli broke into the hotel room to look for Belle. They only found a ransacked room. Eli wanted to go to John and Marlena’s place to get to Jan. Philip talked to Maggie about his feelings for Belle. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t get over Belle. Xander and Sarah broke into Ava’s apartment to see if they could find something there. Maggie continued to convince Philip to move on from Belle. Xander found out that the person who had the apartment spent time in a mental institution. Marlena couldn’t stall anymore and pronounced Jan and Shawn married. Jan waited for Shawn to kiss her. Maggie wanted to know if something else was going on with Philip. He said he was dealing with stuff. Jan initiated the kiss, but Brady and Eli showed up. Everyone demanded to know where Belle was so she said she shot her. John ended up choking her.

Brady, Eli, and Shawn finally pulled John off of Jan. Eli called for help. John didn’t mean to hurt her. He snapped when she said Belle was dead. Shawn and John wanted to find Belle. Eli stopped John to arrest him. Philip found Belle in his bed. Brady tried to talk Eli out of arresting John, but he wanted to arrest him anyway. Marlena offered to go to the hospital with Jan. Marlena told John to go with Eli to the station. Brady offered to go with him. Shawn went to the Salem Inn and saw the room. He also found the card that Belle wrote for Shawn. Philip wanted to know why Belle was in his bed when she was supposed to be marrying Shawn. She told him how Jan tried to kill him. Claire was upset about Jan possibly killing her mother. Charlie tried to make her feel better. She blamed herself for what Jan did. Charlie told her it wasn’t her fault. Shawn thought about Jan telling him to let Philip have Belle. He also thought about his last conversation with Philip. He told Eli that Philip was possibly working with Jan. Belle told Philip what happened with Jan. Shawn and Eli showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Philip. They told Maggie that they thought he helped Jan. Shawn found Belle in Philip’s room. She explained what happened when Shawn assumed he helped Jan.

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