Days Short Recap Monday, November 23, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli told Julie the truth about what happened with Lani. She wanted to know what he was going to do about it. She wanted Abe to kick Eli out of his house. She told him to tell Lani about it. She didn’t want Abe to keep them apart. Eli said he would try to work it out. Lani went to visit Kristen at the prison. She explained how upset she was with Eli. Kristen tried to defend Eli, but she still thought he was wrong. Kristen wanted her to live a good life with Eli. Lani felt like she couldn’t live a good life with him after what he did to Kristen. She asked her if she loved him enough to do anything for him. Jan demanded that Shawn marry her or else Belle would die. Marlena went through with the ceremony. Brady snuck out of the townhouse during the ceremony.

Claire read a poem during the ceremony. Shawn stopped her from reading. Julie reminded Abe about his involvement in Eli and Lani’s situation. She told him how he should have fired Melinda when she wanted him to do it. Kristen let Lani know how Rachel visited her and she didn’t want her to come back again until she talked to Marlena. Kristen told her how she had faith in Lani and Eli. She didn’t want to talk about Eli. She told Lani how she would give anything to be with her family and she didn’t want to be with hers. Kristen advised her to work things out or walk away. Brady found Eli and asked for his help. Eli wasn’t thrilled with him so he told him how Belle’s life was in danger. Jan threatened Shawn unless he went through with the ceremony. Jan said I do to marrying Shawn. Kristen continued to convince Lani to give Eli another chance. She insisted that she work things out with him. Brady was determined to go in the Salem Inn to find Belle. Eli told him how he didn’t know what they were walking in on, but Brady went anyway. Lani didn’t know if she could forgive Eli for what he did. Marlena didn’t pronounce Shawn and Jan man and wife, but stopped herself. Jan wanted to know what was wrong. She looked around and realized Brady was gone.

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